Most Expensive Pet Accessories 2021

There are definitely many benefits in owning a pet. For those who own very active pets, like show and working dogs who use pet accessories, for instance, they give you all the exercise you need and more, whether you live in a confined spaces like a luxury condo or in expansive spaces like a luxury home with a garden. Pets are also one way to make and bond with new friends, especially pet owners who understand what it means to take care of one, two or more. In some cases, they can help patients who suffer medical illnesses or diseases such as chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and epilepsy. They are also great companions, and can stave off feelings of loneliness and abandonment. 

On the other hand, what does it take to own a pet? For some, they are already contented with a place to sleep and rest comfortably, place to relieve themselves, plus food and water. Some pets require lots of attention and love, and that play is often included in your day-to-day activities. For pets that have grown with you for years, they require palliative care, and sometimes surgery to address some medical issues.

But there are some owners who would not mind spending an exorbitant amount of money, even if they have to move to a luxury home or luxury house and lot with lots of open spaces. The ones who really do have money to spare go the extra mile of even buying luxury homes for their pets!

From posh designer clothes to diamond-encrusted collars to luxurious dog houses, we list down the most expensive pet accessories pet owners have bought for their pet companions. Some of these items are designed and released by recognizable fashion houses who saw a niche market for these luxurious accessories. 

1. Macky Crystal Dog Poop Bag Holder: $325


Expensive golden purse or dog poop bag with holder and clip for wealthy pets | luxury lifestyle and homes for Brittany Corporation

A gold clip-on purse for your dog’s poop? Why not? Image from


One of the many laborious and annoying things dog owners do is to pick up dog poop. The sight, smell, and the fact that you are picking up dog poop isn’t a very glamourous thing to do. The people behind B*tch New York thought that there is a better way to disguise carrying these smelly wastage by releasing a Swarovski-crystal-encrusted container. Retailing at USD325, you get to carry your dog (or cat) poop that you gathered in a plastic baggie, and no one can really tell that you are on bathroom duty! Also, the crystals embedded on the bag’s flap disguises the bag as if you are carrying a coin purse.

But if you cannot drop some serious cash on this bag, the website has a USD99 version, which has four rows of Swarovski crystals embedded. Whichever you choose, you can definitely say you have upped the bathroom business game into a fashionable, luxury activity. 


2. Gianni Versace’s Barocco Pet Bowl: $754++


2.Gianni Versace’s Barocco Pet Bowl for food and water | luxury lifestyle and homes by brittany corporation

This luxury dog bowl comes with the signature print of the eponymous fashion house. Image from


If you are into designer products, you will definitely snag this beautiful bowl for your precious pet. This dog bowl is made of fancy porcelain and features 22-carat gold leaf edges. The signature golden and black Barocco design around the edges of the bowl is quintessential Versace that even your non-logo loving friends will even recognize it. 

There is no denying that the make and model of this fancy luxury bowl is perfect for your pet with very refined tastes, but whether it will entice any other dog to eat in it instead dumping the food on the floor remains to be seen. But it doesn’t hurt gifting your dog this one-of-a-kind luxury item, which will be great in an Italian-inspired luxury home. It is no longer listed on the fashion house’s website, but is being sold in other third-party luxury websites for much higher.


3. Gold-Thread Mattress: $1,000-$3,000


Black and white Pitbull dog with bald Western male pet owner lying on golden cushion in the grass outdoors | luxury lifestyle and homes by brittany corporation

The Gold Mattress is a pet-size version of the bestselling mattress by Italian company Magniflex. Image from The New York Times.


Italian company Magniflex seems to have seen a trend in providing luxury pet beds in the market, and is probably the reason they have released the Gold Mattress. The Gold Mattress is a handmade mattress that is made entirely out of 22-karat gold, can you imagine? Depending on the size of your pet and other customization requests, it can easily fetch a whopping $1,000 to $3,000 per custom order.

This Gold Mattress is actually a smaller scale version of its Gold Mattresses for adults, which can pretty command serious cash. The company, which produces this special mattress line, sells custom mattresses for up to USD24,000 to USD30,000 per custom order. It remains to be known whether Magniflex offers discounts if you order a Gold Mattress for both yourself and your pet, but if you want to show appreciation to yourself and your pet, then money should be of no object.


4. Couture luxury domed pavilion dog bed: $3,900


4.Couture luxury domed pavilion dog bed | luxury lifestyle and homes by brittany corporation

Wanted a compact yet sizable luxury home for your dog in your luxury condo? This couture dog bed is for you. Image from


Some dogs are quite comfortable sleeping anywhere: may it be on the hard-grained floor, a pile of dirty cloths, or a simple, plush dog bed. Others just wanted to get the conditions right, like sleeping in front of the fireplace, an airconditioning unit during warmer days, or even your own bed. Some dogs prefer to have their very own dog house as they prefer the cocooning effects of having something over their heads.

If you have a dog who likes to have his very own dog house, how about this couture domed pavilion bed? For only USD3,900, this is a perfect luxury accessory for your dog indoors, especially if you live in the city such as a luxury condo. The outside is crafted from fine, imitation crocodile skin, and it has handmade, embroidered silk as its interior linens. Coupled with a favorite soft pillow or blankie, your dog will have a luxurious sleep inside this beautiful dog home.


