Sparkling Clean Kitchen Ultimate Guide

What’s your Favorite Spot at Home?

A good luxury houses in the Philippines, particularly those built by Brittany Corporation, have well-designed living rooms, dining areas, kitchens, comfort rooms, and bedrooms. These luxury homes make it difficult for homeowners to choose their favorite neighborhood. However, each of us has a favorite room in the house to which we devote the majority of our time, effort, and resources to use and do something.

According to a survey, 10% of the respondents said their favorite part of their homes is the kitchen, and because people have been stuck at home for the last two years, they have had more time to think about how they can manage, change, and improve their kitchens. More than just renovation, turning your kitchen into a clean and tidy space will always be on the agenda.

A Guide to Having a Sparkling Clean Kitchen

There is a lot that goes on in a kitchen. It makes no difference how big or small it is because it is where meals are prepared that feed the bodies and nourish the souls of everyone in the family. The kitchen is where most family and friend gatherings take place, and where food, drinks, and good conversations are all made. However, the kitchen has always been run and dressed up as one of the most important parts of the house.

Who has the extra time to keep their kitchen sparkling clean at all hours of the day? But a clean kitchen, on the other hand, always adds a nice boost to the day. It can make you feel like all of your dirty laundry doesn’t matter because you can find a clean coffee cup, and there’s no junk on the countertops.

During the holidays, your kitchen most likely saw a lot of activity. Nobody knows how the mashed sweet potato splatter ended up on a wall and on the ceiling. But that mess only indicates that a thorough cleaning is required. With the help of this article here, we’ve gathered a selection of cleaning instructions that, when followed, will leave your floors, counters, and other surfaces looking spotless, and you’ll never find yourself in an overwhelming mess again!

A Guide to Having a Sparkling Clean Kitchen

  1. Empty your Sink For A Sparkling Clean Kitchen

Before you start cleaning anything, make sure there are no leftovers in the dishwasher. Put them away if there are any. This way, you’ll have enough dishes for everyone and room for more later.

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And f it’s late at night, and you’re almost ready to go to bed, at the very least, clear your sink. No need to wash the dishes! Simply rinse and stack. There’s something about an empty sink that makes a rushed morning nth times easier.

Stacking dishes creates the illusion of order and control, regardless of whether they have been washed.

  1. Clean your Countertops For A Sparkling Clean Kitchen

The first major step is to thoroughly clean your countertops. In many homes, the kitchen counter serves as a catch-all for anything that doesn’t have a place. Mail, receipts, things you use, pots and pans, and a bottle of water can all end up on your kitchen counter.

There’s no denying it, the counters get filthy quickly. As a result, cleaning this area is an important part of cleaning the kitchen.

To speed up this process, it’s best to tackle it in four steps for cleaning:

  • Take out the trash

Take the garbage can and place it in a convenient location where you can easily throw things away.

  • Put dirty dishes in the sink

Now that you’ve gotten all of the trash out of the way, find all of the dirty dishes and place them in the sink.

For cleaning the sink, fill it with hot water and soap to soak your dishes while you clean the counters. (We’ll put them in the dishwasher later.)

  • Put away small appliances

When the kitchen counter is cluttered with small appliances, it appears cluttered.

If you have one of these appliances such as waffle makers, electric skillets, and other type of kitchen appliances, they take up a lot of room. You won’t have any counter space to work with if you don’t have a place for them.

If you have a toaster and coffee maker, of course, it can remain to your counter because you use them every day. Keeping the rest out of sight will improve the appearance of your kitchen.

  • Wipe down countertops

At this point, nothing should be left on your countertops that do not belong there.

You should put any leftover items, such as mail or a stray battery, back to the proper place where they belong.

  1. Sweep and Mop the Floor For A Sparkling Clean Kitchen

The floor is the last thing to be cleaned. Sweep and then mop the floor.

You need to use a steam mop instead of a traditional mop if you don’t want to wait for the floor to dry after mopping. This method not only saves time but also kills any bacteria on the floor.

Sweep and Mop the Floor

  1. Spot Clean For A Sparkling Clean Kitchen

You need to use a soapy clean rag to clean the fixtures in the kitchen. Such as the fingerprints on the cabinet doors or smudges on the light switches. These can be removed with a quick wipe.

And the backsplash behind the stove is another problem area that usually requires spot cleaning. Its entire purpose is to protect your walls from bubbling pots of delicious goodness.

  1. Wipe Down Appliances For A Sparkling Clean Kitchen

To remove any sticky fingerprints or splattered food, you need to wipe down the front of all of your appliances in the kitchen.

Wipe the front of your refrigerator and pay special attention to the handles.

Wipe down the front and the top of the stove as well. Make a point of cleaning the knobs and handles as well.

The top, front, and even the inside of the microwave should be cleaned. Microwave interiors become very dirty, and if you wait too long to clean them, they will begin to smell bad.

The blender, toaster, and other appliances will also benefit from a quick wiping.

Take one more look around the kitchen. Did you overlook anything? Did anything go unnoticed? Take care of them right away. And when everything has passed inspection, take out the trash and place all dirty rags or towels in your laundry room.

When it comes to your kitchen, following a simple routine can make all the difference in the world. If you only have a few minutes, keeping things tidy will only take a few minutes. There’s no need to spend two hours deep cleaning!

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