Must-Visit Lakes in Switzerland


When you think of Switzerland, what comes to your mind? Cheese, chocolates, luxury, and valleys – name it, you have it. Did you know that there are also gorgeous rivers and lakes in Switzerland? So it may come as a surprise that you may enjoy your own “seaside” vacation in this little nation simply by taking the train from one alpine lake to the next. 

Without further ado, let’s have a look at some of Switzerland’s most stunning rivers and lakes.

Lake Geneva and the Bains des Pâquis

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We couldn’t leave out Lake Geneva, which is the biggest lake in Western Europe.


This magnificent lake, which has one bank in Switzerland and the other in France, provides splendid vistas of the Alps and a range of options for everyone. Go to Les Bains des Pâquis, an artificial peninsula and beach that juts out into the lake if you’re looking for a soak. The sight of the harbor from one side and Lake Geneva from the other is just breathtaking lakes in Switzerland. 

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Lake Neuchâtel 

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Make your way along Switzerland’s lakes and arrive at Yverdon-les-Bains station on the shores of Lake Neuchâtel.


It takes around 50 minutes to go from Geneva to Yverdon by rail. One of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland.

Head to Serrière beach, which is only a short distance from the station, to begin admiring the scenery of Lake Neuchâtel right away. Colombier beach, located further down the shore, has the longest expanse of sand on the lake’s north bank. 

If you don’t feel like going to the beach, take a stroll around the Grande Caricaie nature reserve, Switzerland’s largest lakeside conservation area. 

Lake Murten

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Lake Murten, commonly known as Lake Morat, is the next stop.


After that, start your journey to Neuchâtel, located on the left side of the lake and is about 20 kilometers from Yverdon-les-Bains. From here, an SBB train will take you to Murten, a historic city perched on the banks of the same-named lake, in about 50 minutes. 

Enjoy yourself in the tranquil waters of the little Swiss lake, spend some time in the quaint city curled around its banks, or take in the splendor of the Three Lakes region’s vicinity surroundings. 

The smallest of the three lakes on the Jura’s outskirts, Lake Murten (Murtensee, Lac de Morat), is nestled between the tiny medieval village of Murten and the “Riviera Fribourgeoise” with its wine slopes adorning Mont Vully. With its modest depth, Lake Murten is quickly warmed by the sun and is famous as a swimming hole from spring until October. In addition, frequent boat services are provided from Lake Murten to Lac de Neuchâtel and Lake Biel, through the Broye canal. Lakes in Switzerland are really beautiful.

Lake Biel 

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Lake Biel/Bienne is located on the boundary between Switzerland’s French and German spoken portions, in the Jura & Three-Lakes region.


It reaches the Jura’s southern portion, where locals use the hillsides for intense grape production. 

Also, for local Bielers, the Lake Biel round excursion is a delightful experience any time. The many vistas that pass by never cease to fascinate. Vineyards may be found on the north coast, while you can find the genuine and unspoiled region on the south. Not to be overlooked is St. Peter’s Island, which continues to astound visitors. The round journey is appropriate for people of all ages. 

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Lake Zurich 

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Because it is in the heart of the capital, it is convenient to see Lake Zurich, which is a must-see for anybody touring Switzerland.


The lbis, Zimmerberg, and Pfannenstiel hills and the lively city of Zurich beautifully define the banana-shaped lake. 

Although most of the 88.66 square kilometer lake is inside Zurich, it is shared by three cantons. Nonetheless, all three cantons surrounding the lake include lovely cities and villages, notably Rapperswil, a historic town, and Au, a hamlet. 

In, on, and around Lake Zurich, athletes, bon vivants, and adventurers will find much to do. Water activities, resting on the lush lake coast, traditional food, family events, and exciting celebrations with a lake view entice tourists of all ages. 

Lake Zurich is a famous summer trip location. Take baths, sail, or have a picnic in a private area, such as the tiny island of Lützelau. There are also several options to try out new activities like stand-up kayaking, windsurfing, and jet skiing in the lakes of Swizterland. 

There’s plenty of pleasure to be had around the lake, even in the wintertime. Ice skating enthusiasts may demonstrate their talents at the skating rinks in Küsnacht and Wädenswil, located immediately on the lakeshore. Skating on the lake itself is theoretically conceivable, but only when it is frozen over. 

Lake Brienz 

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Lake Brienz is located at an elevation of 564 meters above sea level in the Bernese Alps.


The lofty Faulhorn and Schwarzhoren, which rise over 2,000 meters above the lovely lake, are famous for their vistas. 

The lake is called for the town of Brienz, which is located on the lake’s northern coastline, and the coastal town of Interlaken, which is located on the lake’s southern shoreline. Because of its gorgeous color and neighboring snow-capped mountains, waterfalls, and cliffs, Lake Brienz is among the most romantic spots to visit lakes in Switzerland. 

Lake Maggiore 

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Finally, stop at Locarno, in the canton of Ticino, to round up your trip to the Swiss lakes.


Enjoy the good life while visiting the shoreline of Lake Maggiore, which is lined with beaches and bathing areas. If you’re taking a vacation in August, make sure to book your hotel well ahead of time, as the city comes to life with the Locarno Film Festival, and hotels fill up pretty quickly. 

The stunning scenery around Lake Maggiore provides unrivaled meeting amenities. With its natural and cultural splendors, it has a long history of meeting and conference hosting, with several superb venues and facilities, as well as unrivaled hospitality amenities. Moreover, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions globally due to its quality, politeness, and diverse and gorgeous environment. 


Final Thought 

Undoubtedly, Switzerland is renowned as “Europe’s Reservoir” because of its massive freshwater reserves and more than 1,500 lakes, and the country’s magnificent landscapes are characterized mainly by water. No mystery this tiny nation has guarded this most precious asset for the generation to generation, which produces such a diverse range of natural characteristics, from spectacular rivers like the Rhine and the Rhone and incredibly huge lakes like Lucerne and Geneva to climbing alpine glaciers and rising waterfalls that cascade from cliff edges above mountain towns. 

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