Why Remote Work Should be Normalized


It has been more than a year since the pandemic happened and everyone all over the world is slowly settling into the new normal. People were forced to adapt to a new lifestyle whether it’s their personal life or their career. Even businesses had to re-evaluate how they operate in order to continue during unprecedented times.

One of the many changes that you probably experienced is remote work. While it is only getting more attention today, working remotely has always been around and it is a lifestyle made popular by digital nomads. With flexibility in schedule and work environment, a remote work setup certainly has a lot of appeals.

Even before the pandemic happened, you’ve probably suffered from the miserable traffic. Travel that should’ve just taken 30 minutes can stretch for as long as 3 hours. You sacrifice a lot just to arrive promptly in the office – time, money, and even energy. In the new normal, where transportation is limited and there are more regulations to look out for, remote work is the solution that can save businesses and even employees. 

In fact, most businesses implemented a remote work setup in order to keep their operations running. But did you know that there are actually a lot of advantages to working remotely? Brittany Salesforce, a team of brilliant individuals, is promoting remote work especially for creative professionals such as multimedia artists and graphic designers. They believe that it can improve the work productivity and efficiency of an employee.

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Brittany Salesforce promotes remote work due to its many benefits for employees and businesses. | Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels


Remote Work in Luxury Real Estate Industry

In the luxury real estate industry, it is essential that you must always be ready to provide excellent service to current and potential customers. Real estate agents have always been mobile due to the nature of their work where they have to meet clients and assist them with open houses whenever possible. This makes them familiar with the concept of remote work. 

Most real estate professionals adapted a flexible setup where they were able to work remotely and still go to the office when needed. However, with the many restrictions presented by the new normal due to the global pandemic, most workers, even those who are not in real estate, have been forced to work remotely. 

While this may cause challenges for the real estate industry where face-to-face interactions are vital in gaining the trust of your clients, it also has its advantages. With the convenience provided by technology, real estate agents and clients can communicate through video conferences any time of the day and regardless of their location. It is very convenient and saves both a lot of time while also ensuring that communication is clear.

Remote work is common in the real estate industry due to the many meetings they often schedule with clients, investors, and even their team. In the new normal where social interactions are limited, it is even more important for them to utilize the many advantages of a remote work setup.

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Benefits of remote work for real estate professionals.| Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels


Benefits of Remote Work for Real Estate Professionals

While it is digital nomads that made remote work setup popular, it has always been the lifestyle of real estate agents. They are always on the move, going from one meeting to another in order to satisfy their clients and provide assistance when needed. 

However, real estate agents are not the only ones who can benefit from a remote work setup. There are a lot of merits in working remotely especially for creative professionals. Even parents who juggle time between work and their duties will find that remote work is the perfect setup for them. Here are just some of the benefits you can experience when you work remotely. 

Choice of Work Environment

Flexibility in the work environment is a perk that a lot of working individuals can experience when they choose to work remotely. Most digital nomads even prefer to work and live in areas close to nature due to its various mental and physical benefits. But it is not only about ensuring you are comfortable in your working environment. There are instances where a remote work setup can be the only choice for some professionals as well.

Some individuals, while they are qualified for the job, may not live in or near the location where there are prospective job opportunities. This already limits them from pursuing their dream job. There are also parents who might give up on amazing career opportunities because it gives them less time to spend time with their kids. A remote work setup allows you to do your job wherever you are. In fact, you can even go on trips and vacations with friends or family while still working. 

Work-Life Balance

When you work a 9-5 in-office job, you don’t only devote time to working hours, you also need to set aside time for travel and even preparation to go to work. This limits the amount of time left to rest and do things you can enjoy. Some people may choose to put all their time at work and while this may be good for you career-wise, it can also lead to early burnout. 

Balancing work and social life is essential in order to continue to grow and thrive as a young professional. With remote work, you can always stick to your work schedule and start or end your work on the clock. This allows you to enjoy things outside of work and even make small healthy changes in your lifestyle.

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Improve productivity and finish more work with a remote work setup.


Improved Productivity

One of the many perks of a work-from-home setup is the increased productivity of employees. There are a lot of factors that affect the focus and productivity of a young professional. These include background noise, comfort level, and environmental distractions. Even events that happened before going to work can disrupt their flow and lower their productivity.

Remote work lessens these disrupting factors, which can improve the performance of employees leading to better outcomes in their work. In fact, more workers are noticing that they have improved performance when they work remotely compared to going to the office. This is attributed to their ability to choose and adjust their work environment as they please. 

Saves Time, Energy, and Money

In Metro Manila where traffic is always worse, getting to and from work is a hassle. Traffic wastes a lot of time and money. In fact, this report conducted by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) shows that the Philippines economy loses around P3.5B every day due to traffic. This goes to show that even individual employees suffer from an in-office work setup.

Remote work offers great convenience that can help real estate professionals save time, energy, and money and devote them where they are needed the most. Moreover, they can reduce the stress that commuting often causes due to bad traffic or limited transportation options.

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With remote work, there is no need for employees to commute thus, saving time and money. | Photo by zydeaosika from Pexels


Advantage of Businesses Implementing Remote Work

Another great thing about remote work is that it does not only benefit employees but businesses as well. Even big brands are adopting a remote work setup because of its significant advantages for their business especially with the challenges in the post-pandemic time.

The pandemic has a lot of negative impacts on businesses all over the world. Operations are hampered due to the restrictions being implemented such as social distancing. Even transportation options are limited, which severely affects businesses with employees forced to work from home or spend more money on commuting to go to the office. 

With good critical-thinking skills, entrepreneurs and business owners observed market changes and quickly adapted. Some companies resorted to providing services for their employees who are needed at the location. However, they also allowed remote work especially for those who can afford to work from home. Just like employees, businesses are able to save more especially as they can cut down on rental fees and even electricity bills. 

Most of all, for companies with ethical values, this is a good thing. Remote work is more sustainable and environmentally friendly. As fewer employees are required to commute to work, they are effectively helping in reducing road congestion and even pollution.

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Remote work has a lot of benefits for young professionals working in a luxury real estate brand. | Photo by fauxels from Pexels


Perks of Working with Brittany Salesforce

Brittany Salesforce is comprised of goal-oriented individuals who are always one step ahead of their game. As a team of flexible real estate professionals, they have effectively adopted a lifestyle where they are able to work remotely or in-office as required. In the new normal, they are actively promoting remote work, especially for creative professionals as it has proven benefits for their productivity. 

Even with remote work, however, they ensure that communication within their team is still smooth as they make use of the latest technology such as Zoom conferences. They have always prioritized communication as an integral part of their success as real estate professionals. Moreover, their company continues to provide training and seminars to their teams in order to help them expand their knowledge and skillset.

As a luxury real estate brand, Brittany Corporation ensures that their employees are at their best so they continue to provide excellent services to their prestigious clients. This team of motivated young professionals embodies excellence and sophistication. 

You can also be part of their team. Brittany Salesforce is looking for skilled community artists, outstanding marketing officers, and talented real estate agents who are open to amazing career opportunities. If you are interested in working with the country’s most successful luxury real estate developer, check out their career opportunities page.



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