Travel Revamping: What You Need To Know


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Traveling nowadays is no longer simple as packing a bag and heading to an airport or going on a road trip. We need to keep ourselves updated with the new travel revamping.


The pandemic has changed the world in many ways, especially with how we travel. More and more countries and locations are opening up and lifting bans and restrictions as vaccination programs continue to roll out. Some braved going through the many restrictions, including securing a travel pass based on your test results. Some who are aching to go on a vacation invest in a house and lot or a condo for sale at a tourist destination to satiate that travel bug.

But for the many of us who simply wanted to go home for the holidays almost three years after the first wave of the virus hit, what are the factors we need to consider before we make our travel plans?

Travel Revamping and Tourism in the Philippines

If you are eyeing to spend your holidays or go on a long-deserved vacation at any of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines, good news! Balikbayans who are nationals of non-visa-required countries, former Filipinos, those traveling with a Filipino or former Filipino spouse or parent, and foreigners with valid and existing visas are allowed to travel to the Philippines. This is great, especially for those who plan to or have stalled their retirement plans, or those who plan to start the process of investing their hard-earned money in a luxury house and lot for sale for retirement.

Some of the re-opened destinations are also available to domestic tourists, as long as they comply with the travel requirements. Some locations still only allow leisure travel among locals.

Travel Revamping: Considerations

Here are some of the things you need to take into consideration when making your travel plans.

Testing, quarantine rules can get very restrictive for inbound travelers at the last minute

The Omicron variant is the latest coronavirus that has caused many countries to close borders and enact bans and restrictive travel requirements. While health authorities are still scrambling to determine whether the latest coronavirus variant has reached the country,  plans to open the Philippines to international tourists announced last month are now postponed. For inbound travelers outside the Philippines, they will undergo stricter testing and quarantine requirements starting December 3rd,  Friday, and will remain in effect until December 15. 

This means that for fully-vaccinated Filipino citizens, they are required to present a negative RT-PCR test result taken within 72 hours before departing from their origin country. They will also undergo facility-based quarantine upon arrival to the Philippines, and must retake a swab test upon the fifth day of their quarantine period. 

Minors are also required to follow the testing and quarantine guidelines of the parent or guardian that they are traveling with, regardless of the minor’s vaccination status and country of origin. This is an important part of the travel revamping.

This strategy is actually a common policy for almost all countries nowadays. A country closes its borders or imposes restrictive travel requirements to inbound travelers, especially if a new variant is detected. While there are medical advancements in sight for anyone to live in the “new normal” – which is a time where a biological threat can happen any time, it is expected that countries will enact bans and restrictions to curb the spread of infection. 

As such, travel insurance and other flexibility options are gaining attraction. People do not hesitate to opt into a flexibility option so they can cancel or rebook their trip for a new date just in case. They also choose hotels and other lodging facilities that have policies in place just in case you do get a positive result. 

Workcations are on the rise

At the very first few months into the pandemic, most of us are forced into our homes. Companies are then forced to offer flexible or work-from-home options to ensure that business will still be as usual. And with remote work being the norm despite the reopening of some locations, a workcation at a luxury house and lot in a tourist hotspot seems to be an attraction to many of us in the workforce.

If you have to work for eight hours a day, why not change your actual work environment and do it on a beach or in a mountain retreat? People are now open to combining work and pleasure when they book for a vacation. Luxury resorts and hotels are now paying attention to this need, and have even improved their WiFi services and business centers to ensure that their guests have the option to do uninterrupted work in comfort and style. 

Road trips are becoming popular

For many, going on a road trip to nearby locations like Tagaytay is a better option. For one thing, the travel requirements are not that restrictive. Second, some of these locations nearby offer a different perspective on things, in terms of the environment, food, and even climate.

For people who live in Metro Manila, a vacation means getting away from the city and heading to the nearby locations like Laguna, Quezon, La Union, and Baguio. But for those who wanted a quick getaway, Tagaytay is the answer. 

This is why Tagaytay is a popular destination for people who want to feel refreshed and relaxed. This popular holiday destination is under two hours away from the city and offers refreshing vantage points, including that of the Taal Lake in Batangas and the Taal Volcano island. The cool breeze and climate of the mountains plus the calming effects of the lush vegetation and trees makes it a very attractive tourist destination.

