The Luxury of Staying Connected with Nature at Alpine Villas

Some people may say that one of the benefits of living in a house is that you can enjoy more outdoor living space. However, others place more value on location and would sacrifice outdoor space for the convenience and thrill of living in a prestigious area.

But what if you don’t have to choose between an outdoor space and a prestigious location? Imagine having spacious rooms opening out to gardens, sun-lit decks, and terraces, swimming pools, private parks ending in a charming pergola, and having a cup of coffee on your balcony while enjoying a beautiful nature escape view of marvelously rolling hills and lush pine trees.

Nestled in nature and founded on an interplay between built and open spaces, Alpine Villas gives residents a rare living experience right in the heart of Crosswinds in Tagaytay.

Your Swiss Inspired Community

Inspired by the most beautiful Swiss villages, the 2.8-hectare Alpine Villas consist of mid-rise residential towers in the style of Swiss chalets that are surrounded by charming European-inspired cafes and restaurants. Its first three towers, Bernese, Blanc, and Brienz, are situated 540 meters above sea level and command an excellent view of Crosswinds Tagaytay’ exclusive community, lush green foliage of pine trees, open green spaces, and the commercial strip.

Your Swiss Inspired Community | The Luxury of Staying Connected with Nature at Alpine Villas

Set amidst 35,000 pine trees, Alpine Villas is a gathering of mid-rise residential towers that complement the privacy, tranquility, harmony, and luxury that residents seek in an area that is close to the city—a rare sight and experience for those who deserve nothing but the best.

Completing the first row of the Alpine Villas luxury condo development is Biel. This 9-story condominium tower offers 58 units with a mix of studio and one-bedroom with balconies with sizes ranging between 30 to 90 sqm.

Biel’s unique concept

Inspired by bathing one’s senses in the forest atmosphere, Biel promotes the idea of slowing down, practicing mindfulness, and reconnecting with nature.

Many of us know the feeling of peacefulness when we interact with nature; Brittany Corporation, the luxury residential arm of the country’s largest homebuilder, Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc., recognizes the positive impact of staying connected with nature and the importance of being connected to the world around us.

Whether going for a bushwalk, staying outdoors, or consciously tuning in with birds, plants, and trees in a natural setting, experiences such as these can improve one’s mental health and well-being.

Nature-inspired design, setting, and amenities

Biel is built on the principles of nature-inspired, sustainable design, which is set to reflect Crosswinds Tagaytay’ natural beauty, incorporating the elements of wood and other natural materials. Thirty percent of the condominium development is also dedicated to green open spaces, which goes without saying; the lush pine trees and the majestic view of nature calm and de-stress you even before you go in.


02 - In Alpine Villas, staying connected to nature is easier than ever. All condo units offer balconies that provide a stunning view of the pine forest


Nestled in nature and founded on an interplay between built and open spaces, Alpine Villas gives residents a rare living experience right in the heart of Crosswinds in Tagaytay

Biel best represents Brittany’s prime development as it offers bigger unit sizes, more open spaces, and upgraded features. Staying connected to nature is easier than ever at Alpine Villas. All the floor plans provide balconies that offer a stunning view of the pine forest.

Transforming one’s balcony into a relaxing outdoor space allows you to get fresh air and expands the living spaces beyond the inside walls. Biel also commands the best view of the exclusive Crosswinds Tagaytay community, with units facing the morning sun on the southeast side of the building.

Proximity to lifestyle hotspots

Its proximity to lifestyle hotspots within Crosswinds Tagaytay, such as Ruined Project, Napa, Cafe Voila, and Coffee Project, allows residents to enjoy a short walk to the commercial stretch in just around five minutes. Biel is also just a kilometer away from Crosswinds’ unique retail concepts and new attractions such as Windmill Lausanne, Cafe Yama, Dear Joe, and Andersen’s Bakery.

Biel will also offer an impressive list of amenities focused on increasing the residents’ sense of well-being, such as well-designed, space-efficient vertical residences with a mix of one- and two-bedroom balconies and 24/7 safety protocols, including a CCTV system in all common areas and Wi-Fi.

The units were also designed with versatility in mind, allowing the residents to create additional space and have more flexibility. Each unit at Biel presents an open canvas for residents to customize their living spaces, allowing them to plan every corner of the unit according to their taste and style.

A complete ecosystem, Biel will offer passive and active spaces such as tranquility gardens, private parks, kids’ outdoor play area, a pet park, biking, and jogging trails, a straightforward exercise room, a curated gym, and a function hall.

Proximity to lifestyle hotspots at Alpine Villas

In Alpine Villas, it is possible to experience the luxury of staying connected with nature and enjoying the abundance of space and privacy while living in your exclusive place.


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