The luxury of comfort and ease


The value of ease and the luxury of comfort have been vastly appreciated especially in the time that we are all in today. People from all around the world are experiencing similar situations brought about by the pandemic. The invisible enemy that lurks around had depreciated all aspects of human life. Schools have shut down doors, travels are put on hold, and the economy has been on its toll. 

A year after the outbreak, staying at home is still a must. Wearing masks and face shields has now become a part of our everyday lives. With health protocols and restrictions being implemented, there is a sudden change in our boundaries. With the accessibility to needs and essentials heightened, living close to the city’s conveniences within arm’s reach is such a blessing.

Known as the Lion City of the South, Santa Rosa is still roaring like one even though the pandemic struck. Aside from the fact that the city is a hub of industrial progress, it has also been a place where upscale residential and commercial developments are on the rise. Imagine living at the very center of the most prominent district of Santa Rosa. 

Enjoy the luxury of comfort, accessibility, and exclusivity in a community where its value does not cease. Brittany Santa Rosa offers luxury house and lot estates for people who are in search of living a grand life. But what does it really mean to live such a lifestyle? Should one be living like a royal in a fortress of his own? Or simply, to live a life of charm and delight? If you think the answer to the questions stated is an outstanding ‘yes’, carry on with your reading.

Obelisk in Brittany Promenade surrounded by lush greenery in a residential community in sta. rosa | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

A masterplanned community inspired by the English countryside. Brittany Sta. Rosa features three exclusive luxury enclaves: Georgia Club, Augusta, and Promenade.


Introducing Brittany Santa Rosa

Brittany Santa Rosa houses 3 prime luxury house and lot developments in Santa Rosa, Laguna that can offer you a grand lifestyle. If you have been dreaming for the longest time of a castle of your own, make it come true in Promenade. But if you are inspired by the American South ambiance from your travels, Georgia Club and Augusta is your perfect home destination. Imagine living in a haven inspired by the world’s grand destinations. 

The perfect combination of beauty and convenience

Beauty and convenience meet in Brittany Santa Rosa. Access to almost anything under the sun adds to the astounding charisma its developments radiate. Be at places in no time. Travel within the bustling cities of the metro or indulge in the neighboring beaches and leisure destinations that embrace Santa Rosa, Laguna. You are indeed in the center of everything with convenient access to the South-Luzon Expressway (SLEX) or the newly developed Cavite-Laguna Expressway (CALAX). Enjoy a cup of hot, steaming coffee with the majestic sceneries of Taal Volcano. Enjoy a quick trip to Tagaytay via the Santa Rosa – Tagaytay Road. But of course, with the pandemic still at bay, staying at home should still be our utmost priority.


The neighboring conveniences of Brittany Sta. Rosa


Medical Hospitals

Let’s face it, the thought of being in a hospital during this pandemic can be mind-boggling at times. With the continuous rise of the cases, people tend to veer away from such facilities. But, of course, life still had its uncertainties. No one would ever wish to be in a health emergency situation, still, it is better to be near hospitals just in case medical attention is required. The Medical South City South Luzon, AUP Hospital, and Qualimed are some of the hospitals near Brittany Santa Rosa.

Al fresco dining at Vista Mall Santa Rosa near Brittany's luxury house and lot developments along Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road - Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Shopping centers like Vista Mall Santa Rosa offers al fresco dining for a safer dining experience. (source: Vista Mall Santa Rosa Facebook)


Shopping and Lifestyle Centers

Though travel is limited due to the lockdown restrictions, keep in mind that we are still in a situation where non-essential travel is prohibited by the government. You can have everything you need within minutes from nearby establishments such as Vista Mall Santa Rosa, located just in front of the main road leading to all of Brittany’s projects. For those who prefer the luxury of comfort by staying at home, feel free to explore and purchase through online grocery shopping via multi-stop delivery services such as Get All. By doing so, you get to skip the lines and lessen your time spent outside of your homes, convenient and safe. Solenad, Paseo de Sta. Rosa, and S&R are also within the area for that added shopping experience.

Academic Institutions

With students and faculty members adjusting to an online learning system, education is never put on hold. In fact, even with the crisis, the prestigious and world-renowned University of Santo Tomas has taken the opportunity to resume its construction of their Santa Rosa Campus which is located within the arm’s stretch of a five-minute drive from Brittany Santa Rosa projects. Other schools such as De La Salle Canlubang and St. Scholastica are also within the area.


A wide shot featuring the facade of the Elliot Model House and its surrounding landscape | Brittany Sta. Rosa | Promenade | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Promenade in Sta. Rosa features its luxury house model, Elliot.


Exclusivity made possible by luxury house and lot developments

With all the surrounding conveniences that embrace Santa Rosa, Laguna, living at the center does not get in the way of enjoying the luxury of exclusivity. Brittany Santa Rosa is nestled in a 300-hectare masterplanned estate where greeneries overlook vast lands in which birds fly freely as if they fly over a sanctuary of nature. Whether you are dreaming of living in a fortress or home of pastels and delight, follow your heart’s desire. 

Take a step back to the days of kings and queens as you discover luxury and grandeur in Promenade. With a vast 29-hectare land, build your luxury house and lot as your very own kingdom in an immense thousand square meter lot. With Luxury lots starting at 500 square meters, make the most out of your private space with nature in your backyard. Home to a thousand pine trees and species of floras and faunas, God has indeed painted His masterpiece. Whether it is a pool, a garden, or a simple field for your family and children to run on, all of these are made possible by Promenade. 

Country Living in Augusta | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

This lovely luxury home for sale at Brittany Sta. Rosa features more living space and gardens amongst a sprawling landscape of greens.


Another luxury development from Vista’s high-end imprint is where charm truly resides. Pastels, delight, and nature’s sunlight makes Georgia Club and Augusta charming. This American South-themed community is a 30-hectare land that has become a home to the sweet singing of different species of birds. Imagine waking up to the warmth of the sun that shines perfectly through your window frames. Be in a place where you can truly be at ease with the comfort of luxury.

With everything that has been happening in the world today, one’s mind is valuable and precious. Protect it at all cost by being in a place where everything is at reach, a community where nature reigns, an estate where the luxury of comfort and ease are kings, a place like Brittany Santa Rosa.