Ideas to Make Your Home Cozier This Holiday Season


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Make your home a little cozier this holiday season.


The holidays are a time to engage in all things festive, whether it’s excellent cuisine, meaningful time with friends and family, or the opportunity to put all of your finest decorations on display. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of the holidays, and believe that a well-furnished home is essential to instilling the all-important Christmas spirit. It seems like every year provides a fresh set of opportunities for creative holiday décor ideas. It is up to you to establish the appropriate mood for your place, so get started as soon as possible. A month or two of planning can make a significant difference, and it is highly recommended for you to start early and plan ahead.

Of course, you can be cozier this holiday season with one of the luxury homes in Laguna, courtesy of Brittany Santa Rosa. Below are some of the holiday decorating ideas that will guide you through making your home festive.

Your Christmas Tree

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There are few symbols associated with the holiday season that are as well-known as the Christmas tree.


Even for those who do not observe the holiday, the beautiful aroma of the tree evokes feelings of warmth and joy throughout the year, but especially during the holiday season. In the first instance, for those who like to celebrate in style, determine if you want to decorate your home with a real tree or an artificial tree. A genuine tree provides that wonderful pine aroma throughout the entire house, but it requires more upkeep, whereas synthetic trees are easier to assemble and clean up when they are removed.

Table Settings

Don’t forget to decorate every nook and cranny with a festive touch. Keep in mind that the supper is always the focus of Christmas Eve, so don’t forget to decorate your table accordingly. Make a simple table setting with candle holders and a basic white or patterned tablecloth to set the tone for the celebration. You can also display a beautiful floral arrangement because there is nothing quite like an eye-catching flower arrangement in festive colors to bring a room together. Adding a ring of glowing candles around the table will complete the look.


Who said that a wreath was only meant to be used on the front door? A wreath on each window of your home can help you to get into the holiday spirit, and small wreaths are a great way to achieve a cutesy effect. Glistening decorations and abundant pinecones can be added to your wreath for a glitzy, aristocratic look that is appropriate for an arboreal setting. You may also experiment with a berry red garland for a more unusual effect.


Upgrade your curtains for the Christmas season to get you in the holiday spirit. A traditional checkered or berry red is ideal for a refined aesthetic, and it can also serve as a stunning backdrop to your glittering decor if you choose the right color.

Fairy Lights

Photo of Christmas greeneries on a glass bottle surrounded by holiday home decor fairy lights | luxury homes by brittany corporation

A welcoming atmosphere for the holidays can be created in a straightforward and straightforward manner.


When you use shining fairy lights on your Christmas tree and throughout your home, you can instantly set the mood for the holidays while also generating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. If you have hooks in your kitchen, hanging these glittering fairy lights is a no-fuss way to add some festive flair to your space.

Christmas Stockings

Hanging stockings is a seasonal tradition for many people, so don’t forget to make this traditional Christmas elegance part of your home this season. Prepare to be astonished by the many ways this accent item can transform any decor, whether it’s a stunning shade of green or a classic red. A large selection of stockings adorned with sparkle, mistletoe, and pom-poms are available for your consideration. You can personalize them with labels, names, or even homemade wood lettering if you want.

Christmas Gifts

two candles burgundy golden gifts christmas tree | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Giving gifts during Christmas is a long-standing Christian custom that can be found all throughout the world.


Who said that you couldn’t utilize Christmas gifts as a decoration in your home? What’s the point of spending all that time and effort gift wrapping all of your Christmas items to perfection if you’re not going to use them as an interior decoration? Gift boxes with bright colors and fascinating patterns can be used to decorate your foyer or arranged nicely on shelves. You can also arrange them along a window, beneath a tree, or wherever your heart desires!

Ceiling Decorations

Don’t forget to take the ceiling into consideration! Allow the celebrations to spill out into every area of the home. A simple, inexpensive, and enjoyable Christmas decorating tip is to suspend festive sparkly glitter, ornaments, and other ornaments from the ceiling for a festive look.

Floor Mats for Your Floors

While you are adorning every aspect of your home, consider the flooring. It is easy to neglect the flooring when decorating other surfaces. Make your floor more inviting by placing a colorful doormat that captures the spirit of the holiday season.

Cutlery and Plates

friends la famiglia enjoying a christmas celebration | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Regardless of how attractive your dishes and silverware are, now is the time to reflect on your serving pieces.


So, make your decision about what you’ll serve count by putting your best foot forward. Golden cutlery is a trendy table setting style that most people are really fond of. While living in a world of silverware, the warm feeling of color is an eye-catching and unexpected addition that works well with any color palette. This style’s matte finish counterpart is an equally appealing and contemporary alternative.

The Colors of Your Walls

Warm wintery colors such as mint green, pink, peach, baby blue, butter yellow, and lilac, among other hues, are among personal favorites when it comes to Christmas wall colors. A striking color palette such as deep red, on the other hand, can be used to produce an elegant feel that can be used throughout the year. It is magnificent enough to be used as an accent wall in your living room or bedroom, but it is also fashionable enough to be used to brighten up a whole space. If the color red is too intense for your taste, you might experiment with a vibrant hue of green.

Your Home

Keeping your home cozier this holiday season starts with the right selection of a luxury house and lot in Santa Rosa or your choice among the ideal luxury homes in Laguna by Brittany Corporation. It all starts within your chosen environment to build your home – just like a house and lot near Nuvali. As we enter the month of December with a social calendar that is almost as empty as it was in April, the stillness of the upcoming days seems particularly oppressive. And that is why Brittany Santa Rosa, regardless of whether it’s holiday season or not, has designed luxury homes in Laguna that break up the monotony of the many past days to make the month of holiday season feel more celebratory.

Audrey Luxury House model | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Brittany Augusta – a prime property that takes pride in bringing the wonders of nature to you.


Final Thoughts

As an investor, it is an excellent moment to purchase a new house and lot near Nuvali or your ideal luxury house and lot in Santa Rosa. What better way to ring in the New Year’s celebrations than by adding a completely new property investment to your portfolio? Take full advantage of the holiday because it is an excellent time to purchase a home and a wonderful way to begin the new year! This is your chance to be cozier this holiday season than ever. Visit Brittany Corporation and select the one that you prefer among the various luxury homes in Laguna!

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