The Italian’s Life: La Famiglia


An Italian’s life is the wellspring of Western civilization and it has forever been an object of fascination because of its delectable cuisine, ancient culture, rich history, iconic tradition, and high-quality craftsmanship for both art and high-end clothing. Its culture has flourished for centuries and the Italian lifestyle has been imitated by the people, making us certain that everyone wants to get a taste of Italian living. But what does it really mean to live the Italian way of life? 

The Italian Way of Life 

Trevi Fountain | Luxury homes by brittany corporation

Italy is one of the greatest destinations in the world, offering spectacular cities, ancient ruins, wonderful museums, soaring mountains, and beautiful natural scenery.


The Italian way of life is perceived as giving value to all aspects of life, such as spending time with family, creating intimate moments with loved ones, going out with friends, and enjoying beauty in all its forms. Incorporating Italian living into our everyday lives creates a peculiar and sought-after experience that all of us have been dreaming of. 

Italians live more consciously and possess mindfulness by taking time for everything. Living in the moment and taking things at a slower pace just like what Italians do, is like living in Portofino Alabang where tranquility is imbued in every luxury home, giving a life of ease away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

La Famiglia E Tutto 

From the Italian proverb “La Famiglia e Tutto” which means “family is everything”, family is the foundation and the most important aspect of an Italian’s life. The Italian family solidarity is escalated to extended families rather than just the idea of the “nuclear family” in which only the mother, father, and children form its foundation.

filipino family enjoying a day out in the park | luxury homes by brittany corporation

One of the best luxuries in life is family. They provide the best comfort and support, just like the luxury homes in Portofino. | Photo by Migs Reyes from Pexels


Italians also have frequent family gatherings and enjoy spending quality time with their loved ones, which makes every milestone worthy of celebration. In an Italian’s life, every stage of their lives is geared to remaining close to their family’s tradition and culture, even upon adulthood. Italians also hold elderly people in a position of respect, to show that they value their history, knowledge, and experience. 

Italians have always been hard-working and they are also well-known for their dolce far niente or pleasant idleness and bella vita (“good life”) lifestyle. They give significance to their family so much that they also prioritize helping each other by striving hard, making them worthy of a serene home like the luxury house and lots in Portofino Alabang. 

Aside from prioritizing their family over anything else, sociability is also important for Italians. Italians are sociable and outgoing people, who are in constant need to bond with their family and friends. With this in mind, Italians strive more in an environment that lets them live a dynamic life just like how Portofino grants its residents expansive and convenient living spaces that are perfect if you want to get a taste of Italy without having to travel far from home. 

A Taste of Italian Living in Portofino Alabang

palazzo verde events aerial shot beside portofino luxury homes la famiglia | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Vista Alabang is a 1,500-hectare lifestyle strip along Daang Hari that caters to the affluent market.


If you aspire to experience the Italian way of life, Vista Alabang is the perfect place for you and your family. Vista Alabang is the upscale residential and commercial community in the South of Metro Manila, where everything is beyond reach. The thriving address of Vista Alabang gives you the best of everything: the luxury of living nearby the essential establishments, prime educational institutions, dining and shopping centers, and major thoroughfares like MCX, CALAX, and Skyway Stage 3 that grant you convenience and access to the different key cities in the Metro and nearby provinces like Cavite, Laguna, and Batangas. 

Amidst today’s adversities, people are consistently yearning for an opportunity to socialize. Just like how the Italians spend their everyday, intimate get-togethers and social gatherings revolve around meals like the Italians’ aperitivo (an afternoon get-together). Italians treasure their leisure time as they value more the benefit of enjoying time with their family, friends, and colleagues. 

Afternoon coffee breaks, lunch outs, and the typical passeggiata through the lifestyle strip of Vista Alabang are part of the daily habits of Italians that make the very definition of a sweet life. In Evia Lifestyle Center Daang Hari, the variety of restaurants and cafes like Sombrero, San Marco, Dear Joe, and Coffee Project Black x Fully Booked offer a world-class dining experience, thematic dining, and alfresco spots that will certainly feed your wanderlust. 

san marco la famiglia restaurant in evia lifestyle center luxury homes | luxury homes by brittany corporation

San Marco is a rustic themed dining spot located at Evia Lifestyle Center.


