10 Simple Ways to Contribute to Your Community

As the Philippine elections are already over, the majority of us have already fulfilled one of our biggest responsibilities as Filipino citizens to the community, and that is to vote. Last May 9, 2022, Filipinos arrived to cast their ballots at their designated polling precincts.


National elections in Manila

Many have participated and shared their voices because of the elections. To keep this fire burning, and as many Filipinos have found their passion in giving back to the community, many of us are trying to look for other ways to contribute and get involved.

Participating and getting involved doesn’t require big and grand gestures. It can also be on the little ways to give back to the people and your courses of action to contribute to the community.

Here are the 10 little ways to Contribute to Your Community:

Share your time on the programs and activities

Being a good neighbor entails more than just being friendly and keeping to yourself. Any neighborhood will always have programs and activities that require volunteer assistance. Donation drives, homeowners association events, church contributions and initiatives, clean-ups, and other similar activities are examples of how you can volunteer in your community.

Not everyone is able to give monetarily, but everyone has time they can share. Volunteering your time demonstrates that you care about your community and the people who live there. It’s a way to build relationships and make your community a better place for everyone. Plus, it can also be a lot of fun!

So next time you’re looking for a way to give back, consider giving some of your time instead of (or in addition to) your money. It’s a great way to make a difference in your community.

You could extend a helping hand by allotting at least 1 hour of your weekends to participate in such gatherings to assist and also the best way to socialize with your neighbors. In this way, you can make a friend, an acquaintance, or encounter someone with the same interests as you do.

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Paying your dues and taxes on time

Your dues and taxes are there for a reason. This is the fund used by an organization or a government body to give you the best possible life they could offer. On a smaller scale, like in communities such as Portofino Alabang, residents are required to pay a minimum amount of dues which is also being utilized for the improvement of the community. These funds are used for Security improvements, salaries of staff, maintenance of facilities, and other expenses of the community.

It is essential to pay your dues and taxes on time for several reasons. For starters, it ensures that the organization or government body into which you are paying has sufficient funds to provide you with the best possible life.

Second, it helps to improve the community you live in by providing necessary funds for things like security, maintenance, and salaries.

Third, it shows that you are a responsible member of the community and are willing to contribute to its betterment. Finally, paying your dues and taxes on time is simply the right thing to do. It is our role as members of a community to help contribute to its success and growth. Next time you are asked to pay your dues or taxes, remember all of the good it can do for you and your community.

Be a nice neighbor

“Love your neighbor as you love yourself”. It’s as simple as that. Big changes happen through little tiny steps so if you want the country to be better then you may start within the 5-meter radius of your home.

A simple greeting every morning, sharing of food during holidays and even the respect you give to them every time you have a house party and you inform them beforehand that you may volume up a little bit. Those simple things if done would be of great effect in the bigger picture.

By taking some time to be thoughtful and considerate, you can help make your neighborhood a welcoming and enjoyable place for everyone.

Abide by the community rules

Rules are made to be followed. A community has set its ground rules for a reason. These were not made just because. These are for the safety and well-being of its residents. A lot of communities set their rules with a corresponding fine if violated to make sure they won’t be disobeyed.

Paying the fine is better than putting yourself and your family at risk because you broke a rule. Rulebreakers not only put themselves in danger but also the people around them. So it is best to just follow the rules set by the community for everyone’s safety and peace of mind.

Segregate the garbage

One way to contribute to your community and the environment is to segregate your garbage. You can separate biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste, which will make it easier for recycling facilities to process the material. This will also help reduce pollution and landfill waste. Furthermore, segregation can also help you save money on your garbage disposal fees.

By properly disposing of your waste, you can lower your monthly bill and help reduce the amount of environmental damage that is caused by improper waste disposal. Finally, segregating your garbage is simply good citizenship. It demonstrates your concern for your community and the environment, as well as your willingness to do your part to keeping them clean and healthy.

