Beyond Traditional Luxury: Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Cooking is always a beautiful way to bond with your family and share treasured moments together. So many wonderful memories are made in the kitchen while cooking your favorite meals or experimenting with a new recipe. In this way, your kitchen becomes the heart of the home and the place where you can come and connect with your family in creating delicious meals and creative dishes.

To bring your kitchen to the next level, why not design your dream outdoor kitchen? An outdoor kitchen will be an excellent addition to your luxury home as you can enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of your garden and your neighborhood while you cook. Outdoor kitchens also elevate your dining experience by creating the perfect garden ambiance for fun family brunches and romantic dinners. So why not make the most of your spacious luxury home by designing an outdoor kitchen that can be an extension of your family’s cooking traditions?

What makes a good outdoor kitchen?

A good outdoor kitchen should have everything you need, but to make it even better, this can be where you splurge on a few luxury outdoor kitchen essentials. The perfect outdoor kitchen should suit the needs of your family and your lifestyle. Ample lighting is a must, especially if you plan to use your outdoor kitchen for al fresco dinners. Add warm ambient lighting as well as bright task lighting to make the outdoor kitchen efficient and aesthetic.

In the outdoor dining area, table setting and seating arrangements should also accommodate your needs. A huge dining table to fit your entire family would be a great way to make sure everyone has space. You can also add benches and chairs clustered together to create conversation spots around your outdoor kitchen.

To prevent inclement weather from raining on the outdoor kitchen and dinner party, a good outdoor kitchen should have a roof. Covered from above, your family and guests can enjoy the fresh air from the open sides. During the day, the roof can also protect the outdoor kitchen from harsh sunlight, making it much more enjoyable to use.

A good outdoor kitchen is designed with your needs in mind. If you’re thinking about designing your own outdoor kitchen, dream big and equip your kitchen with everything you want and need that are perfect for a great cooking and dining experience.

What should you have in your outdoor kitchen?

To start, you need to make sure your outdoor kitchen design idea is functional. Start with the basics: a sink, a stove, a generous prep station, tons of counter space, and plenty of room to move. With these basic outdoor kitchen design elements, you can then build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

If you and your family are fans of pizza, then why not add your own pizza oven? A pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen will inspire you to experiment with different pizza flavors. A wood fired pizza oven will give you an authentic Italian pizza experience right in your own patio kitchen!

If you see yourself using your outdoor kitchen primarily for grilling, then a built in grill and barbecue area is just the addition you need for your outdoor kitchen. Your outdoor space is the best place to store your grill and barbecue as the smoke from these cooking methods can easily dissipate in the space. The grill is perfect for a Sunday grilled lunch or during game nights when you and your friends can watch your favorite sports teams battle it out.

If you fancy your own bar, why not add an outdoor bar to your outdoor kitchen? Build a full blown wet bar complete with a sink, refrigerator, and bar space. Keep it classy with the addition of a sleek mirrored cabinet, or make it rustic with wooden design accents.

The Best Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Your Luxury Home

There are plenty of ways to design your own outdoor kitchen. The sky is the limit when to comes to outdoor kitchen ideas! But if you are not sure where to start, we have compiled a list of beautiful, stylish, and luxurious outdoor kitchen design ideas that will help inspire you.

A Kitchen with a Garden

Outdoor Kitchen Space

Seeing as you are adding an outdoor kitchen to your home, why not have a built in vertical herb garden right next to it? If you love to cook, having access to fresh herbs you grow yourself can be a great way to elevate your cooking.

By having an outdoor kitchen with your own herb and vegetable garden, you can say that you engage in farm to table cooking, which is a great way to instill good cooking values for your children. Your guests will also be impressed by the quality of your dishes when they learn that the ingredients are freshly picked and grown in your own outdoor space.

This outdoor kitchen will not only inspire your family to cook delicious meals, it will also inspire your children to take an interest in gardening and planting herbs and vegetables.

