International Yoga Day: Celebrate at Home

What are the things you do for a day? Do you spend your time outside going to a grand sale shopping, watching movies, going to concerts, playing sports, or eating your favorite comfort food? Everybody wants to enjoy a day doing a lot of activities and fun. Considering a place like home, do you want an activity that you can enjoy and at the same time, your body and mind will benefit from? An activity that will surely relax you and free you from the problems and stresses of life.  Prepare to celebrate yoga at home because it’s International Yoga Day.

Yoga can change your way of living | Photo from Pexels Website

What is yoga?

Yoga is a common ancient spiritual practice and became an exercise promoting physical health wellness and mental health wellness. Yoga practices can improve postures and change your breathing which can be a source of relaxation.

When is International yoga day?

June 21 is considered the International Day of Yoga around the world. This ancient practice is first observed in India and is now being recognized by the World Health Organization because of its holistic approach to health.

Celebrate this date – June 21 as International Yoga Day at your own luxury home in Brittany. It’s time to get fit and healthy with your family, even while you are inside your luxury home in Daang Hari. Grab your gears and spend time prioritizing your well-being this year.

Discover the many benefits of yoga practices as you try them in your luxury house and lot in Metro Manila. Connect and relax your mind, body, and soul with yoga. Call your friends and family along the road of Daang Hari subdivisions and be part of the International Yoga Day.

What are the yoga tools and equipment you should need?

Practicing yoga is a good addition as you gain awareness in pursuing good health. But to be able to be successful as you start this workout, you better prepare some tools and equipment which might be helpful for you. Here’s a list you can consider as you begin with your new sense of lifestyle with yoga this June 21.

Yoga Mat

Don’t forget to buy this as this serves to be your personal space during your yoga day. It is not just a common thing during yoga classes and gym workouts, it is important as it raises your focus as you do your yoga. If you don’t want to lose your grip because of your sweat, yoga mats will help you a lot.

The yoga mat is your personal space | Photo from Pexels Website

Yoga Pants

There is a right get-up as you start a new lifestyle with yoga. It might be your longest day at work but the right pants will not just give peace to your mind but will allow your physical body to move flexibly and correctly as you do the different yoga poses.

Yoga Socks

If you’re new to yoga, you might be wondering if you need to invest in a pair of yoga socks. After all, isn’t yoga supposed to be all about being barefoot and grounded? While it’s true that going barefoot is one way to connect with your practice, there are several good reasons to wear yoga socks.

First, they can help prevent slipping. Even the most experienced yogis can lose their balance when their feet are slippery. Yoga socks provide traction so you can maintain your grip on your mat.

Second, yoga socks absorb sweat so your feet don’t slip and slide around in your shoes. No one wants their yoga session interrupted by having to stop and wipe sweaty palms! Finally, yoga socks keep your feet warm during those early morning or evening classes when the temperature is cooler. Yoga socks are a terrific way to improve your practice, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro. Bring a pair of yoga socks with you the next time you go to the studio!

Yoga Gloves

Yoga gloves are a must-have accessory for any yoga enthusiast. Just like yoga socks, they help you to have a firm grip as you stay in your position, even when your hands start to get sweaty. Yoga gloves also provide extra protection for your hands, preventing them from slipping on your mat or getting calluses from all that gripping.

And if you’re someone who likes to do hot yoga, they’ll help you to avoid burns from all that sweating. So if you’re looking to take your yoga practice to the next level, consider investing in a pair of yoga gloves. You won’t regret it!

Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks help support your body. It increases your stretches and aligns your whole body. Creating a balance is easier with yoga blocks.

Yoga Bolsters

It is a cylindrical shape pillow that helps soften your yoga poses. It gives relaxation to your body, and if you want to extend more comfortably, it helps lessen the pressure.

Yoga Wheels

Yoga wheels add challenge to your yoga practice. It enhances flexibility and strengthens the body muscles. It also helps with deep stretches when placed on your back and when your hands do some long stretches.

Yoga Sandbags

Yoga sandbags add weight to your yoga exercise. This adds pressure for better stretches and removes the feeling of anxiety. It helps make you more stable on a mat, relieving stress.

Meditation Cushions

A meditation cushion helps you to be more comfortable during yoga meditation. It gives the benefit of cooling and calming down the body. It supports the spine for better alignment.