So next time you go to throw something away, think about whether it should be in the trash or in the recycling bin. Then do your part to help make a difference in your community.

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Shop Local

It is important to shop local for many reasons. By buying products from small businesses in your community, you are supporting the entrepreneurs who have taken risks to start their own business. These businesses provide jobs and help to boost the economy.

In addition, shopping local helps to ensure that your money stays in the community, which can then be reinvested in local schools, parks, and other public services. And finally, buying local products helps to promote a sense of community pride and identity. When you shop local, you are helping to preserve the unique character of your community.

So the next time you need to buy a gift or some new home decor, consider shopping at a local store. As a result, you’ll be returning the favor to your neighborhood and making it a better place to live.

Participate in fundraising and charity events

Giving back does not only refer to donating money, but it can also come in different forms such as time, effort, and skills. One way of giving back is by participating or sponsoring fundraising and charity events.

There are a lot of non-profit organizations that continuously look for people who are willing to give their time and effort in different causes. By doing this, you are already helping a lot of people in need.

Nowadays, a lot of people are still struggling to get by because of the Covid-19 pandemic. There are numerous benefits to participating in or sponsoring charitable events. Many people’s lives will be improved thanks to your support. A better future for all of us can be achieved by working together.

Plant a Tree

There are many benefits of planting trees, both for the individual and the community. Trees help to improve air quality, provide shade and cooler temperatures, reduce noise pollution, and offer a place for wildlife to live.

They also help to beautify the community and increase property values. In addition, tree planting is a great way to get outdoors and get some exercise. It can also be a social event, providing an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. For all these reasons, tree planting is a great way to give back to the community.

Be a responsible driver

As a driver, you are responsible for your life and the lives of others on the road. This includes obeying all traffic laws, signage, and speed limits. It also means being aware of your surroundings at all times and being prepared to react to any situation.

Driving is a privilege and it is the responsibility of each driver to make sure that they are operating their vehicle in an appropriate manner. As a responsible driver, you make the roads safer for everyone, but you also foster a sense of community among fellow motorists.

We all have a responsibility to share the roadways safely, and by driving responsibly, we can help make that happen.

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Volunteering is a great opportunity to give back to your community. Whether you volunteer your time or your skills, you can make a difference in the lives of others. volunteering is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. It can also help you develop new skills and knowledge.

And, of course, volunteering is a great way to give back to your community. There are many organizations that rely on volunteers to help them with their work. When you volunteer, you can choose which organization you would like to help.

You can also choose how much time you want to spend volunteering. You can volunteer for a one-time event or for an ongoing project. No matter how much time you have to donate, your contribution will be appreciated. Volunteering is a great way to make a difference in your community.

What kind of community do you want to belong in?

The kind of community you want to belong in reflects what you value most in life. Perhaps you prioritize safety and security, in which case you’ll want to find a neighborhood with low crime rates and good schools. Or maybe you’re looking for a close-knit community where everyone knows each other’s names.

Whatever your priorities, it’s important to find a community that aligns with your values. Only then can you truly feel at home. Of course, no community is perfect, but that’s all the more reason to get involved and make the changes you want to see. We have the ability to build the kinds of communities that we would all like to be a part of if we work together.

When you are planning to buy or build a house, there are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration. First, you need to think about the kind of people who will be your neighbors. It is important to choose neighbors who will be good playmates for your kids and friends for you.

Second, you need to think about the safety of your family. You would want to live in a community where you can be sure that your family is safe even when you are not at home. Lastly, you need to think about convenience.

You would want to live in a community where everything is readily available and within your reach. These are just some of the things that you need to consider when choosing a community to live in.

The Community you want:

Living in Portofino Alabang doesn’t just give you a comfortable home, but also a great community that provides you with a great way to raise your family. The 24/7 roving security, green environment, and active homeowners association are just some of the things that make this community stand out. With endless opportunities and ways to improve your lifestyle, Portofino Alabang is the perfect place to call home.


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