8 Best Places to Live for Remote Workers

“A personal space for your personal work.”

Any idea for a place to live? The scenario is you decided to do remote work in the most beautiful houses in the Philippines, and you are wondering if your place would be a good set-up for your work. Remote work is now the new normal. Remote working brings less hassle because you don’t need to travel to an company office every day.

8 Best Places to Live for Remote Workers

What’s Good About Working Remotely?

Remote worker always finds comfort in their workplace and guaranteed safety is always present because they work most at home. With their phones online and laptops or personal computers connected to Wi-Fi, remote workers can earn while living in the most beautiful houses in the Philippines together with their families.

You may be dreaming of that kind of life. Imagine being a remote worker living inside a house and lot in Daang Hari or a condominium in Tagaytay.What a great place to keep earning while enjoying the benefits of just staying at your luxury homes.

A house and lot near Nuvali can be a great choice for a remote worker enjoying the Nuvali lights at Santa Rosa Laguna for night cold vibes. There are a lot of choices if you are looking for a house and lot properties for sale or a condominium for sale. You choose to be a remote worker so why not find a great co working space?

Different remote jobs require some requirements to be accomplished. So you better choose a remote job that is suited for your available equipment and location. It is still a job so don’t settle for less. Look for the best local coworking space for remote workers. You can chill also inside a coffee shop for a great ambiance while you work remotely. It’s up to you where you want to fulfill your jobs and tasks. You may consider the following as best places to while having your remote work.

Signal slash Internet Speed

Does your location serve a fast internet connection? Do you have a full bar of signal to create calls for remote jobs to connect with your clients or boss? In this country, the internet is not free and is not as fast as other countries’ internet speeds. You don’t want your remote working to be a total disaster because of a poor Wi-Fi connection.

Sometimes, inside your house, the internet is getting slower due to unexplainable reasons. You can find cafes and spend the benefits of a stable connection while drinking a cup of coffee. High places like Tagaytay can be the best spot for good signal as you do your remote work.

A fast internet is a must for workers Photo from Pexels

The Office

Professional lives still require professional work. You still need an office even with a remote work. A place or space where you can work easily and comfortably. Yes, your home is a comfortable spot but you need an office inside for remote working.  Jobs like virtual assistants need a place where you can talk peacefully to clients.

Make sure you have good ventilation for you to do your remote work comfortably. Set-up an office inside your luxury homes. A place that when you are in it, your thought will always be excellently doing your remote work.

The Weather is better

Good weather is a thing you need to consider if you are working at home. It can work on your advanatage as you do your remote work. Cold weather can bring you the chill and relaxation you need for the whole day. Like in Tagaytay, the cool breeze will make you work better.

A Quiet Place

You have the skills as you do your job. Your team has a set of skills for telecommunications. Looks like a strong team with a great future. But there’s a possible problem. A loud noise coming inside your speaker creates chaos in your work. A neighborhood community that is free from unnecessary noise is a dream for remote workers.

Everybody loves to do jobs in quiet surroundings.  Imagine having a meeting and then loud machines from the construction site disturbing your focus, that would ruin your work experience, also a shame to your client. Relocate to a place where your background is nature like the house and lot properties for sale in Santa Rosa Laguna.

A Paradise

You are now choosing a place to live for remote jobs. Try to consider a view where you can relax when you’re having a coffee break or during end of your shift. You give your best skills to get into high positions and impress employers. Companies want employees to be stretched even in remote jobs.  It’s exhausting for remote employees if they find themselves inside a home full of jobs or duties.

Finding a place after stepping outside without technology around will bring energy and relaxation. Some fresh air and cool spots like in Cavite, Batangas, and Tagaytay can bring the lost energy after work. A paradise for the hard workers is a reward to look forward to.

Live in a paradise while working Photo from Pexels

Near for Shopping

Busy working at home? Remote workers need a convenience store and fast food nearby for break time and for fast delivery.  It will be a hassle if you’re cooking rice while answering calls. Not all times you are prepared for a day so you need to rely on the outside world for your supplies. Food deliveries are convenient for those jobs working in front of a digital and technology world. Fast and efficient for busy workers.

As you see the need to consider it the best place for remote workers, do you have already an idea of where to live in? Are you searching for a place right now to do your jobs? There are a lot of places to live as a remote worker and you have to search no more.

Here are the best places for remote workers to live in.

Alabang Philippines

Alabang Philippines is a place where you can work remotely. Alabang has the best house and lot for sale like Vista Alabang and Portofino of Britanny Corporation. You can find peace living and working full time inside these subdivisions because of the peacefulness and safety that it offer. You can also work remotely inside cafes like Coffee Project or Dear Joe in Evia Lifestyle Center.

Pasay City Philippines

Speaking of fast internet, Pasay City is one of the places out there that got a high record of the fastest internet in the Philippines. You can expect that through your working week your internet connection will not fail you during remote working hours. You can work inside your office house without worrying about getting a slow connection. You still need to pay for a high internet speed provider to achieve it. Pay the price for a peaceful surprise.

Manila Philippines

To be honest, Manila has a lot of places to live as a full time remote worker. It can provide for almost your needs and wants. It may be a house and lot for sale or a luxury condo, Manila got it for you. There are many condominiums for sale in Manila where you can get the perfect view from above. You can buy or order inside your house because there are many stores nearby this city.

Davao City Philippines

For a person who wants to work full time at home and work, Davao City is also a place for you. Davao City is much quieter than Manila. You can work at home peacefully without stressing yourself about noise. You can retire also in Davao if you want, where you can invest your money, especially in luxury real estate.

Cavite Philippines

If you want to find full time remote jobs and stay inside a city, Cavite is also a good choice. There are many urgent full time remote jobs in Cavite that you can do in some places with fresh air like in Tagaytay. A tourist spot where you can work inside your homes and explore the beauty of the view like Crosswinds Tagaytay.

Makati Philippines

Being digital nomads in Makati, the weather and the facilities will be the recommendation here for full time remote workers. This City does not get too hot. An electric fan is enough to give you comfort inside your luxury house and lot in Makati. The weather is fine in Makati so you can enjoy your full time remote job and go inside cafes like Starbucks Rockwell and Coffee Bean. The facilities are advanced and there’s a lot of coworking spaces.

A coffee shop can be your comfort Photo from Pexels

Cebu Philippines

The best place for full time remote workers can be Cebu. Because of its popularity in remote working communities and outsourcing, you can live here while working remotely. This place offers fast internet so you can work at home confidently. You can also find some coworking spaces like IT Park and A Space.

Baguio Philippines

Baguio is a famous tourist spot in the Philippines for its cold weather. Even in summer, you can find yourself wearing a jacket. You can chill while working remotely in its great weather. Baguio also has the best internet connectivity so you can accomplish your job at home at high speed.

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