Luxury House and Lot Properties in Sta. Rosa Laguna


Wondering what it’s like living in a place away from the hustle and bustle of the city? The experience of a community of luxury house and lot properties? It is not a secret that more and more people are starting to live in the suburbs. Surprising? It really isn’t. The suburbs offer many unique perks you won’t find anywhere else. These areas are the perfect balance between living in the city and the feel of a more lax countryside.

One excellent example is Santa Rosa in Laguna. From a rural town that is popular for tourist attractions, Santa Rosa has now become a hotspot for luxury home buyers, including anyone who is looking for a luxury house and lot near Nuvali in Santa Rosa.

Why Do People Prefer Suburbs to Cities?

1. More Luxury House and Lot Properties

A wide shot of the facade and surrounding landscape of the Lawrence Model Home | Brittany Sta. Rosa | Promenade | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Brittany Santa Rosa has luxury house and lot properties rich in character and sophisticated in their thematic appeal.


Everything appears to be more confined in the city. This is particularly true in the case of property. The residence becomes increasingly limited as you approach closer to the city. Nevertheless, as there is more space in the suburbs, buildings and other assets are more spaced out.

This gives an edge in your search for a large, comfortable home. You’ll spend approximately just as much as if you stayed in a confined area in the city. However, in a suburban home, you invest less per square foot than a city home. Apart from residences, suburban areas offer extra room for vehicles, pets, lawns, and outdoor recreation.

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2. Lower crime rates

When it comes to deciding where to reside, many individuals prioritize security. You will discover that living in a suburb is a better choice than living in the city because suburbs have a smaller population generally. This is excellent news, particularly for those who are with small children and families.

The rate of crime in most suburbs is lesser than in the surrounding metropolis. Major cities have a two-fold higher property crime rate and two-and-a-half times greater violent crime rate than neighboring suburbs. Suburbs are a lot friendlier.

4. Suburban Nature of Luxury House and Lot Properties

The Serene Community of Brittany Sta. Rosa | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Brittany Santa Rosa is the perfect combination of nature and the city.


The suburbs are ideal for those who enjoy spending time in nature. You’d be lucky to see more than a few trees and plants in the metropolis. On the other side, wildlife thrives in the suburbs. Beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, and parks abound in the suburbs. You’ll find enormous swaths of greenery and open terrain here, which will provide you with a breath of fresh air.

Furthermore, suburbs have more wildlife species than cities, implying that you would be living in a healthy and wholesome habitat. Fishing, hiking, zip-lining, and boating are just a few of the enjoyable activities available, thanks to the abundance of nature.

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Where to find Luxury House and Lot Properties in Laguna?

But the question is, “Can you find a luxury property near Metro Manila? How about a mansion in Santa Rosa, Laguna? Or a comfortable home near Nuvali?”

In the middle of God-given nature lies a first-class city in Laguna, Philippines, called Santa Rosa. Many do not know Santa Rosa as “The Lion City of the South” and ” Next Wave City”.

People might ask why Santa Rosa is the Lion City of the South. The very reason is because of its vibrant and booming economy as if it was roaring like a lion.

Laguna, in general, is one of the most liked and popular places for residents looking for an escape from Metro Manila’s crowd and toxic air. And on the top list for homebuyers are luxury homes for sale in Santa Rosa

What makes Santa Rosa a perfect place to live

It has evolved from a small village into a popular tourist attraction and a destination for homebuyers searching for properties in the suburbs. What makes Sta. Rosa appealing is that it has an environmentally friendly atmosphere, which homeowners search for as they prioritize their health.

More large-scale developments have accelerated Sta. Rosa’s development, making it an appealing option for homeowners seeking suburban homes in environmentally friendly settings.

Developers offer mixed-use communities since this is something that qualified purchasers look for. Brittany, a premier name in luxury homes for sale in Santa Rosa and a subsidiary of Vista Land & Lifescapes, is one perfect example. You can also find your dream house and lot near Nuvali, a fast-growing residential, recreational, and commercial community situated in Santa Rosa, Laguna.

