4 Popular Architectural Styles for Luxury Homes


Luxury properties are distinctly different from your normal real estate property with their unique architectural style and elevated interior design. It is even more distinguished when built by the most successful luxury realty brand in the Philippines, Brittany Corporation. 

Brittany is the luxury real estate branch of Vista Land, the largest and most accomplished homebuilder in the country. As the first realty brand to execute artful upscale home properties, Brittany continues to dominate the market with their luxury communities found in strategic locations around Mega Manila. 

What makes these upscale properties highly coveted is their exclusivity and masterfully-crafted architectural styles. Brittany Corporation brings into life the thematic appeal of the world’s most scenic destinations to build the dream home of their prestigious clientele. 

Their line of upscale properties is built and designed using the most sought-after architectural styles for luxury houses in the Philippines. Whether it’s quiet, countryside living, or an extravagant lifestyle, there’s a masterfully-designed luxury home for you and your family.

Luxury home with wide open area | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Discover what it means to live in luxury with Brittany Corporation’s upscale properties.


Most Successful Luxury Real Estate Company

When it comes to luxury real estate, there’s only one brand that tops the list – Brittany Corporation. Their line of upscale properties in exclusive locations in Mega Manila is some of the most coveted properties in the country. Their prestigious clientele only wants the best for their dream house, which is why they chose Brittany Corporation.

One of the many perks of choosing a Brittany luxury property is its strategic location. Their exclusive communities are located near major road networks, making nearby attractions and essential places such as grocery stores, schools, hospitals, and parks. However, what truly sets them apart from the luxury real estate market is their beautiful and extravagant architectural styles. 

As the most successful realty brand in the country, they strive to build only the best luxury property that exceeds international standards. This is why they use only the best architectural styles that will transform your everyday life into one that is filled with luxury. 

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Classic American Style

Characterized by its clean, modest, but sophisticated look, the classic American style of Brittany Sta. Rosa is perfect for you if you desire a quiet, countryside lifestyle. Its architecture features large, symmetrical windows and small, impressive external ornaments. Making full use of the elegance of light colors, the classic American style gives off a modest but still luxurious atmosphere.

Audrey Luxury House model | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Experience the comfort of living in a classic but sophisticated American-style house in Brittany Sta. Rosa.


This type of architectural style has features of the Cape Cod architecture and has influences on European manor houses. It has distinct steep, side-gable roofs and a brick exterior wall that can be seen at the lanai, which further enhances the classic American countryside atmosphere. 

The interior layout has multiple divided rooms, which is apparent in most American homes. They also use a lot of neutral tones for the interior design and enhance the countryside lifestyle as they utilize wood in flooring, stairs, and cupboards. There are also various storage rooms all throughout the house. 

However, even with the countryside living, you will still see how Brittany Sta. Rosa is different from the rest with its modern technological features such as an advanced home security system that uses fingerprint scanners, passcode, and a keycard. Even the light switches are touch-sensitive, which can be turned on and off with just one tap. 

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Extravagant Victorian Architecture

The extravagance of Victorian architecture used in Brittany’s La Posada properties is perfect for those who have refined taste. This architectural style is characterized by its many distinct details. It uses a lot of patterns and textures, which can be seen in many of its features in roofs, windows, stairs, and trimmings.

Quadrille house model | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Live in extravagance with Brittany’s La Posada properties.


At the heart of Lakefront Sucat, you can live in timeless luxury in the exclusive community of La Posada inspired by San Francisco’s life. The opulence of Victorian architecture is evident in the beautiful details and ornaments. However, the interior design mixes both extravagance and simplicity as they use mostly muted colors while still putting a touch of sophistication with wallpaper patterns.

The Victorian architecture also boasts beautiful, ornate trims that can be found all over the house. The interior design enhances the intimacy of each room in the house, making it look cozier and more romantic, perfect for your family. 

Luxurious Swiss Chalet Style

Live quietly surrounded by nature in Crosswinds Tagaytay where you can enjoy a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. The abundance of pine trees in Tagaytay along with its cold weather is just some of the reasons why Crosswinds Tagaytay is the perfect and most beautiful place for those who crave a quiet life surrounded by lush terrains.