Tagaytay is also a known foodie destination for people who are looking for a gastronomic adventure. There’s a long strip of restaurants and eateries anyone can choose and pick to dine on the best comfort food for the cool climate.

Quality over anything else

Pre-pandemic, anyone can travel to any location cheaply. You can book a flight on a piso fare, and even reside in a beachfront hostel or a city center safehouse at an affordable rate.

Now, things are different when health and safety is a concern. Booking a hotel that prioritizes social distancing, hygiene, and cleanliness policies is now a mark of quality. Higher-tier hotels adopt smart technology for check-ins and payments. Some even offer a dedicated medical facility to conduct swab tests to help traveling guests comply with requirements without needing to venture out. Hotel staff are in either specially-designed scrubs or wear masks and gloves, especially those who come in contact with guests.

Moreover, the hotel and lodging industry is stepping up in terms of their accommodations. They try to offer services that their guests do not get to experience at home, or have missed pre-pandemic. For example, in-room gaming, streaming subscriptions on large, flat HD TVs, super comfortable beds, and even a small playing area for the little kids are now being offered as complimentary services. In-house spa and beauty services are also becoming popular for guests who also wanted to get pampered on their hotel stay. 

People are staying closer at home

When we compare what we have experienced in the past three years being locked up at home with a feeling of uncertainty, most of us feel very confined in our living situations. And for people who do not want to risk themselves getting exposed to the virus, staying closer at home feels much better mentally as compared to taking the health risks of traveling somewhere, even if you have taken your primary and booster vaccination doses.

For people who feel this way, even a walk to the park or biking around the neighborhood feels like travel. Dining out on your balcony or lawn feels like a magical experience. Having friends for dinner or for drinking can be achieved by simply doing a video call. Social activities like game nights, karaoke sessions, and even just kamustahans virtually at home can already make you feel more alive.

A Luxury Vacation for Life

Swiss inspired mansion cabin with a garden in cool breezy climate | luxury lifestyle and homes by brittany corporation

From the Swiss-inspired luxury house and lot units down to the surrounding pine trees, flora, and interesting vantage points, Crosswinds Tagaytay can make anyone feel relaxed and at peace.


Although some people are making the best of staying at home, these uncertain times showed us how leisure travel is an important aspect in our lives. Being able to escape from our mundane, everyday activities allow us to recharge and refresh. For some, traveling actually increases happiness, more than the anticipation of buying stuff from your holiday Wishlist.

But wouldn’t it be great to have that luxury vacation for life? Even if you are not of a retirement age, working on a goal to invest in a luxury vacation for life is definitely something worth your while. 

Crosswinds Tagaytay is a Swiss-inspired resort development stretching over 100 marvelous hectares of developed and natural land. Featuring over 35,000 lofty pine trees, this mountain retreat is visited by both tourists and locals because of its breathtaking vistas and vantage points that feature the lush, rolling terrains that draw vision towards the aerial views of the rest of Tagaytay City and Metro Manila. Those who opt to stay and take a well-deserved vacation rent or invest in a luxury condo for sale at The Crosswinds Grand Quartier, a luxury resort property.

Crosswinds Tagaytay is also home to a wide array of Swiss-themed properties that attract not only vacationers but also luxury property buyers who are looking to invest in their “lifetime vacation.” A lucky few can snag a luxury condo for sale at The Crosswinds Grand Quartier, and opt to either reside at the resort property or lease it out for rental income.

Lausanne at Crosswinds is a 24-hectare residential development located at the highest point of Crosswinds Tagaytay in Barangay Iruhin Central, along Calamba Road. This development offers lot-only properties for buyers who plan to build their own luxury house and lot units in the future and avail themselves of the much-needed privacy and exclusivity, just like what a real luxurious vacation offers.

Alpine Villas is another residential enclave that features Swiss chalet-inspired mid-rise villas set to rise along with the rolling pine tree vista of the property. Alpine Villas is to become the dreamy, ethereal luxury vacation you long for away from the city.

These are just some of the luxury residential developments at Crosswinds Tagaytay that are being offered on the market. Reads like a dream, but you can always take the next step further in ensuring you have a luxury vacation you can always enjoy for life.

Discover more why Crosswinds Tagaytay is worthy as your next real estate investment.

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