Selling Bank-Owned Properties: 4 Reasons to Say “Yes”

As a broker, you may want to expand your experience in personal selling and keep up with the competition that you have. The business of real estate, especially luxury real estate, is not easy for the inexperienced salesperson, so you have to have an advantage over other brokers. One great strategy is buying foreclosed properties and then selling them.

A foreclosed property, or a bank owned property, is an excellent investment for buyers. Investors should definitely be on the lookout for great bank owned properties, because not only are they great to sell overtime because of their increasing value, but they will also help them become more knowledgeable about the industry.

There are a lot of real estate options that an investor and a prospective buyer can consider, and in this article, the perks of investing in foreclosed homes will be discussed. Bank owned lots for sale and houses in the Philippines, especially in Metro Manila, are always great to secure.

bank owned properties A Wider Audience

A Wider Audience

When you start selling bank owned properties along with the other house and lot for sale in your repertoire, you are opening yourself up to more people looking to purchase properties. Increasing your assets and offerings is always a good idea in personal selling, because there is always a market for real estate and luxury real estate.

Bank owned properties are known to be cheaper than other properties, so selling foreclosed properties will essentially include people with less budget for houses and properties in your target market. That would include young professionals and families who are doing relatively well but cannot afford luxury real estate. More on this later.

A Valuable Experience

Having an inventory that has a wide range of properties will make you more of a well-rounded agent and this will give you an edge over other agents when it comes to personal selling. Getting a house from someone who sells commercial, residential, and even agricultural properties gives the customer the idea that the agent has a great deal of knowledge about his job and the trade. Even if the client is not really looking for a house and lot for sale, lots for sale, or lots for sale located in a high end residential property, he will trust you and your company more with the transaction, because of your experience in sales.

bank owned properties A Valuable Experience

Getting a house and lot for sale is one of the biggest purchases that a person will make in his life, so it would be hard to trust just anybody with it. As a future homeowner, you want to feel secure during the whole process with someone who is actually aware about what he is doing. You will not pay huge costs and acquire a lot of loans just to be offered houses in the Philippines by someone who is not very experienced in the trade.

Buyers expect a lot from agents, and for good reason. That is why it is a great idea to partner up with banks that have a foreclosure. Buyers are expected to do their due diligence on you as an agent and the company you are working for, so you better set an impressive brand for yourself.

More Transactions

Selling more properties will lead to more profit and sales. Focusing on only one kind of properties will limit you to a narrow target market. Selling banked owned properties, like foreclosed lots for sale and houses in the Philippines, will make you attractive to young professionals who are looking for a high end residential property, for example, that is ready for occupancy.

This would mean an easy sale for the salesperson and a good deal for the owner, because the cost of foreclosed properties is known to be lower than the price of others, even if they are in the same high end residential property. They are sold cheaper, because the lender who is selling the properties do not want the account anymore, so they just want to sell the properties as fast as they could.

bank owned properties More Transactions

This means that people from lower socio-economic brackets will also be added to your target market. You will be of service to more people, and that is great, because not everyone has an eye or even a budget for luxury real estate. Think of all the families you will be giving an affordable home to, while relieving lenders of foreclosures. Not only will this give you more experiences and more money, you will also give you more of a sense of fulfillment in the course of your career.

Properties With Huge Potential

Not all good real estate options can be seen on the newspaper. Some of them are on finance, just waiting for you to sell them.

There are a lot of bank owned properties near business districts and in flourishing cities that a lot of Filipinos will benefit from. Buying a foreclosed property in or near Metro Manila, for example, will open the family to a lot of job and business opportunities without them having to spend a hefty amount on rent.

Not only are these properties great to live in, but they are also great investments. They sell for relatively low costs, but their values can very well go up if the area proves to be great when it comes to things like business, tourism, safety, etc. Investors can just hold on to the properties they purchased and sell them for higher prices when the time is right.

A property may not be in great condition at first, especially if it had been foreclosed long ago. This does not have to be the case when you are selling them, though. With some basic upgrades and repairs, you may just be able to turn a foreclosed property into a really good deal for any home buyer. Your company may just have to shoulder the repair costs, but this will all be worth it, because this will let you increase the cost of the house. Buyers will be willing to make bigger payments for a foreclosed property that is livable and actually pretty decent, all things considered.

bank owned properties Properties With Huge Potential


If you are in the business of selling properties, you should highly consider selling bank owned properties for a few reasons. This will make you a better agent, since it will give you an experience at selling another kind of property, which will lead to more knowledge about the trade. You will also be opening your business to lower income families and young professionals who are looking for affordable properties that are ready for occupation.

More properties should mean more sales, and more money is always a good thing. Thera are a lot of foreclosed properties that are great for investing. They may have great potential, because of their strategic locations and whatever they can offer to their future owners. Even if they are not going to live in the property, they can just hold the properties and wait for their values to go up.

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