Premier Brands of Swiss Chocolate

Chocolates have been the number one favorite snack for kids and stress reliever for adults. Although chocolates receive accounts that it is high in fat and sugar, it has a lot of benefits that made people change the way they think about chocolate making them enjoy it more. There are many chocolate manufacturers in the world but let’s focus on the premier brands of Swiss chocolates, the oldest chocolate manufacturers in the world. Swiss chocolate brands are known for producing different types of chocolate to choose from milk, dark, and white chocolate.

The Aztecs were the first to discover cocoa beans, believing it to be a divine gift. These beans were dubbed “meal of the gods” by them. The Aztecs made a drink called “xocolatl,” or chocolate water, out of cocoa. It was characterized as bitter and salty. The Spanish were the first to find cocoa beans, and they were blown away by their nutritional value and energy. And from cocoa beans comes tasty Swiss chocolates that are now imported from all over the world.


Let us take a look at these Swiss chocolate treats.



Cailler is Switzerland’s oldest chocolate manufacturer founded in 1819 by François-Louis Cailler. He was born in Vevey, a town near Lausanne in the early 1800s, which had seven chocolate factories. François bought a factory in 1820 to create chocolate on a large scale after having a small shop.

Cailler makes a variety of 100 g and 200 g chocolate bars, mostly in milk but also in dark and white. Individual chocolate bars are also produced. The Branche, a branch-shaped chocolate and hazelnut bar with a praline filling, is one of the oldest still commercialized items. Kohler’s recipe books initially referenced the original Branche in 1896, and it has been made since 1904. Often stuffed into a bread roll or bun, it is still a popular and extensively replicated product today. Cailler also makes praline boxes, including Ambassador (since 1890), Fémina (1902), and Frigor (1923), which have been duplicated by others.

Cailler is one of the leading Swiss Chocolate brands in the world | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

A visitor to Maison Cailler is educated about the brand’s history, ingredient sourcing, and the art of chocolate-making; after tours, visitors are allowed to sample chocolates in the tasting room. Photo by Cailler



Nestle is founded by Henri Nestle which started in 1867 as a small business that initially focused on baby formula and has now expanded to a Swiss multinational food and drink corporation located in Switzerland.

Nestle promotes wellness as well as providing balanced treats for everyone. Nestlé’s tale began through experimenting with various mixtures of cow’s milk, wheat flour, and sugar to manufacture milk for mothers who were unable to breastfeed. After that, he was successful, and his brand became well-known and needed for all mothers. Years passed, and Henri Nestlé and his crew came up with new items such as cereals, water, coffee, beverages, and even chocolates. Nestlé’s chocolate is one of the most well-known product lines of the corporation that has made them wealthy and famous.

Nestle not only focuses on providing sweet treats to their customers but also cares for their farmers. Today, they have a project called “Cocoa Plan” which aims to help create a better future for Cocoa farmers. The goal is to provide farmers a productive and profitable farms for their family’s good life.

Raisinets Sweet Tarts Laffy Taffy 100 Grand Crunch Baby Ruth Butterfinger | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

One of the most famous chocolate products of Nestle is Kitkat. Photo by Nestle USA



Emil Baumann and Theodor Tobler founded Toblerone in Bern, Switzerland, in 1908. Emil Baumann, Theodor Tobler’s cousin, devised the original recipe, which included milk chocolate, nougat, almonds, and honey. The unusual triangular design and packaging were created by Theodor Tobler. Toblerone derived its name from an Italian term torrone which is a type of nougat.

Toblerone is one of the most iconic swiss chocolate brands in the world | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Toblerone is one of the most iconic Swiss chocolate brands worldwide | Photo by Alibaba


The Matterhorn’s triangle shape in the Swiss/Italian Alps is commonly credited as inspiring Theodor Tobler to design the Toblerone shape. Nonetheless, as seen in the photo above right, a silhouette of the Matterhorn appears on modern Toblerone packaging.

Because of its stability, iconic design, and stylistic features that appropriately fit the brand’s values and attributes, Toblerone has maintained its popularity and success. Despite being over a century old, the brand’s characteristic shape, packaging, and emblem have never changed. Over time, this remarkably simple marketing approach has allowed the brand’s packaging to transcend the chocolate sector and maintain its appeal as one of the world’s most popular and fascinating chocolate bars.\



Lindt is a Swiss chocolatier and confectionery company that was founded in 1845 and is famous for its chocolate truffles and chocolate bars, among other things. It is headquartered in Kilchberg, which also houses its primary manufacturing and museum.

Lindt tried and failed to make his chocolate more edible for numerous days and nights, but it wasn’t until he left his equipment running overnight that he found the conching process. Instead of discovering a heap of spoiled rubbish in the morning, Lindt discovered that the chocolate smelled delicious and melted in the tongue, revealing rich flavors.

Lindt is one of the premium Swiss chocolate brands known around the world | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Lindt is one of the premium Swiss chocolate brands known around the world | Photo by Lindt Chocolate


Lindt & Sprüngli now has roughly 370 chocolate stores, cafes, and businesses around the world. Their reputation as one of the world’s best chocolate producers is secure, owing to the man who was the first to figure out how to make the delicious stuff melt in our mouths.

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Lausanne at Crosswinds - Luxury House and Lot for Sale in Tagaytay - Brittany Corporation


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What Crosswinds Tagaytay Offers


Swiss-inspired Properties

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Breathtaking Scenery

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