Holiday Breaks: Taking A Vacation in the New Normal


The festive season is finally here! With the cool breeze and endless loop of yuletide songs blasting in the background, you can definitely feel the Christmas spirit. As one of the most celebrated holidays in the Philippines, the country turns into a Christmas wonderland where you can see decorations everywhere you visit. 

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The Philippines is famous for its celebration of Christmas, lasting for four long months.


As September rolls in, residents start hanging fairy lights and ornamental lanterns called parol outside of their house. Some even take this holiday seriously, often going extravagant with their decorations. 

For Filipinos, Christmas is not just another holiday but an important time to celebrate good relationships among families and friends. Moreover, in a predominantly Christian country, this season is important as it honors the birth of Christ. Throughout the years, there have been traditions that are unique to the Philippines. One of them is simbang gabi, a 9-day mass that families go out of their way to complete. It is said that completing the mass will guarantee that your wish will be fulfilled.

Christmas truly brings people together, making it the most joyous season for Filipinos in the whole year. However, due to the pandemic, the way we celebrate the holiday has definitely changed. Before the pandemic, it was easy to plan how to spend Christmas vacations among families and friends. But due to various restrictions and the risks that we are facing today, going out can be a hassle. Even traveling out of town can prove to be quite challenging. 

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However, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a meaningful Christmas. There are still a lot of ways to enjoy your holiday vacation even in the new normal. In fact, you can celebrate the perfect Christmas at your vacation home with your loved ones! 


Adapting to New Normal Challenges for Vacationers

As the holiday season arrived, many are apprehensive of just getting stuck inside their home during their vacation. Christmas is usually celebrated with friends and families planning get-togethers during the long holiday break. However, some traditions such as out-of-town vacations may not be upheld. 

The travel industry suffered greatly when the pandemic happened. Different modes of transportation were suspended from operating. Even airlines have limited flights. Hotels and accommodation establishments were forced to limit the number of guests they accept as well. Even cities and provinces closed their borders during the pandemic and has slowly accepted limited visitors in the new normal. It is only now that the travel industry is recovering. 

As everyone adapted to these changes, planning holiday vacations may not be the same, but will be relatively easier compared to last year. There are still new rules and regulations to keep in mind and commuting can still prove to be challenging with travel restrictions in place. But the situation has definitely improved and there are now more options for travel and accommodation. Moreover, you can choose to stay at home and enjoy a quiet but meaningful holiday break.

Currently, the Philippine government has adopted an alert level system where cities are categorized under five alert levels. There are certain restrictions under each alert level, which aims to minimize the risk of infection in each area according to certain indicators and thresholds. Before you travel to any city or province, you must first know the alert level system imposed in that certain area to understand the requirements you must accomplish before visiting. 

It is important to plan your holiday break with safety in mind. Adhere to city regulations and make sure to plan your vacation thoroughly from travel to accommodation. For small gatherings, booking ahead of time and following establishment rules are a must. To ensure a smooth travel and get-togethers, make sure that you have the necessary documents ready and you’ve secured bookings or are eligible for entrance to particular establishments you wish to visit.

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The new normal presents challenges for travelers all over the world. | Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash


Accessible Holiday Hotspots Near the Metro

With pandemic restrictions becoming more lenient in the new normal, you can now visit certain cities and provinces for your holiday break. However, it is still imperative to consider the accessibility of the location. Is it challenging to travel to that place? Are there restrictions and requirements that you need to accomplish before going?

These are just some factors to consider. But if you are searching for good locations to spend a quick holiday break, you don’t need to look far. There are a lot of beautiful places near the metro that you can visit for a relaxing but luxurious holiday vacation with your friends and family. 

Some of these holiday hotspots include the chilly Tagaytay where you are surrounded by lush greenery. There are also popular restaurants and tourist spots that are visited by guests every year. This is also where you can find the famous Crosswinds, Brittany Corporation’s luxury real estate development that offers the much-desired Swiss resort atmosphere.

There are also accessible locations such as Sta. Rosa, Laguna where you can visit the world-class theme park, Enchanted Kingdom and Nuvali, the eco-community that offers commercial and recreational activities. Brittany Sta. Rosa is also located here, which makes it a prime location for upscale properties in the Philippines. 

If you are interested in a leisure getaway, you can visit Alabang, which boasts of several malls and lifestyle centers such as Alabang Town Center. There are also country clubs that you can visit. These establishments are also accessible to the residents of Portofino, Brittany Corporation’s exclusive community development in Alabang.

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Visit accessible vacation hotspots near the metro. | Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash


Meaningful Vacations at Home

Even with lots of choices for accessible and safe places to spend your quick holiday break in, you must still feel apprehensive when it comes to travelling especially in popular places. If you would like to play it safe, you can still choose to stay at home and enjoy a quiet but luxurious vacation. 

Vacations are not necessarily about travelling. It is all about taking a break, having a rest, and treating yourself so you can enjoy your off time. Travelling is just one way to do it, but vacations can still be done at home. The purpose of going to vacations is to let your mind and body rest. If you feel anxious when travelling especially in the new normal, you can just forgo the thought of leaving home. So how can you exactly spend a meaningful vacation at home? Here are some tips that you might find helpful. 

Spend your holiday vacation with loved ones.

There are a lot of ways you can spend your holiday vacation with loved ones at home. Instead of going out to eat with your family, you can instead cook your own meals at home and even go for more luxurious dishes. Dress up, open a bottle of wine, light some candles and voila! You can achieve an upscale restaurant atmosphere at home. If you miss having fun with your friends, invite them over for a staycation or host a small, intimate gathering at home. 

Do recreational activities that feed your soul.

If you prefer to spend your holiday vacation quietly, you can choose to do recreational activities that help you relax while still nourishing your soul. Some examples include reading books, doing your hobbies such as painting, gardening, and cooking. Make sure that you are doing things that will leave you satisfied at the end of the day. 

Treat yourself to luxury. 

Just because you are staying at home doesn’t mean you have to be thrifty. Go splurge on yourself! Go shopping online for some new clothes or accessories and wear them at home. Prepare yourself a luxurious bath with some scented candles and wine. You can even go extra and plan a whole date to yourself. 

Plan your holiday activities. 

Just because vacations are meant to be spent for relaxation doesn’t mean you can just waste your time away lounging and sleeping. Make sure you plan your holiday activities at home so you can definitely feel that you’ve had a meaningful Christmas. This is even more important for families with kids. Give them a memorable holiday vacation at home by doing unique things every day.

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Spend a meaningful holiday vacation at home with your family. | Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash


Luxury Real Estate Making the Difference

What makes simple vacations at home so much more meaningful is the extravagance of your house. Living in an upscale property will definitely elevate the experience especially during this period where most are confined in their home. The pandemic made everyone realize the importance of living in a beautiful and functional home where it is possible to work and rest in.

With a new and growing appreciation for luxury home properties, more and more families are looking into purchasing luxurious homes. A new lifestyle is emerging due to the pandemic where families are putting importance in having dedicated space inside their home for certain activities such as work, learning, and leisure. 

Upscale properties often have large dedicated spaces and are designed not only for functionality but for aesthetic purposes as well. These are perfect for the taste and needs of prestigious clients such as the ones serviced by Brittany Salesforce. Living in luxury homes will make your everyday life and even your vacations more meaningful especially during the new normal.

The market for luxury real estate properties is also continuously growing, which just shows that masterfully built homes can improve your quality of life.


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