The Luxury House and Lot Properties of Brittany Corporation

Magnificent home in Brittany Sta. Rosa Laguna evokes the classic American lifestyle of abundant living in the midst of a nature preserve. Its trademark luxury homes for sale in Santa Rosa are reminiscent of beautiful Southern American rural abodes.

Below are a few luxury homes near Metro Manila but provide the total comfort you and your family need.


Promenade Obelisk Luxury Amenities - Property Page Website Banner - Brittany Corporation

Promenade of Brittany Santa Rosa boasts of a master-planned, themed luxury community near Nuvali.


Brittany’s Promenade is the most excellent choice if you’re seeking a luxurious property with an image of the unusual English countryside. Promenade is flanked by two of the best golf courses in the South, the Santa Elena Golf & Country Club, and the Country Club Philippines, which are both located inside the 300-hectare Brittany Santa Rosa.

The site is entered through high black-and-gold, elegant 18th-century architectural gates. The Promenade de Brittany is nestled within lush greenery that mixes into lovely, knotted gardens, similar to the aristocratic English and French castle yards.

A garden at the village’s entry, with a spire influenced by Nelson’s Column in London’s Trafalgar Square — a monument to celebrate the British appreciation of art, culture, and bravery – is a crucial landmark. The embellished landscaped hedges take one deep into the master-planned complex, where the community’s Clubhouse is an English country manor.


Country Living in Augusta | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Revel in the Southern American charms of the luxury house and lot properties of Augusta.


Augusta’s Southern American-themed elegant property and lot for sale developments radiate timeless charm for you to design houses that are sure into becoming masterpieces, set amidst a magnificent setting of greenery and nature. As you enjoy time with loved ones, breathe deeply and be impressed by the grandeur and tranquility of the beauty of nature.

The property’s 15-hectare luxurious real estate development offers homes constructed for the long term for families to create a pleasant existence with neighbors who share the same ambitions and objectives.

Augusta, a private natural reserve-like property in Sta. Rosa Laguna evokes a classic American lifestyle in magnificent residences. The 15-hectare estate is a residential area that takes pleasure in developing exquisite homes amidst the beautiful scenery close enough to touch. It is fired up and ready for prospective proprietors.

Augusta is a great place to live if you have a growing family. This suburban refuge entices with a safe neighborhood, ample living area, and the tranquil environment of Sta. Rosa’s stunning beauty.

Georgia Club

Carolyn Luxury House Model | Brittany Sta. Rosa | Georgia Club | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The Carolyn is a Luxury House and Lot for sale model offered by Brittany Corporation, which exudes Southern American charm supported by an exclusive gated community.


Aesthetic information resembles the Southern American style, including wrap-around verandas, white picket fences, vibrant colors doors, closed down European shutters, thatched roofs, and rope swings, are prominent in Georgia Club classic homes, conveying the quintessential eloquence of splendid mansions and agricultural dwellings during the 18th century.

For individuals who desire to rest and live a peaceful life, Georgia Club gives a sense of security and a long breath of ease. Georgia Club takes pride in developing lovely residences within the grandeur of the environment absolutely stunning: enormous woods of over 1,200 trees about 50 years old, such as Gmelina, Narra, Acacia, and Mahogany.

The luxurious property is a part of Vista Land’s one-of-a-kind in Sta. Rosa Laguna. Because it is only 45 minutes away from Makati, Sta. Rosa is the latest fast-growing residential region of preference amongst modern urban residents. Sta. Rosa also housed some of Metro Manila’s premier universities.

Georgia Club was named after the state of Georgia in the United States of America. Tall towering woods and rich fields define Georgia Club’s grounds, making it ideal for a relaxed lifestyle and retirement. This garden community strikes a balance between organized modernity and its natural environment.


Final thought

Many city dwellers move to the suburbs to experience a sense of community. However, being surrounded by strangers makes building friendships difficult in a city. Living in the suburbs like in Brittany in Santa Rosa or near Nuvali will allow you to enjoy a high quality of life. It is possible to cultivate relationships with neighbors and create a sense of community between individuals in this piece of heaven.

You can also check our website for your choice of a pre-selling house and lot near Nuvali, a place where you can enjoy the total freedom of the outside from the inside.

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