A Cozy Kitchen Corridor

Outdoor Kitchen Design

Outdoor kitchen ideas don’t always have to be big. Sometimes, you can make use of a sliver of space to make a cozy outdoor kitchen that wraps along one side of your home, creating a cozy kitchen corridor.

To maximize this outdoor kitchen design idea, have everything you need arranged in a row: sink, stove, and built in grill. Don’t forget your storage and prep station to complete the outdoor kitchen.

Make the outdoor kitchen inviting by adding pendant lights which give ample lighting without taking up too much space.

Rustic Pizza Oven for Ambiance

Outdoor Cooking Area

Pizza is an amazing dish, and if you love making it at home, then building an outdoor kitchen with a built in pizza oven is a great investment into your luxury home. Think how memorable your pizza nights will be when you can say that you’ve made authentic pizza in your own wood fired pizza oven.

Bricks are used in a traditional pizza oven compared to the stainless steel modern ovens we use today. The brick also adds a visual charm to the outdoor kitchen, making it feel more homey and inviting which is the atmosphere you want in an outdoor dining space.

Indoor to Outdoor Kitchen Space

When it comes to using outdoor space, sometimes you wan the best of both worlds. And the perfect way to do that is to create an indoor-outdoor transitional kitchen space that combines the two spaces and gives you an open area that you can use for big family gatherings.

Connect your existing indoor dining area to an outdoor space by adding a sliding door panel that opens up into your patio kitchen. This outdoor kitchen can have your prep station, grill, and outdoor bar, as well as an additional outdoor dining area with ample seating and space.

Doing this type of outdoor kitchen setup automatically doubles your dining space while giving you another cooking station in your home. This design is perfect for a family who loves to host parties and family reunions at home.

Simple and Compact

Sometimes, simple and compact is the way to go. And if you see yourself only using an outdoor kitchen space for grilling, then create your kitchen around that idea. A grill is all you need to get started. While a built in grill is common for outdoor kitchens, a standing grill is also a great option, especially if you only want to grill outdoor.

To make the space more conducive for you and your friends to wait as the meat cooks on the grill, add some comfortable seats and low tables. Here, you can relax and catch up with each other while keeping a watchful eye on the grill and meat.

Lounge-Style Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Lounge Space

Cooking is a great way to bond, and what better way to do that than by designing an outdoor kitchen that you can also lounge in? Kitchen design is all about making the space work for you. An outdoor kitchen can be so much more than a simple space to cook. Use this outdoor area to lounge and relax in while you wait for your meal to finish cooking.

Aside from a dining area, add lounge chairs and coffee tables to make the outdoor kitchen more of a gathering space where you can relax at the end of the day. This outdoor kitchen will surely be a welcoming space for friends and family to chill and hang out.

Vacation-Inspired Outdoor Kitchen

The Art of Entertaining Outside

Have a neverending vacation when you design an outdoor kitchen inspired by your favorite travel destination. Be it Spain, Greece, or Italy, you can take inspiration from your travel bucket list for your outdoor kitchen.

To achieve a vacation look for your kitchen, use materials that are common in your destination of choice. That can manifest in colorful tiles, whitewashed walls, different types of wood, bricks, or vibrant paint colors. Each vacation spot will have its unique style identifiers, and incorporating them to outdoor kitchen design ideas will help you create a vacation spot in the comfort of your own home.

Maximize Your Portofino Home with an Outdoor Kitchen

Parco Di Portofino

Portofino Alabang is an Italian-inspired luxury community developed by Brittany Corporation. As one of the biggest names in Philippine luxury real estate, Brittany always brings quality and world-class luxury homes to the market.

At Portofino, you will find homes inspired by traditional Italian architecture and design, featuring classic and timeless charm and beauty in every detail. The luxury homes at Portofino have generous outdoor spaces, which you can easily add a beautiful outdoor kitchen to. Make the most of your Portofino home by creating spaces that you and your family will enjoy.

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