How To Design Your Home: Colors of Old America

The influence brought about by the American colonization of the Philippines has never died down since 1898. If anything, it has only continued to grow and evolve. From religion, government, and education; down to music, entertainment, food, and fashion; even to the way houses are dressed, the imprint of America has become an indelible mark in the blood of the Filipinos.

Nowadays, whether it is to land a well-paying job, own the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max, be a millionaire, or indulge in the American lifestyle; everything around us exudes the American image. Who can be blamed? The United States is such a flourishing country with almost everything to offer. And getting a taste of American-inspired life is a luxury for the few.

Brittany is committed to offering as many of the most stellar and luxurious lifestyle experiences to its homeowners as possible. Its themed luxury houses and land developments across the Philippines provide the answer to every Filipino’s dream of a luxury home with the utmost comfort and indulgence. So if you are a home seeker who desires to relish American home living, there is no better place to be than in one of Brittany’s trademarks: the grand Old-American style luxury homes in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

The Beginning of American Architecture

American architecture has formally begun in the 17th century with the first settlers of North America using the traditionally called Colonial architecture. This early architecture was as diverse as the settlers from various European countries, which included Spain, England, North Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Sweden. Each group of these settlers brought with them the building styles and practices as well as the prevailing forms of their respective homelands and adapted them to the conditions of their new homeland.

Altogether, there were about seven basic colonial designs, including Spanish colonial architecture, New England colonial architecture, Dutch colonial architecture, Swedish colonial, Pennsylvania colonial, French colonial architecture, and Southern colonial. The construction of buildings during this time was dependent on available resources.

When Europeans migrated to the United States, wood and brick were the materials mostly used in the construction of English buildings in New England, and some other parts of the coasts in the south. This brought conquest and destruction of the existing buildings of the native people, devaluing their dwellings and settlement construction techniques as compared to the colonial standards.

The colonizers seized these territories and sites and transformed them into new dwellings, forts, missions, churches, and agricultural developments. The English settlements were separated into the large plantations in the South, and the small towns in the North. Towards the end of the colonial period, a more precise study of ancient Greek and Roman buildings began to appear in the architectural styles of Europe.

Queen Anne style architecture is one of the Victorian architectural styles that emerged in the United States during the late 18th to early 19th century, although the style bears almost no connection to the original Queen Anne style architecture in Britain. The term “Queen Anne” is an alternative both to the French version of the Second Empire style that preceded the Richardson Romanesque and Shingle styles and the less “domestic” Beaux-Arts style. It was broadly applied to furniture, decorative art, and architecture from 1880 to 1910. One of the distinguishing features of some Queen Anne architectural elements is the wrap-around front porch of the house.

The War of Independence

The insurrection of Great Britain’s 13 North American colonies that won political independence and went on to form the United States of America triggered the American Revolutionary War. The conflict was caused by Great Britain’s attempt to impose greater control over her North American colonies and make them compensate the crown for its defense during the French and Indian War (1754-63). Fighting began with the clashes between American provincials and British regulars at Lexington. The Americans fought the war on land with basically two types of organizations: the state militias and the Continental (national) army. The war followed growing estrangement between the British crown and a large and influential segment of its North American colonies for more than a decade.

In the spring of 1774, the First Continental Congress was convened in response to the Intolerable (Coercive) Acts of the British Parliament. It was attended by fifty-six deputies who represented all the colonies except Georgia. The Continental Congress is the body of delegates who collectively spoke and acted for the people of the colony-states that later became the United States of America. In 1777, the American flag was adopted as a sign of freedom, and its design encompasses both the nation’s history and patriotic ideals. Its 50 stars represent the 50 states of the Union, and the 13 alternating stripes of red and white symbolize the 13 original colonies.

According to the Department of State of the United States, the official colors of the American flag are “Old Glory Red”, “Old Glory Blue”, and basic “White”. These colors were exactly specified in the 10th edition of the Standard Color Reference of America.

Red represents the hardiness, valor, and sometimes the blood shed by those who have fought for the freedom of the country. Blue stands for justice for all, as well as vigilance and perseverance, urging Americans to remain watchful and strong.

And white signifies purity and innocence. As these are cloth color standards, there is no best method to convert them to RGB or CMYK for digital viewing and printing. However, the Department of State prescribed the Pantone Matching System colors in its style guide.

Pantone Matching System

The Pantone matching system is the most important color-matching system in the world. This originated in 1963 to solve the problem of color matching in the printing industry. Hues were given a specific number to classify them. Not long after, the Pantone matching system became the simplest way to communicate, classify, and create a color palette with the use of a color catalog in a fan format.

What Distinguishes American Home Living?

There is no denying that the tastes and considerations of Americans towards home decor, structural designs, and architectural styles have changed drastically over the centuries. Reputedly, American interior design embodies independence in your home. It represents a melting pot of architectural elements and is a mix of styles from across the world that transcends time and place.

Designers of American-style homes can pull designs freely from all periods, incorporating the old and the new, creating hues from the colors red and blue, and blending the lowbrows and highbrows to reflect something distinctively unique and of greater significance.

Americans are inclined to be inward-looking and prefer to live in gated communities. One of the aspects that sets American homes apart from other homes is their size. Its interiors lean toward isolated living, which can be visibly perceived in the sizes of its abodes and free spaces in the yards. American interior designs are closely connected to the English style, which features expansive spaces, usually kitchen-dining-living spaces, and high-end furniture pieces smartly arranged so the interior will not look cramped.