You can do yoga anywhere | Photo from Pexels Website

Yoga Toe Separators

As its name tells, it separates and creates distance to your toes. For good mobility and balance in your body, it’s a good thing to wear during yoga. Most yoga positions use more strength of your feet so it can be a great tool for long yoga sessions.

Yoga Chair

For your post-yoga exercise, a yoga chair aids the pain after some yoga poses. It helps also to achieve a nice posture.

Yoga Belt

A yoga belt gives a good balance during yoga sessions. It helps strengthen the shoulders and increase the flexibility of the body. It is good for beginners for filling the gap of stretches.

Knee/Elbow Pads

Speaking of pains, knee/elbow pads will keep you free from discomfort. It helps to minimize the pressure and stress on the elbows and knees.

Yoga Ball

This kind of ball helps to build up the core and maintain a balance in the body. If you want to bring yoga to the next level, it is a must to have this kind of equipment.

Completing these tools and equipment will be beneficial, but being more consistent with your yoga exercises is better. A little tool and equipment together with discipline and focus in this workout are better. Can you now imagine what could be the benefits as you join the Internation Yoga Day?

As you start your first international yoga day participation this June 21, here are the benefits of a holistic approach to health. This

Yoga health benefits

The importance of Yoga is quite wide; it doesn’t just have mental and physical benefits. International Yoga around the world is not just an event but a practice that needs to be developed to receive its full benefit. You may do it in your luxury home Philippines or outside your home as you enjoy nature.

Yoga helps you to relax

Yoga helps your body to relax and sleep better. During bedtime, it is not a problem to prepare your body to sleep and to stay asleep if you perform certain yoga postures daily.

Yoga strengthens your muscles

Your muscles will tighten up as you have a daily yoga session. Holding a yoga posture means a lot about strengthening your body muscles.

Yoga improves your flexibility

As yoga performs a lot of stretching, it improves your flexibility. You don’t need to worry about reaching high places, yoga will help you to reach them.

Yoga relaxes your mind and soul | Photo from Pexels Website

Yoga helps your heart

Burning excess weights and controlling high blood pressure, yoga can help you with that. Heart diseases can be prevented by taking a daily yoga session. It reduces your stress level and helps your blood circulate.

Ease the pain with Yoga

Arthritis is common in old ages. Having a regular yoga exercise will help you to ease discomfort from Arthritis. Make the body comfortable during International Yoga Day.

Back Pain no more

Yoga is a good stretching workout that will improve the mobility of the body. It can be a good start to removing the pain in your back.

Better Breathing

Breathing is important to your body. Yoga teaches proper breathing that makes it deeper. It will benefit the whole body.

Good mood with yoga

Yoga helps you to be in a good mood. It creates a time to release stress and relax the mind. You can always give a smile to your neighbor who just bought a house and lot for sale near you.

Yoga with a partner is better | Photo from Pexels Website

Your brain will be ready

Doing yoga prepares the brain to function well throughout the day. Yoga is a head start doing your job well and being more productive. Take time to do yoga for a healthy mind.

Bad Posture Goodbye

Say no more to bad posture because yoga improves your posture. Some people develop a bad posture due to improper sitting during work times. Yoga can be your solution to achieving better posture.

Anxiety and Depression

Yoga helps to fight anxiety and depression. It is recommended to settle down the senses and calm the mind.

Boost the immunity

Yoga helps to boost immunity. In this pandemic, yoga will help us not to catch easily different types of diseases present.

It’s about energy.

Your energy is a need to function in a day. Yoga boosts your physical energy to do more things. Energy is not a problem if you have regular yoga.

Good shape

Your body shape tells how you care for yourself. Conducting regular yoga makes your body slim and fit. This will help also to boost your confidence.

Yoga is for everyone| Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Yoga will benefit you greatly, particularly in terms of your inner well-being. Begin your search for the ideal location and time for your yoga practice. Try it out with your family, friends, and neighbors. It is not an option to be healthy. It is a goal that we must reach in our lives. To learn more about health and exercise, conduct research and studies.

Keep in mind that life is short. Wake up early in the morning, wash your face, and gather everything you’ll need for the approaching International Yoga Day. Take a deep breath and begin your day with yoga at home. It’s something you can do with your neighbors.

If you are looking for a luxury lot for sale, Brittany homes are best for you.  Find now a place where you can enjoy living to the fullest. Stay active and healthy while enjoying your life!

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