Balcony Ideas For Your Luxury Condo

The pandemic has brought a unique trend in real estate—the hunger for more space. Many families had to relocate to suburban areas because suddenly, their homes are no longer conducive to living a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle due to the constant time spent indoors. While some may argue, many find this reasonable because all of the things people usually did outside their homes suddenly had to fit inside a very limited space—work, exercise, eating, studying, and many more.

While many had the privilege to stay in their vacation homes or temporarily relocate to the provinces with bigger land areas, some did not have this choice. Instead, families opted to engage in do-it-yourself (DIY) projects to improve their home situation. DIY home furnishings are pretty popular even before the pandemic but to say that its fame increased in recent years is definitely an understatement; skyrocketed is a more appropriate description.

Living in a Luxury Condo

While having a huge outdoor space is a dream for most homeowners and aspiring homeowners alike, the reality is that these kind of properties are already hard to come by especially for people who need to reside in the city to be close to their main source of income. In many parts of the world, the congestion in metropolitan areas is a common problem. It is because work is mostly found in the city which creates scarcity in the number of good residential properties—clients are left with options that are either too pricey or already far from the business districts.

One of the solutions that are being implemented to serve as an answer to this concern is the development of more high-rise apartment or condominium buildings. In Metro Manila, Philippines, an increasing number of working professionals opt to avail a unit in this type of housing since it is too hard to look for a property in the capital region nowadays. This is in spite of the stigma that people from the Philippines have when it comes to purchasing a condominium unit.

balcony ideas for your luxury condo

One of the reasons for hesitation of many Filipinos is the inability of a condo unit to become a property that can be passed on to the family’s next generations. Filipinos, having a family-oriented culture with the majority coming from poor families, opt to invest in something that they can pass on to their families for the coming decades. Although, a new generation is taking over the consumer market and the world is about to find out the upcoming consumer trends that will arise from this unique set of homebuyers.

Living in a condo is a great option for those who want the extra facilities and amenities that come with the building and do not mind sharing it with a community. There are many luxury condos these days that have top-of-the-line structure and activities that are open to residents 24/7. Condo living can also mean less maintenance fees for the homeowners as these can be divided among the homeowners in the building. All these while living near or sometimes, at the heart of the city where most high-rise condominiums are being built these days.

Balcony Ideas To Complete The Luxury Condo Experience

For people who have made peace with themselves about owning a condo unit, there are tons of benefits from it as well. Also, despite the limited space, many condo buildings have amazing designs that have been built to provide the homeowners the best residential experience possible. One of the things condo buyers consider when looking for a unit is the balcony area where they can hang out on their leisure time. Living in a condo building does not automatically mean that there will not be an open space in one’s unit.

Even if it is just a small balcony, homeowners must make the most out of it! There are tons of ideas condo owners can find on the internet about this. If someone is blessed enough to have a balcony, then they owe it to themselves to make the most of it. To save you some time, we have put together in this article a few brilliant, trendy balcony ideas that will surely spruce up one’s extra space in their unit.

Choose the Best Furniture

What will be the main purpose of the balcony? Is it a place to enjoy those fresh morning coffee everyday? Or a place to do stretches in the afternoon while having a break from work? Or is it both? Answering this question clearly can bring this home furnishing project to an entirely different direction.

For those who likes to enjoy some view under the morning sun while drinking their coffee, putting a café table and a sturdy chair can already do the trick. Although, those who would like to get some exercise on that very space will have to look for other furniture that will fit for this activity.

Better yet, maximize the balcony’s square footage by putting a built-in bench seating. It will also alleviate the anxiety of having the winds knocking over the furniture or worse, send it flying downstairs. Another option is to choose one that folds up easily so it can easily be stored inside when not in use. This will give more floor space in case the area is meant to be used for various activities in the home.

For something extra, some people put a hanging chair or even a hammock in their balcony that instantly gives a laid-back vibe, like someone going on a vacation. This can make the balcony the perfect spot to hang out and relax during one’s free time. Whether one wants to soak up the sun while being invested in a book, an outdoor daybed or lounge chair can also be options to have a restful retreat.

balcony ideas to complete your luxury condo experience

Some Greenery Can Never Go Wrong

Homes look extra homey with the presence of some greenery. Planting is one of the few good things that people got into during the pandemic and the world hopes this interest stays for good. Having plants around the house can never go wrong.

To spruce up that balcony, one can put planters with lush plants to recreate the feel of that backyard homeowners always wanted. A modern take at a backyard, but still. For a more useful substitute, homeowners van grow some herbs to make the place smell as good and can be used as well for cooking as necessary.

For a more leveled up experience, homeowners can plant or make space for flowers. This will not only make the space more homey but will sweeten the view and give more appeal to the home’s curb as well.

Opt for Outdoor Rug or Floor Pillows

If the balcony has very limited space, there is always an option to use some colorful and comfortable floor pillows or outdoor rug instead. Aside from being way cheaper, this can make the space more versatile and can be used for more purposes without the need to rearrange heavy items. Just move the pillows or rug and the space can be an entirely different thing.

Sometimes, a patterned rug or runner is enough to do the trick. Make sure to choose one that will be aligned yet still stand out to the home’s aesthetic.

Put Some Lights On

Late night hangouts are best done with the view and the chilly wind breezing through. Although, it is best to be safe so make sure that there is enough lighting in the balcony to avoid freak accidents that homeowners will never wish to happen in their own property.

Lighting can add some extra effect to the balcony so you don’t have to be intimidated to install any string lights, outdoor lanterns, pendant or sconces.

choose the best furniture for your balcony

Be Ready For Any Weather With Some Shade

Lastly, enjoy whatever weather in that balcony by installing some shade on the balcony to protect you from the rain or the scorching sun. Having a a retractable awning with classic design to match the building’s aesthetic or a bolder color to stand out among the rest.

If your balcony is right up against the neighbor’s, the shade can also serve as a natural wall. You can also hang bamboo shades that can be raised and lowered as needed.

Live in Your Own Luxury Condo Today!

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