Planning to move in the South? Here’s What To Consider

People are moving to the South of Metro Manila. Have you noticed? It became a trend to see families hunting down homes or building their dream homes in the South. Left and right, people are looking for house and lot properties in Alabang Philippines, house and lot near Nuvali , house and lot in Daang Hari and even condominium for sale as long as located in the South Metro area. But have you wondered why people are changing locations and choosing South?

Building your dream house in the South - Photo from Unsplash

Natural Beauty of the South

This isn’t Alabama, or South Carolina in the Southeastern of United States, but this location is now becoming a sought-after location of families. This is the South of Metro Manila, Philippines.

There are some who dream of living and owning house and lot for sale in Davao, Cebu or Baguio, but now many are being in love in the southern cities of Metro Manila.

One major reason why people enjoy and desire southern living is that moving south means moving away from the hustle of Manila and still embracing a city-like yet provincial life in one while surrounded by greens and mesmerizing sceneries.

Hearing all these, you might thought of moving in the South. But before you finally decide with your family, here are things you should consider.

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Tips before Moving South

There are a lot of house and lot for sale all around the country but moving south of Metro area is quite special and different. The South has a southern charm that people cannot resist. Most beautiful houses in the Philippines can come from the South yet choosing to live here for long term has a lot of consideration to think of to make sure you will be able to regret none. Here are questions to ponder as you move South:

Will I be happy here in the long term?

Any house owner must asked this question upon purchasing or even planning to acquire a house and lot properties in Alabang Philippines, house and lot near Nuvali or house and lot in Daang Hari. This question is a great measure to know if such house and lot for sale is worthy of its cost.

Asking this question if you are planning to move South is definitely a yes. With the life it offers to its people it is as if you are living a life with a country music background song because of its beauty that surely will give you happy hormones in return.

But above all, it is to remember that ones happiness in a place is not a one way ticket, it is enjoyed with people you dearly love. So no matter if your house is the most beautiful houses in the Philippines but if you are living alone or with people you don’t actually care about, there is an assurance that happiness is for short-term, while if you live with the people you love, wherever you stay together, living happy for a long term is a sure promise.

Planning to move in the South? Here's What To Consider | Brittany Happiness is being with your love ones - Photo from Unsplash

How Big is the South?

The number of population of a certain area is also a consideration when choosing the best site for your home. People has been eyeing the South of Metro Manila since its population is basically smaller than that of Metro Manila. This means South cities such as Alabang Philippines, Laguna, Tagaytay, and Cavite are still not too crowded, and too congested when talking about traffic. Compared to Manila, these southern cities are still more breathable to live in.

Who will be my neighbors?

Other southern cities might also agree that people from the Alabang Philippines, Laguna, Tagaytay, and Cavite are people who look forward to a more slow-paced life. As you intentionally desire of it since you are moving away from the Metro, expect that, your potential neighbors might share the same values with you like their love for nature, love for quiet, calm, peaceful and more serene place, also more so for a slow-paced life.

These residents might be random to you, but your next neighbors might be your new set of friends or a family to you.

What is the Weather in the area?

Another good point to consider as you are moving south is the weather. South of Metro Manila like Alabang Philippines, Laguna, Tagaytay, and Cavite may not have four seasons yet you will surely love the weather it offers most of the time.

There is no snow but you will enjoy its cool breeze and cold temperature like winter months are sure a great call when you hate the super hot and sticky feeling of living in Metro Manila. You may enjoy your sweet tea as you rest in your most beautiful houses in the Philippines in the South with a background music city.

How much would be the Cost of Living?

This should be on top. As you choose your next home, thinking of how much the cost of living is a serious concern. South of Metro Manila is a bit affordable compared to Metro Manila since primarily southern cities are provinces.

Having said this, your income might be enough for your daily expenses and can still cover up some of your shopping wishlist. Living south is totally more fun as eating a pimento cheese sandwich or boiled peanuts. It is has sure a lower cost of living in that side of the country.

Planning to move in the South? Here's What To Consider | Brittany Things to buy are at low cost - Photo from Unsplash Website

What is the Rate of Houses?

House and lot for sale, and condominium for sale in the South are even more affordable compared in the big city. This housing costs has a lower cost compared to Metro Manila doesn’t mean that houses are cheap. Actually, most beautiful houses in the Philippines from the South are now actually becoming more pricey nowadays because of the location being more famous to people.

The site has become a sought-after location that is why you have to check now the properties for sale in the South. Brittany Corporation of Vista Land has lots of souther properties you can check on their website. You have to hustle hard now, to save more money so you won’t miss the chance of owning beautiful homes in the rural areas.

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Is there an easy access to all I need?

Another question to make sure is the accessibility of the site to any of your needs especially the basic ones. Living in the South is no longer surprising to be giving you all you need in the same day. There are a lot of business establishments, major corporations, and various companies who already made their way in the South to serve the residents.

South is also surrounded with beautiful beaches looking like the Myrtle beach of South Carolina for your get-away with the family. Restaurants are nearby serving various good food. Many others serves special fried chicken and barbecue that will surely satisfy your taste buds. South of Metro Area is a legit an all access location for its residents.

How’s the noise level?

There are people who enjoys a calm, steadfast kind of life, and living in the South Metro Area like in house and lot properties in Alabang Philippines, house and lot near Nuvali , or house and lot in Daang Hari might be ideal for you. This place provides not just a slow-paced setting but has a more serene, and quite environment.

In this side of the country, people understand that people living in there desires quietness and since all of them long for it, they make sure that they cooperate in that objective. You can check with homeowners living in Brittany Properties like in Brittany Sta. Rosa, Laguna, or those living in house and lot in Daang Hari Subdivisions. Very peaceful place for families who want to create beautiful memories together.

Is the area a kid-friendly zone?

Nowadays the safety of kids are alarming, having said this, staying in places with such quiet and peaceful environment is not a bad thing to desire. There are a lot of house and lot for sale in the South that are not just kid-friendly but also safe for kids.

Properties in Brittany like Crosswinds in Tagaytay, House and lot for sale in Daang Hari, or house and lot in Nuvali are practically built to be kid-friendly. These subdivisions are also surrounded with great and expert securities to keep the safety of the homeowners.

Planning to move in the South? Here's What To Consider | Brittany Having kids play outside is a good point to consider - Photo from Unsplash Website

Is the area a pet-friendly zone?

After kids, pets are usually the next concern. House and lot for sale or even condominium for sale in the South are usually pet-friendly. Just by the looks of the house construction and the landscaping, pets are sure in the mind of the builders. There are also spaces for your pet to run and play, or for times you just want to walk them.

Pet-friendly neighborhood - Photo from Unsplash Planning to move in the South? Here's What To Consider | Brittany

How to find on Waze/ Google Maps?

How amazing are technologies nowadays. Going in the South to live from wherever you are is no longer hassle to find. One to two hours away from Metro Manila and you can enjoy what the southern cities can offer.

Through your waze app or google maps, you can even discover special nooks in the south where you can enjoy fried chicken, barbecue and even fried green tomatoes added on recipes. Living in this kind of environment that are easy to access through waze or google maps is a less thing to worry.

There are a lot more to consider before planning to move in the South and these are just a few. Whether you want to live in Alabang Philippines, Laguna, Tagaytay, or Cavite, make sure you have checked on this list to not regret your choice.

Enjoy Southern Living with Brittany!

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