Top 10 Luxury Kitchen Appliances of the Rich People


There are many things that happen in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, because it’s where meals are made that feed the bodies and nourish the souls of everyone in the family. Kitchen is where most gatherings with family and friends happen. Food, drinks, and conversations are all made there.  Having said that, the kitchen has always been run and dressed up to be one of the most important part of the house.

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The kitchen is the heart of home | Photo from Pexels Website 

What’s your Favorite Spot at Home?

All luxury houses in the Philippines especially under Brittany Corporation consist of well-built and well-designed living rooms, dining areas, kitchens, comfort rooms, and bedrooms. These luxury homes give homeowners a hard time in choosing their favorite area. But all of us have a favorite place in the house which we devote the majority of our time, effort, and resources.

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According to Ally Home Survey , 10% out of 2000 respondents answered that kitchen is their favorite part of their homes, and because people were stuck at home for the last two years, this gave them more time to think of ways on how they can manage, change, and improve their kitchens. More than renovation, buying kitchen appliances will always be a part of the agenda.

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Before you jump to adding new luxury kitchen appliances to your luxury homes, it is best if you can check on this list of luxury kitchen appliances to see if these are worthy of your future expense.

It is quite surprising that rich people in the old days don’t know what’s even inside their kitchen because their helpers do all the job in the kitchen. But in today’s time, the affluents are very hands-on to their kitchen, even personally cooking food and buying all the cookwares and appliances needed in their kitchen.

Luxury kitchen appliances are expensive that only the wealthy ones can afford but these kitchen appliances are not just aesthetically pleasing but are also excellently functioning. You may have heard of some of these, but do you know where they originate from, how they are made, what they do, and are they worth every penny? These are the questions to be answered.


Gaggenau is a German brand owned by Bosch since 1683. Gaggenau is the world’s leading high-performance kitchen technology brand. Gaggenau ovens are sought after for their 17 cooking settings. This is a cool capacity for a kitchen appliance. This high-tech oven is touted to cook healthier and retain nutrients when warming leftovers.

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Thermador has a 75-year history and was acquired by Bosch in the 1990s. It has created self-cleaning ovens that every mother adores, as well as an oven feature called a soft-closing hinge that prevents the oven from closing with a loud crash.

Thermador has been known for cooktops, ranges, and wall ovens. What’s amazing about their appliances is it usually makes cleaning up every cooking easier. Who doesn’t want that kind of feature?

To highlight, Thermador’s refrigerator produces diamond ice, and it has a thermal fresh system that keeps foods, especially fruits and veggies, fresher for a longer time.

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Photo from MLR Interior Design Website (photo credit to Appliance Gallery)

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Miele, founded in 1989, is one of the most popular makers of high-end appliances in Germany. The beauty of this incredible company is that all appliances are manufactured in-house, and their engineering ensures that products last for 20 years.

Miele ovens are magnificent. It features two convection fans that ensure consistent, thorough, and efficient cooking. It offers a total of 16 cooking settings and an energy-saving technology called Residual Heat Utilization, which automatically cuts off and uses the residual heat to complete the cooking process. Additionally, it features an Air Clean Catalyzer that reduces grease and odor. Additionally, it features a gentle open/close door and automatic oven setup or programming for your typical cooking.

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Viking is popularly known for being the first luxury brand- debuting the first pro range in the year 1987.

Samples of their best high-performing ranges are Tuscany which offers Italian style with an American Feature and their 7 Series Pro Ranges which has the most powerful sealed burners.

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Dacor has been a Samsung subsidiary for nearly five years, transitioning from being a family-owned business to being a part of a multi-industry conglomerate. This brand’s standard goods are professional ranges with steam in high-tech finishes.

Dacor also offers refrigerators with cool control and it has a wifi- enabled feature.

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Sub Zero and Wolf

Luxury Real Estate Properties are more aesthetically pleasing when equipped with high-end appliances such as Sub Zero and Wolf. Sub Zero and Wolf became acquainted in 2000, when Sub Zero acquired Wolf. Since 1945, Sub Zero has been manufacturing refrigerators, and the company claims that their products may last up to 20 years. The beauty of this appliance is that it is incorporated into cabinetry and installed in a counter depth configuration. Additionally, it features an air purifying technology that eliminates odors every 20 minutes.

On the other hand, Wolf is known for their oven and cooktops.

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Photo from MLR Interior Design Website

La Cornue

La Cournue is range-monitored, controlled, and tested throughout the manufacturing process. It is assembled and made by a single individual, and what makes it special is that it can be customized to your specifications.

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Bertazzoni has been in business for 135 years and is named after its founder Francesco Bertazzoni. Francesco Bartazzoni developed this appliance concept as a result of his passion for food, family, and engineering. Bertazzoni is likewise well-known for its diminutive stature, but not in terms of performance. Its 48-inch Freestanding Dual Fuel Range from the Professional Series is counter depth yet does not interrupt the cabinet line. It has a capacity of 7 cu. ft. and is capable of storing large meals. It features six burners and a convenient griddle for a variety of cooking styles.

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Monogram is a manufacturer whose products are renowned for their quality, performance, and ownership. Monogram’s 48 Inch Smart Freestanding Dual Fuel Range features a convection oven with a capacity of 8.25 cu. ft. It features an Air Fry healthy cooking option that eliminates the need for oil or butter. It features six burners and a convenient griddle for increased versatility in the kitchen. Additionally, the product may be operated remotely using the SmartHQ App, which can be downloaded to your device.

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An Italian manufacturer with 70 years of experience in Venice that crafts each appliance by hand, despite the company’s size. Ilve is renowned for its craftsmanship, elegance, materials, and attention to detail. What also distinguishes them is their exquisite appearance, which contributes to their premium status.

Ilve’s 48-inch Freestanding Dual Fuel Range Majestic II Series is a real European Convection Oven with optimal heat distribution. It features eight burners and a full-width warming drawer for dishes.

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What are You Waiting for?

These appliances will surely heat up the beauty of your luxury homes. But hey! Have you already owned a luxury real estate property? This is your time to check out now Brittany Corporation’s house and lot properties for sale that will excite you to put these amazing luxury kitchen appliances into your kitchen.

The most beautiful houses in the Philippines under Brittany Corporation might have these top 10 luxury kitchen appliances. You cannot say that one is better than the other unless you were able to try and have your experience.

All of these luxurious kitchen appliances are worth the money because of their incredible functionality, high-quality materials, and simply because of the aesthetics they represent. Brittany Corporation’s house and lot properties are well thought out and nicely made, therefore it’s worth it.

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