Ensconced in the flourishing district of Alabang, are the best and most exclusive gated communities of Portofino Heights, Portofino South, and Amore at Portofino. These premier subdivisions located at the heart of Daang Hari offer luxury-themed communities inspired by one of the world’s most scenic destinationsItaly. 

Upon entering the expansive communities of Portofino, you will find yourself in awe of the romantic ambiance, sun-dappled streets, cobblestone pathways, and streets of pines just like those of Italy. The warm and rustic appeal of the Portofino enclaves gives you an out-of-this-world experience like you’ve just traveled to Italy. The communities boast Italian architecture seen in the details of each house—from the stunning cupolas, gabled roofs, and arch windows to the magnificent courtyards and pocket gardens, Portofino is beyond doubt a puzzle piece taken straight from the outskirts of Italy. 

Italian-themed Luxury Homes Perfect For You and Your Family 

Each home nestled in the magnificent communities of Portofino Heights, Portofino South, and Amore at Portofino imbibe an Old World charm that instigates luxurious living. Portofino’s Master Collection consists of Italian-inspired masterpieces that not only exude a sophisticated vibe but also grant luxury living spaces that are perfect for creating intimate moments that last a lifetime. 

Carletti, a house model offered exclusively in Portofino’s Artisan Collection, is a 211 square meter home that boasts a simple yet charismatic vibe. It is a two-story house accented by a high ceiling, three spacious bedrooms, a grand porch, and a lanai that brings the outdoor experience closer to you. 

Pietro on the other hand is a stunning two-story Italian home featuring four bedrooms, one of which is located on its ground floor, making it the most ideal retirement home. It also features a 264 square meter living space, enough for luxurious living. This luxury home also has a high ceiling, balcony, and foyer, that accentuate its Italian designs.

orange italian-inspired luxury mansion antonello at portofino heights | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Antonello is a masterfully crafted home in Portofino that delivers a home perfect for Filipino families.


Antonello, one of the best-selling luxury homes in Portofino is a 286 square meter home, complemented by a high ceiling, numerous windows, and rounded balcony. Living inside this grandiose home makes your everyday life seamlessly connected with nature, granting you breathable living spaces.

Vista Alabang | Portofino Heights | Rafaello House Model Facade 2 | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Raffaello’s opulent design accented by its courtyards that seamlessly connects the Italian interiors to the lush landscape.


Another meticulously crafted home available for sale in Portofino Alabang is Raffaello, which offers a spacious living space made for large families. Its 292 square meter floor area gives you a taste of the awe-inspiring life in Italy, accentuated by a courtyard that delivers the Italian countryside experience right at your doorstep.  

Have you ever dreamt of living in an Italian-inspired home nestled in a thematic community like Portofino? Take pleasure in the vast space of Ghiberti, a 349 square meter home that evokes classic designs from Old World Italy. Its castle-type tower makes it the most coveted house model in Portofino, spacious enough for an everyday celebration of life and love. 

Ghiberti luxury house model in Portofino Vista Alabang - Luxury Homes by Brittany

Ghiberti is the largest and most coveted house model in Portofino. It has a casita that makes it perfect as a retirement home.


Moments Made Memorable in Portofino

friends la famiglia enjoying a christmas celebration | luxury homes by brittany corporation

May it be a small achievement or a grand milestone, celebrating golden moments in Portofino is beyond one’s expectation. Moments made in Portofino become more memorable because each day will feel like you are celebrating the good life with your family.


Having the desire to live the Italian lifestyle not just because of their rich culture and fascinating traditions, but also because of the high respect they give to their families is significant in order for us to appreciate the love we receive. The Italian way of living is not just about admiring the Italian norm, but also about surrounding yourself with the people you love and taking time to enjoy even the simplest things. 

Portofino homes are carefully designed to instigate a strong bond within every family because the stunning developments of Brittany Corporation aim to give Filipino families a safe haven. Just like Italians, Filipinos value building strong relationships with their family because our family is the luxury we always had. A Portofino home is a place where one can find safety and comfort to be themselves, just like how families give the utmost solace.



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