Design Books To Inspire You This 2023

Interior design books are one of the best ways to find inspiration for your luxury home. Whether you want farmhouse-style interiors, a beach-inspired home, or an elegant and classy abode, the best interior design books are out there waiting for you. Good interior design books not only present beautiful photographs of various interiors, but they also give you information on the various interior designers, art movements, and culture that you can draw inspiration from.

Whether you are looking to spruce up your home, a design student, or you simply want to curate a collection of books featuring interior, style, and design, you can turn to some of the best interior design books that are taking 2023 by storm. Here is a compilation of the most popular interior design books that can serve as your mood board while designing your dream luxury home.

Art Inspirations

A home with a sizeable art collection is one worth noting. But art is more than paintings. To set your home apart, why not look into sculptures or sculptural furniture to design your home with? Here are a couple of books that focus on art and art styles you can incorporate into your personal interior designs.

Lalanne: A World of Poetry

Lalanne and Claude Lalanne, both French artists and sculptors. Les Lalanne drew inspiration from nature, with François focusing on animal themes while Claude favored themes from plant life and vegetation. As a result, the couple became known for co-creating nature-themed collections rather than collaborations. Their surrealist sculptures and home furniture pieces have graced the homes of celebrities, artists, designers, and other prominent figures, including Yves Saint Laurent, Hubert de Givenchy, and Karl Lagerfeld.

Lalanne: A World of Poetry was written by Jean-Gabriel Mitterrand, the duo’s close friend and long-time gallerist. The book details the love story of the couple that began in the 1950s and tracks their rise to fame as artists. In the book, you will find photographs of their most popular sculptures and furniture pieces.

Each of their works blurs the boundaries of art, sculpture, design, and practical use. They are known for creating copper pieces that can be converted into furniture with clever little design tricks. Their most well known work include gorilla sculptures, flocks of sheep, and copper furniture pieces inspired by flowers, animals, and mushrooms.

Interior Design Books To Inspire You This 2023

Pop Art Style

The best interior design books highlight a specific niche, and this particular design book called Pop Art Style will inspire you to incorporate this fun art style into your interior designs.Pop art is all about making regular and everyday things look exciting and thrilling. Of interior design, pop art is this youthful and playful aesthetic with a hint of subversiveness in its designs.

Pop Art Style is a coffee table book that highlights the works and art of the Pop Art movement that began in the fifties. ANd it also features contemporary art, furniture, decor and other items that celebrate pop art.

While this book offers a lot of interior design inspiration and insight, it also celebrates Pop Art’s impact on the design world.

Luxury Interior Design

Luxury living is more than just owning designer bags and shoes. You can also incorporate luxury into the very design of the home you live in. Be it upscale furniture, smart home features, designer pieces, or custom art, luxury in interior design is something you can play around with.

Yves Saint Laurent at Home

If you want a glimpse into the interior design tastes of your favorite luxury designer, then the book Yves Saint Laurent at Home is for You. As a designer and couturier, Yves Saint Laurent is known for his motto, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” And his sense of style extends beyond the runway, and it permeates into his home.

Yves Saint Laurent and his partner, Pierre Bergé, were known to design homes and different abodes throughout their years together. Photos of their interior design projects can be seen in the design book Yves Saint Laurent at Home.

Photos in the book are taken by Marianne Haas. The design book also features an introduction by fashion journalist Laurence Benaïm, and quotes from close friends of the creative duo including Brazilian Model Betty Catroux, French actress Catherine Deneuve, and interior designer Jacques Grange.

When it comes to designing and styling interiors, Yves Saint Laurent confessed that he had an eclectic taste. The homes he designed and styled with Pierre are decorated with layers of objects and pieces that came from all over the world. “It’s a mishmash,” Saint Laurent said. Each space offers rich details, textures, and stories that can help you glimpse behind the scenes into the designer’s creative process.

Colorful, Bold, and Vibrant Interior Design

If you’re a maximalist and love vibrant colors and designs, then here is a book recommendation for you. To keep your home looking beautiful and classy rather than a child’s playroom, make sure to make sophisticated decisions when it comes to bold colors.

House of Joy – Playful Homes and Colorful Living

There are interior design books for all styles and aesthetics, and if you are a fan of colorful and vibrant interior design, then the design book House of Joy – Playful Homes and Cheerful Living is the best interior design book for you.

This book is sure to inspire you to create spaces that highlight vibrant hues and bold color choices. Because color can sometimes be overwhelming, use this book as a guide to help you make the perfect design choices for your home. This design book will show you design inspirations from homes and places that feature a good mix of materials, textures, and of course, colors.

This book features the work of interior designers who made choices like allowing vibrant furniture to be the design center of the room. You will also see rooms with bold stripes and patterns reminiscent of retro styles. While you mat think that this book is only for the maximalists, House of Joy also features elegant and understated interior design that can be a guide to introducing pops of color in a more neutral interior design scheme for your home.

Colorful, Bold, and Vibrant Interior Design

Elegant and Effortless

Design and style can look their best when they seem elegant and effortless. If that is more suited to your taste, then the next book should give you all the inspiration you need.

Live Beautiful

When it comes to interior design, sometimes simple is best and less is more. This is what interior designer Athena Calderon highlights in her book Live Beautiful. Athena combines the concepts of practicality, beauty and sophistication in her book. Each space she designs feels original and effortless, even though a lot of effort has been put into each room.

This book is a must-have if you are curious about how interior designers begin the process of crafting and styling interiors. From her initial inspiration to the final touches, Live Beautiful showcases everything you need to know about combining different elements to create a space that is beautiful and functional.


The design of your home can sometimes start from the outside. And if you are interested in architecture inspiration that can inform your overall design choices, then this architecture design book is the one for you.

Arthur Casas. Architecture

If you’re looking for an architecture design book that can inspire you as you build your dream home, this Arthur Casas book is perfect for you. Arthur Casas is a Brazilian architect who loves designing what he calls multi-sensorial spaces. For him, each room should be designed with a combination of light, color, sounds, scents and textures.

When you want the best of interior design for your dream home, you want to create spaces that evoke the senses and play with your perception. This design book by Arthur Casas can serve as your guide as you explore different options for your home. The book showcases several of Arthur’s projects through photographs captured by talented Brazilian photographers.

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