What makes Crosswinds even more appealing is the Swiss Chalet-inspired architecture that really elevates the luxurious mountainside resort atmosphere. Brittany Corporation strived to give each place the charm of a cozy little cabin while still enhancing its luxurious features.

The simple yet romantic architecture of each house and condo features a lot of wood materials and details in windows, walls, ceilings, and terraces. Brittany Corporation also used an open floor layout for their condos and houses, pairing it with large windows that open up to the amazing view of Tagaytay. They also used warm tones in the interior design, which gives the place an inviting feeling.

The exterior of each house also exudes that Swiss luxury atmosphere with bricks, stones, and chalet-inspired details. The condominiums, on the other hand, boast of the amazing window view of lush greens and mountain slopes. What’s great about Crosswinds is its proximity to many tourist attractions, restaurants, and malls found in Tagaytay as well. You can enjoy a quiet, peaceful life at home and go out once in a while to visit these leisure spots any time you want.

Scenic sunset view in Tagaytay | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Enjoy a quiet and luxurious lifestyle surrounded by lush greenery in Crosswinds Tagaytay.


Modern Mediterranean Architecture

The beauty of modern Mediterranean architecture is captured perfectly in Vista Alabang’s Portofino developments. The luxury can be seen inside and out of these properties as they feature one of the most popular architectural styles for upscale living.

Portofino properties emphasize fancy decorative details of architecture inspired by Mediterranean countries such as Italy, Greece, and Spain. The extravagance is seen in its beautiful features such as distinct arches on porches, windows, and doors. 

They use ornate details all over the house from the exterior natural stone walls, even to small details on the beautiful steps. Brittany’s Portofino also uses heavy wooden doors with outstanding carved designs. Another feature of a Mediterranean luxury property in Portofino is the red roof tiles that give the house great character. 

The interior design of the house also incorporates some Mediterranean features especially seen in the intricate design of the tiles, columns, and wall patterns. The tiles are found all over the house – in bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, and even on the patio. However, Brittany Corporation also used a modern approach in designing the interiors using light, neutral colors to elevate the sophistication of the place. 

Portofino properties also exude elegance with beautiful solid wood and natural stone floorings and walls. Even with the beautiful, ornate details, the properties are still designed for functionality with modern fixtures found in various rooms inside the house.

View of a patio inside a Mediterranean house | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Brittany’s Vista Alabang properties perfectly capture the extravagance of Mediterranean architecture.


Brittany’s Masterful Execution of Luxurious Architectural Styles

When you say luxury property, it is not only about how large or how expensive the house is. It is all about the architecture, the beautiful details, and ornate designs. To capture the extravagance of luxury living, it is imperative to combine functionality and the beauty of architecture. As the pioneer in luxury homebuilding Brittany Corporation goes above and beyond expectations with its upscale properties.

Their luxury houses all over the country are masterfully built and designed to fit the artful taste of their privileged clients. However, they also ensured that these properties have modern features from lighting to advanced security systems. With these modern features, homebuyers can enjoy luxurious yet comfortable and highly convenient home life. 

Brittany Corporation perfectly executed these luxurious architectural styles that even exceeded international standards. As they use distinct features from each architectural style, they allow their clients to experience life in the most scenic destinations all over the world here in the Philippines. 

Moreover, to raise the standards for luxury living, Brittany Corporation did not only focus on the architecture and interior design of each house. They also made sure that each development has great amenities that their prestigious clients can enjoy. With their vision to make luxury living a reality, they ensured that all you need will always be within reach. The communities they developed also had beautiful views that can be enjoyed by their clients.

Even the strategic locations of their developments were chosen to give their clients that feeling of exclusivity. However, these properties are also near essential establishments and major road networks. What the privileged few truly desire is to live a private, quiet, and luxurious lifestyle, which is possible with Brittany Corporation’s developments. 

Brittany Salesforce is the elite marketing and sales team of the most successful luxury realty brand in the Philippines. They are the driving force behind the excellent marketing and sale strategies that help their prestigious clients find their dream homes. You can be part of this team and experience the perks of working for a luxury real properties company.

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