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Brittany Corporation is a luxury brand that caters to the discerning Filipino family. As such, Brittany considers every member of the family with every home built and every development master-planned. Each member of the family is very much valued; and by that, Brittany means every kind of family member. In this article, we will be focusing on the smallest, yet probably the most adorable, member of the family: pet cats and dogs. Being the most popular types of pets in the world, they too are luxurious beings and require constant attention and careful care. They even need luxury grooming services, which is why most Brittany developments are near such services.

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Being creatures who have a natural affinity towards taking care of others, incorporating pets into the family can bring joy to both animals and humans—whether it be an exotic pet such as hedgehogs and snakes or a typical domesticated pet such as dogs and cats. This article will focus on the latter type, as exotic pets require specialized services and grooming methods that can be quite rare to find.

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Pets have stuck with us through thick and thin, which is why we only want the best for them as special members of the family.


Grooming Services in Demand Globally

The success of grooming services and other animal care services definitely spiked as soon as the ban for all establishments was lifted in the New Normal. A lot of family pets grew long tangled manes and others haven’t had their monthly checkups in a year, making it in demand. And with the wedding fever brought about by the pandemic, a lot of starting families decided to adopt or buy pets while waiting for a better time to welcome a baby. In fact, a new study on millennial women showed that they are really delaying childbirth to focus on career growth in such difficult times.

With that in mind, it makes sense that pets are growing in popularity. However, first-time fur parents may have difficulties in providing the care that their fur babies need. Naturally, just like how parents want the best for their children, parents would want the best for their pets as well. This is why luxury grooming services exist and are fully equipped to serve your pets’ every want and need that matches your luxury homes.

Collage of PetBuddy pet salon and luxury grooming services and vet clinic for cats and dogs in the Philippines | luxury homes by Brittany Corporation

PetBuddy luxury grooming services and pet store in Evia Lifestyle Center. Photo by AllValue.


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PetBuddy: Luxury Grooming Services in the Philippines

Here is an overview of luxury grooming services by PetBuddy that you can trust to make your pets smell, look, and feel their best.

If you live in luxury homes in the south, regardless of property type, PetBuddy is one of the go-to luxury grooming services. Located in Evia Lifestyle Center a few feet from Portofino Alabang properties, your pets will enjoy a walk around the Italian-inspired mall on the way to the pet salon from your home.

Customized Pet Size Grooming Packages

PetBuddy specializes in providing your pet with a soothing spa day that will keep them at ease even when you leave them there for a little while during your errands, since it is also a pet daycare. Their basic cleaning package includes the three essentials: shampoo, blow-dry, and brush. The full grooming package includes haircut, nail trim, nail file, ear cleaning, tooth brushing, bath and blow-dry, and pet-friendly cologne spraying, among others. You may request additional services for your pets such as facial trimming, anal draining, and eye washing, which are very important for long-haired and senior cats and dogs.

For dogs, pricing depends on the size of your pe based on weight. Naturally, a larger dog would require a more expensive package.

Spa Day for Pets

You won’t have to worry about leaving your pets with strangers because PedBuddy groomers are trained personnel who have a natural love for pets so that your fur babies will feel safe in an unfamiliar environment. Regarding the environment, it is definitely one of the best luxury grooming service because of the pet-friendly ambiance, price, and design. Designed to be a fun and playful environment, your pets will be engaged yet relaxed at the same time. You will also notice that the grooming area has glass walls to provide the illusion that the pet dog or cat isn’t in a small enclosed space without its fur parent. Seeing passers-by outside the pet salon will make your pets think that they’re in just some indoor park with lots of treats.

One-Stop-Shop for All Things Pets

Aside from the luxury grooming services that PetBuddy provides, it is also your one-stop-shop for all things pets. It has a premium selection of pet supplies and accessories. While waiting for your pet to finish his or her spa day, you may browse through all the high-quality pet items and food.

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For bookings and inquiries, you may contact PetBuddy at 09951261309 or 09616763270. Visit them at Lower Ground Level, Building B, Evia Lifestyle Center, Daang Hari, Amanza Dos, Las Piñas City.

Wizard of Paws mobile pet grooming and cleaning services truck in the Philippines | luxury homes by Brittany Corporation

Wizard of Paws mobile pet salon and grooming services. Photo by OneLife.


Pet Grooming Services at Luxury Homes

Albeit the New Normal, it’s difficult to even go on short travels for necessities during these difficult times. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) reported that the services sector remained robust, and even thrived, during the pandemic. Home services, in particular, skyrocketed in the New Normal because of the health risks that come with outside exposure. Instead of citizens visiting establishments, stores have transitioned online and invested in COVID testing their employees so that store representatives can serve in the homes of clients. This way, families can safely enjoy services without much risk.

Examples of services that have transitioned outside the physical store include pet grooming services. The luxury of a pet grooming service, however, is difficult to imitate without the right facilities and equipment. As a result, mobile grooming services such as  Wizard of Paws, Park & Bark, and Vanity Fur emerged in the market. Moreover, veterinary services have also gone mobile so that diagnosing and treating your pets can still be possible without risking the health of the family.


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