The Right Vanity Lighting for Your Bathroom

Good vanity lighting can elevate your bathroom.

Making every room in your home as beautiful as possible is one surefire way to embody luxury living by surrounding yourself with well-designed spaces. You get to experience world-class amenities and lifestyles right in your home.

In decorating and styling luxury houses in the Philippines, much care is dedicated to creating a luxurious and cozy living room, a bright and airy kitchen, a spacious dining area, and an inviting bedroom. But to complete luxury living in your Brittany homes, you should also ensure that your bathroom is beautiful and functional.

A bathroom may not feel like an essential part of your home, but in choosing the right elements to fill it with, your bathroom transforms from a mundane area to your spa and oasis.

Of course, you will need to choose suitable tiles and shower fixtures for your bathroom. But what indeed makes a bathroom feel luxurious and each grooming experience world-class is lighting, specifically vanity lighting.

What is vanity lighting, and why do you need it?

Vanity lighting refers to any light that is installed over a bathroom sink. They can be placed above the mirror or on either side of it. Sometimes, bathrooms come with a storage cabinet with a mirror installed. Vanity lighting for this kind of mirror can also be placed lining the cabinet.

Vanity Room Task Lighting

Vanity lighting ensures we don't miss a thing when grooming.

Vanity lighting serves two purposes. One is to provide ample task lighting for personal grooming activities, such as brushing your teeth, shaving, doing your skincare routine, or putting on makeup. Good vanity room lighting is essential, so you don’t miss the finer details of your routine.

Luxury houses in the Philippines don’t skip the details of design. Another reason to invest in good vanity lighting is it helps you put on flawless makeup that will look beautiful and highlight your natural features in daylight.

Bathroom Vanity Room Ambient Light

Lighting can make our bathroom feel more like a home spa.

Good lighting for your bathroom vanity room can also serve as ambient lighting for when you are taking a relaxing shower or bath. Instead of turning on overhead lights, vanity lighting can make your bathroom feel more inviting.

Instead of rushing through your shower as routinely as possible, experience world-class self-care when the lighting you use for your vanity room invites you to take a moment to pamper yourself. Take out your favorite aromatherapy bath products and indulge in a bit of spa moment at home.

How to choose the right vanity lighting for your bathroom?

Choosing the proper bathroom vanity room lighting is crucial to evoke world-class luxury living in your home. Of course, you will need to take note of design principles as well as space constraints. Vanity lighting should be functional, but it should also add to the beauty of the vanity room. Decorate the bathroom of your dreams in your luxury house and lot in Laguna by Brittany Santa Rosa.

Make sure the lights you choose complement your bathroom’s design language and your entire home. Doing this will make sure your design choices are cohesive, and when you make an effort in the details, it all adds up to a beautiful home.

Warm vs. Cool Vanity Lighting

Excellent lighting can make the bathroom feel cold and clinical. It may fit better with a modern or industrial design palette, but it can also have some setbacks. Lighting that is too cool can make reflections and shadows seem harsh.

Warm lighting, on the other hand, provides a softer glow. It can soften our features in the mirror, but when the light is too yellow, it may feel too dim. It can also distort color perception, affecting how we perceive our features and makeup.

The happy medium for vanity lighting in luxury houses in the Philippines is a daylight tone. This kind of lighting better simulates natural light from the sun and thus gives us the best light to work with.

If you want to change your lighting depending on your needs, why not invest in vanity lighting compatible with dimmers? That way, you can have warm or cool lighting and brighten or dim them as you please.

Vertical Vanity Lighting

Place two vanity lights on eihter side of a narrow mirror.

You may opt for two vertical lighting fixtures for your vanity room when you have enough wall space, such as in bathrooms in Brittany homes. Placed at or slightly above eye level on either side of your mirror, these fixtures will provide even lighting on both sides of your face. This kind of vanity room lighting eliminates harsh shadows, making you look your best in the mirror.

This type of bathroom vanity room lighting works best with a narrower mirror. Side-by-side lighting may not provide enough light if your mirror is too broad.

Overhead Vanity Room Lighting

Over-mirror lighting is also a great option for vanity room lighting.

While overhead lighting can sometimes be harsh, it will give you the best lighting for your vanity room when done right. With overhead lights facing down, sending a wash of light between you and the mirror, but not directly at you, it illuminates your features without giving harsh lines and dark shadows.

Overhead vanity room lighting can also be installed with the fixture facing up, bouncing the light to the ceiling first, which casts a softer light on our features.

Mirrors with Built-in Lighting

Add a touch of modern glam with backlit mirrors.

If you want understated bathroom vanity room lighting, you can choose to have your mirrors backlit, with the fixtures hidden from view. When you decide to light your vanity room this way, it makes your mirror a focal point of the bathroom vanity room. It also works as an excellent space-saver if you have a smaller bathroom.

Choose the  Right Size and Style

Vanity lighting should complement your bathroom, not overwhelm it. Proper proportions should be considered. For overhead lighting, it is better to choose fixtures that are the same width or slightly narrower than your mirrors.

If you have more expansive mirrors that span across an entire wall, multiple lights can ensure that there are no dark spots. For vertical lights, choose a pair of fixtures that can sufficiently illuminate the entire mirror space evenly.

As with everything in your home, styles should be cohesive. If your home and bathroom follow a design aesthetic, such as modern minimalist, farmhouse chic, industrial, or coastal, choose vanity lighting that complements these styles.

Whatever design aesthetic you want for your dream home, make it a reality with Brittany Santa Rosa. There is a perfect luxury house and lot in Laguna waiting for you and your family.


Bathrooms are an underrated part of the home. While we spend most of our time there doing routine grooming activities, that does not mean that there is no reason to make it a beautiful and luxurious space.

When you make an effort to design your bathroom and choose vanity lighting that makes your space more elegant, you elevate your house and give yourself the gift of luxury.

Aside from bathrooms, a home should reflect world-class luxury living. Brittany homes are a perfect choice for that luxury lifestyle you are looking for. If you are looking for a luxury house and lot in Laguna, check the properties available at Brittany Santa Rosa.