5. Michel’s VIP Parfums: $120 – $4,000


Michel's VIP Parfums cologne and perfume for pet dogs | luxury lifestyles and homes by brittany corporation

Simple spritz any of the VIP Parfums from this collection and it will keep your dog from smelling, well, like a dog. Image from


If you are one of those dog owners who cannot get over the smell of dog, there is actually a way to fix that. Introducing the fragrant Michel’s VIP Parfums. Especially made for your canine companions, you can buy either of the two scents available, which are Pink Grapefruit and Mandarin Blossom. Both are made of the finest botanical ingredients and are formulated to make sure your dog smells, well, not dog. Available in 4 to six-ounce bottles at Les Poochs, these perfumes are quite exclusive: you need a special invitation in certain sellers in order to purchase a bottle.


6. Couture Futuristic Royal Harness Dress: $6,600


6.Couture Futuristic Royal Harness Dress on white expensive dog | luxury homes by Brittany Corporation

This set of pet accessories is easily a fashionista’s must-have. Image from


At $6,600 per gown, why wouldn’t you? Give your dog’s wardrobe a major update with a custom, handmade luxury dog gowns. According to the designers, the dog gowns are made of the finest bridal silk, ostrich feathers, and thousands of Swarovski crystal elements integrated in the gown. The dog gown also comes with pearls and beading accents that will elegantly highlight your dog’s body. Unlike typical dog costumes, the inner lining of each dog gown made are of velvet, ensuring that your dog wears this very stylish, unique gowns in comfort as well.

You can order the Couture Futuristic Royal Harness Dress, which is for sale online.


7. Swarovski Crystal Dog Bath: $6,995


7.Swarovski Crystal Dog Bath with tiny teddybear dog | luxury lifestyles and homes by Brittany Corporation

It’s not a luxurious bath without a Swarovski crystal dog bath. Image from


Why not give your dog the good, luxurious life with a $6,995 bathtub that’s encrusted with thousands of colored Swarovski crystals? Inspired by a a 19th-Century clawfoot style bathtub, your dog will feel like an actual king or a queen with this very expensive bathtub. The clawfoot stumps are in silver, so it really feels more like an expensive ornament in the bathroom.

Available in other colors, this bathtub functions like any other bathtub: helps you run a bath for your dog safely and without getting puppy or grown dog hair clogging your drain. Moreover, it is a special accessory for your dog so he or she can experience royalty and privilege, whether they are aware of it or not.


8. Expensive Pet Accessories: from $150,000-$4.2 Million


White pet dog with jeweled tiara or crown as expensive jewelry for animals | luxury lifestyles and homes by Brittany Corporation

How about jewelry for your dogs? These accessories command thousands to millions of dollars alone. Image from Reuters.


Commercial-wise, the La Jeune Tulipe Diamond Dog Pet Collar is one of the most expensive and refined dog collars available among luxury dog accessories. Fetching a whopping $150,000, this custom-made dog jewelry features a 1.52-carat diamond as the centerpiece. The main marquise-cut diamond is framed by an assortment of other hand-cut diamonds.

The Amour, Amour Dog Collar is easily the most expensive dog collar in the world at an eye-popping $3.2 million. Featuring 52-carats worth of diamonds and around 1600 diamonds encrusted on the collar in total, the Amour, Amour Dog Collar is a rare investment you can grab for your dog, if you can though. The strap is in white gold with crocodile leather.

Thai jeweler Riwin Jirapolsek upped his dog jewelry game when he constructed a dog tiara for his Maltese as a gift. Dubbed the Puppy Tiara, it made its debut at a dog show in Bangkok. It’s currently not for sale, but the jewelry, which features over 250 carats worth of emeralds and diamonds, is worth $4.2 million. The jeweler is keen to create a few more pieces of jewelry to complement the Puppy Tiara.


9. Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier: $58,000


Louis Vuitton has been known for creating outlandish pieces before, so a dog carrier from his line of pet accessories is not really surprising. What is surprising, however, is how well-made and functional this dog carrier is. The Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier, which retails at $58,000 on the fashion house’s website, looks very chic, thanks to its signature monogrammed print, fancy brass S-lock, and iconic leather-wrapped handles. Designed by Marc Jacobs, this dog carrier is a favorite among fashionable pet owners who wanted to look very chic and presentable. It also comes with a lavish zinc dish for food and water, plus air vents to make sure that your pet is stylishly comfortable during travel. Best of it all is that there is a space where you can specifically place your very own photograph.


10. Luxury homes to House your Expensive Pet Accessories


Infographic of healthy home or house for pets dogs and cats | luxury homes by Brittany Corporation

Similar to pet accessories, if you can afford it or have the means to build it on your own, why not? Image from


Architect Andy Ramus pulled out all the stops when he designed Super Dog House, a $417,000 two-bedroom dog house intended for two Great Danes from Gloucestershire, England. This luxury home can easily rival any luxury home for sale or luxury house and lot in Tagaytay thanks to its furnishings and features. The house is equipped with $230.000 sound system, a 52-inch plasma TV that continuously plays ‘The Dog Whisperer’, sheepskin-lined, temperature controlled beds, an 18-inch spa plus a lounge and play area, and dog-vision webcams so the owner can monitor their activity.

If you have a love for Hello Kitty, how about this crystal bead dog house for $31,660? The Hello Kitty Crystal Pet House features a beautiful bed covered in $75,000 worth of crystal beads. It’s not designed for big pets, so puppies or your very high-maintenance cat will do.

Lastly, the Louis XV Pet Pavilion is an antique piece of dog furniture designed for dogs with taste. Priced at $23,990, this dog bed is modeled after an 18th-century French Rosewood commode during the reign of, who else, King Louis XV. Its style also makes it a great accessory in your luxury home or luxury condo.

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