Luxury Housing Demand Rises; Outlook Stays Bright

As the world slowly recovers from the effects of the pandemic, the outlook for the demand for luxury housing stays bright even with all the economic adversities around the globe. Various sectors of the market, such as the tourism and service industry, suffered from the pandemic and hit rock bottom, but the market of luxury real estate, when the economy was at its lowest during the pandemic, remained afloat.

pre selling lots for sale in tagaytay has a Scenic view within the swiss-inspired community of Crosswinds Tagaytay

What is a luxurious house?

Depending on whom you ask, there are various definitions of luxury residences. The most typical definition of a luxurious home is one with obscenely large interior spaces, first-rate features, and a high price tag. The size of the property, the number of amenities it has (such as a pool), and the cost of the home should all be taken into account when deciding whether or not it would be considered opulent.

pre selling lots for sale in tagaytay | luxury swiss chalets, and house and lots within Crosswinds Tagaytay

Because it can yield a return on the initial expenditure, a lavish home is regarded as an investment. This return may come from capital gains, rental income, or both. In addition, it is an investment because it could have tax advantages (for more information, we advise speaking with an accountant or financial counselor) and because most luxury homes are in desirable locations, where value typically rises over time.

Why there is an increased demand of luxury homes for sale?

The market for luxury real estate has experienced a significant rebound along with the restoration of normal economic activity. There has always been a need for residential real estate, but consumers also have a preference for other asset classes. Since the start of the pandemic, there has been an increased movement toward investing in real estate, notably residential, and here are some reasons why:

  1. Amenities

Homes are no longer about the bricks and mortar they once were but about the complete living experience. This attitude seems to be the driving force behind the increased desire for larger homes with upscale features. The demand for smart luxury homes with advanced surveillance systems has nearly doubled in the first half of the past year.

The current increase in demand in the luxury market reveals a hard consumer mindset that places a premium on life’s experiences. This is valid not only for real estate but also for other upscale purchases. Due to increased worldwide exposure, consumers have changed their perceptions of what constitutes a luxury property and have become more discriminating.

Amenities became something buyers look for when it comes to a home. In the Philippines, Brittany by VistaLand offers properties with visible luxurious amenities. Georgia Club is home to many of the elite individuals and families in the Philippines. The enclaves at Brittany Sta. Rosa differ from other subdivisions and gated communities in a number of ways. More than just lovely homes are available in these premium real estate communities. Living in Georgia Club also means enjoying a better quality of life in a tranquil area that is the ideal fusion of elegance and comfort.

  1. Size

When selling a house, brokers usually pitch the size of the pre-selling house first for it to be on top of the listings. This is because consumers bigger established country homes give more space well as privacy for the homeowners. Larger houses located on villas make a home more welcoming to family and friends as guests. Large expanse for outdoor activities and multiple rooms inside the house for the dedicated use of activities, there is no shortage of space for everyone.

The Brittany Collection has several works of art that are considered to be masterpieces, including one called the Ghiberti Luxury House, which has a floor space of this luxury home model is 349 square meters (floor area), and it features a tower that is reminiscent of a castle where you can live like royalty. It has an interior courtyard that serves as the home’s focal point, designed to make it perfect for big family gatherings and getting together with friends and relatives.

Ghiberti Luxury home within Amore at Portofino

This luxury house model is a testament to Brittany’s promise of luxury living to the market segment comprised of wealthy individuals.

  1. Location

Now that strict restrictions have been lifted, travel time going to the office and school must also be considered when buying a house because a house located on top locations and in proximity to popular cities is an advantage.

A tip for this is that, find your favorite city near your office, schools, as well as malls, and recreation parks, then search for a luxury house for sale within that area. If you don’t have an idea to may where it be, here are some good pitches for you.

If you like staying in the south, hours of drive away beaches of Batangas, Crosswinds Tagaytay may be for you. Because Tagaytay is outstanding real estate in terms of safety, environment, and weather, you won’t regret relocating there or even making an investment there. One of the safest areas in the world is the one that Crosswinds Tagaytay is a part of. It is not surprising that Tagaytay has a well-deserved reputation for safety, given the abundance of luxury subdivisions that demand round-the-clock security for residents’ peace of mind.

Swiss quadrilles mountain chalets surrounded by pine trees in cool climate of crosswinds luxury condominium developments in tagaytay | luxury lifestyle and homes by brittany corporation

Additionally, Tagaytay is devoid of the problems that afflict the lowlands below. It is positioned in a prime elevation so that it never has to face floods, which is a widespread and seasonal annoyance in the cities below. You won’t ever have to be concerned about storms and water ruining your possessions or disrupting your life.

Additionally, Tagaytay experiences nearly ideal weather all year round. If Baguio is the nation’s summer capital, Tagaytay is its less well-known younger sibling that yet provides the same level of quality. This location is ideal for both a vacation and a home because it is surrounded by thick foliage and is consistently cool, even in the height of heat.

  1. Design

The importance of living in a healthy environment has been highlighted by the pandemic, and the subsequent lockdowns made it vital for properties to include outdoor spaces in residential layouts. The new meaning of luxury is not roof decks or penthouse terraces, but rather community gardens and green belts that are intermingled with the very premises of the residential complex.

Living in a luxury home involves more than just being opulent; security is a crucial aspect that must be taken into account. Every new homebuyer places a high priority on family safety in light of the devastation the pandemic inflicted. Because luxury real estate properties include cutting-edge security systems and processes, they outperform lower asset classes in this area.


The nation’s real estate market has transformed in recent years to become a customer-centric or buyer-first market. This was created in great part as a result of the pandemic’s experiences. People have been drawn to invest in opulent mansions because homebuyers now prefer ecologically sustainable properties with world-class amenities which are located on top locations.