Other than being an epitome of freedom, the colors of America is also a symbol of elegance in simplicity with their more or less neutral tone wall finishes, exuding the stately mansion vibe of the royal blood in the history of America.

Brittany Sta. Rosa Properties: The Philippines’ American Luxury Homes

Brittany has been a top luxury home provider in the Philippines for many years. Its 20-year track record of pioneering luxury-themed brand developments in the country has proven Brittany’s expertise in developing residential communities spawned from the inspiration of the world’s most distinguished destinations.

One of its proudest land developments is the famed Brittany Sta. Rosa Properties in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. It takes pride in its four distinct enclaves known for their classic American architectural styles, namely: the quaint English country manor of Promenade, the Southern American vibe of the Georgia Club, the idyllic life within a charming and picturesque landscape of Augusta, and lastly, the Belle Reve with its French-Mediterranean ambiance.

Stepping inside the luxury house and lot in Sta. Rosa grants its homeowners the privilege of traveling back in time to the timeless grandeur of the Southern American home style of the 1800s. Home seekers of American homes who want to explore the historical design points of the classic period and experience the old-fashioned vibe and nostalgia of neoclassical home traits, plus the nature-inspired sustainable designs – choose to invest in the Sta. Rosa Laguna house and lot for sale in Brittany.

Luxury Palettes: Colors of Old America

You may want to choose this design if you’re a history buff and enjoy discovering and experiencing the classic period’s design elements. Brittany’s luxury mansions in Sta. Rosa is a renowned residential property that exudes an air of antiquity and nostalgia associated with neoclassical architecture.

Luxury Palettes Colors of America

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American Homes Interior Design

Of course, owning your own house and lot near Nuvali with a classic American architectural design is not enough. You have to match your home’s style with your interior design. After investing in a luxury house and lot in Sta. Rosa, you will want to design your interiors like that of an American to get the best experience of the classic American home. Let’s talk about some of the features of American-styled spaces inside the home.

The Living Room

The American living room does not have any particular color. Typically, walls are finished with wallpaper, while buttressed wooden panels are at the bottom of the wall. Since the American interior does not usually use partitions or dividers between rooms, the living room connects with the kitchen. Hence, it is necessary to enlarge the view of space with the help of two types of light.

To get that welcoming vibe, place a couple of chairs, a sofa, and a coffee table as the central pieces of your living room. All the main furniture is in the center, while books, book flower shelves, and other accessories are on the sides.

The Kitchen

The interior of an American-style kitchen does not need to be too costly since you can simply use artificial materials for decoration. A good choice of imitation can also look fancy, as with expensive materials. The interior design of an American-style kitchen usually includes the help of arches, bar counters, partitions, and multi-level ceilings for the division of space.

How To Design Your Home: Colors of Old America | Brittany Corporation Audrey Ready Home Kitchen Area | Brittany Sta. Rosa | Augusta | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The color palette of this kitchen style leans towards a range of neutral tones. While bright shades are somewhat rare, the color white is painted on the exteriors of kitchen cabinets. Kitchen sets are placed against the wall, although you can also place an island (work) area in the center of the room if space is enough.

The Dining Area

The dining area is typically in a separate space from that of the kitchen. As for lighting, a central chandelier, as well as spotlights above the work surface, adorn the kitchen-living room. You can also add accessories like curtains, paintings in wooden frames, flowerpots with flowers, and textile decoration elements.

The Bedroom

How To Design Your Home: Colors of Old America | Brittany Corporation Blue attic Carolyn model luxury homes in Santa Rosa | Luxury homes by brittany corporation

The Carolyn house model in Brittany Santa Rosa uses blue in its attic bedroom.

The bedrooms with an American interior design can be dressed up with an assortment of modern and antique items. The bed is usually in a traditional style. A couple of nightstands, a dresser, and a spacious cabinet adorn the side. As for the color palette, two primary tones are typically used. The dark colors are for furniture, and the light tones highlight wall decorations, accessories, and textiles.

The Bathroom

How To Design Your Home: Colors of Old America | Brittany Corporation Luxury Chandelier in black-walled bathroom with big white tub in a luxury house and lot | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Most materials in American bathrooms use tiles for floors, while occasionally, hardwood or laminate are used. The walls can be laid with tiles in the form of a mosaic or painted with textured plaster to welcome simplicity, so the tub itself should be in classic white. The cabinet is placed under the sink, while on the wall is a rectangular or oval mirror.

The Kids Room

The kids’ room is the only room in an American interior design that can ignore the unspoken rule of “only calm and natural paint colors”. You can partition the room into spaces for relaxation, playing, and studying. The bed and other furniture should also be made of wood, and a soft mat should be placed on the floor. The entire space is filled with bright shades, and posters and vinyl stickers are hung on the wall.

The Entry

The entry area of an American-style home has no specific features. It is usually connected with the rest of the rooms and forms a kind of “hallway space” that welcomes visitors. For comfort, you can also place the hanger at the entrance.

The Merit of Interior Design in Luxury Homes

Whether it’s modern or classic or both, your choice of interior design will bring about your own personality into your home. It does not only make your home more beautiful. It also ensures that your home is a space where you feel most comfortable and secure. Always trust in a brand that is not only reputed but can also provide you with the best quality of services and a variety of ideas that you can choose from.

Remember, your luxury home is your future, and the atmosphere within the four corners of your house can affect you in many ways.

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