Trendy new home items to improve home living


The summer season is upon us and what better way to spend it than improving your home? Whether that’s moving to a luxury house and lot for sale in a better location or just rearranging the current furniture you have to create more space, freshening up your luxury home improves mental health and overall well-being. Finished your home projects and DIYs already? If you’re satisfied with how things are now, then it’s high time you spice things up. A set of trendy new home items will improve your family’s everyday life.

As the world tries to create a new normal, we’re obligated to live our lives at home. Even working and schooling has been done mostly at home for the past year. With this is the rise in home bonding activities, DIY home projects, online shopping, and trendy new home items. Not only are these trends fun to do, but they’re also incredibly rewarding and convenient, and can be enjoyed by the whole family.


Middle Eastern mother helping child prepare breakfast in a white kitchen | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Helping mom out with trendy new home items in the kitchen is a great way to show love and appreciation.


Trendy New Home Items for Mom


This month of May, there is a newfound love and appreciation for mothers all over the world. Being at home made us realize the capability of our mothers to manage a household, work, and everything in between. Now Mother’s Day may have passed, but we all know that one day is not enough to honor these superheroes in our lives. As such, a great gift to reward them or yourself with are trendy new home items to improve luxury home living.


List of Trendy New Home Items that are Worth the Hype


Chicken tenders, cooked in an air fryer which is one of the trendy new home items, on a bed of lettuce, with ranch dressing | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

You can cook a variety of meals with a trusty air fryer.


1. The Air Fryer for Quick and Easy Meals

Thanks to this trendy new home item, quick and easy meals don’t have to mean fast food or junk food anymore. Now, the family can enjoy healthy and substantial meals without the long hours of preparation in the kitchen. This is especially useful to parents who manage both the household and businesses that require most of their time. 

The great thing about the air fryer is its ability to cook almost anything, and can even act as an oven for baking desserts! Hence, this is also a great way for children to learn how to cook without feeling overwhelmed by kitchen tools and cooking methods. has a list of delectable air fryer recipes you should try with your family at home.

 A hand getting two gua sha rollers on a marble surface which are part of a set of trendy new items | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The Gua Sha is a skincare must-have that works well when used fresh cold from the fridge.


2. The Skincare Fridge that will Refresh Your Skin

By now, the world has finally accepted that skincare is a self-care activity for everyone, regardless of age. However, the best skincare tips will only work if you buy the right products for your skin type and if you store them properly. This trendy new home item is the answer to that issue. In fact, some of the best skincare products need to stay cool and shaded to stay effective, especially the potent serums.

There are also added benefits to cooling your facial products in your luxury home. According to Dr. Gretchen Frieling, a dermatologist at GFaceMD, “Cold skincare products have the most benefit when you’re looking to constrict blood vessels for a firmer, tighter appearance such as reducing dark under-eye bags or puffiness.”

Good Housekeeping listed the prettiest skincare fridges that deserve to store your best skincare products.

robot vacuum sweeping the floor next to two cats in a living room | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Robot vacuums will accumulate all the dust and fur from your house, and won’t harm any of your pets.


3. The Robot Vacuum that will Sweep you off your Feet

The first thing that comes to mind when reading the word “robot” is the version that takes over the world. Fret not because the only thing this robot will take over is your dusting role. These robot vacuums are compact trendy new home items that sweep your entire room,  stripping your floors off of dust all day. They also have a built-in sensor that prevents them from falling off platforms or bumping against walls. They can also be quite cute if you’ve grown a liking to Disney’s Wall-E. After cleaning all day, you can easily just charge them at night, while you recharge as well.

Depending on which vacuum robot you’ll get, they are usually equipped with HEPA filters that prevent allergens from spreading through the air. If you don’t want to eject dust using their easy-to-remove dustbins, you may also buy one that can empty its own dustbin. Beyond offering greater convenience than traditional models, they significantly limit your exposure to dust — a big plus if you suffer from allergies.

Product Nation recommends these robot vacuums based on your preferred features and types of floor surfaces.

smart home device application showing doors to lock | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Smart home devices improve home living quality and security with a touch of a finger.


4. The Smart Home Device to Manage your Home for You

Smart Home devices, such as Alexa by Amazon and Google Home, are the go-to trendy new home items that work as your personalized butler in your luxury home. With this installed, you can get things done through easy actions like clapping your fingers or voicing out commands. 

Smart Home devices also help in assisting senior citizens and persons with disabilities, as they can be able to control appliances without straining themselves. This software is definitely friendly for all members of the family. Improve the mood in your living room by activating surround sound jazz music. Tell your home device to turn on the lights when you can’t see at night. Your family is sure to enjoy this 24/7 deluxe service. 

Check out this smart home tour of the Eliot, Promenade’s luxury house model in the Old English-themed community of Brittany Sta. Rosa.

A black humidifier puffing out steam inside a bedroom in the evening, with a background of a woman wearing a robe in bed, next to a night lamp on a beside table | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Humidifiers are great additions to the bedroom so that your skin doesn’t go dry while you sleep.


5. The Spa Inspired Humidifier

Every spa has its own humidifier that usually emits calming scents of essential oils. This is because essential oils, matched with a recommended room temperature, relax the nerves and keeps the skin from feeling dry. Who’s to say you can’t experience this in your own luxury home?

The great thing about purchasing this trendy new home item is that you can choose one according to your wants and needs. We recommend a humidifier that can emit calming scents that will keep you from leaving the living room of your luxury home. You can also buy ones that purify the air, which is great especially when any member of the family has sensitivities and allergies. It’s the perfect tool to hit two birds with one stone — figuratively!

The Wedding Vow has a list of the best humidifiers you can find in the Philippines.

 A garden of colorful flowers with a background of tall European cabin style Swiss quadrille houses | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Brittany Corporation’s master-planned landscapes beautifully capture the best of nature and exclusive home living.


Brittany Corporation: Your Trendy New Home


Now that it’s summer and we’re obligated to spend it safely at home, Brittany Corporation brings the vacation experience to you through its luxury houses and lots. With thematic communities inspired by world-class destinations, there’s no better vacation spot than the one you can live in every day.

The Italian luxury homes in Vista Alabang will surely romance you with their cobblestone pathways and Rome-inspired courtyards. Meanwhile, the picket fence house of your dreams is surrounded by manicured hedges in the old world charms of Brittany Sta. Rosa. San Francisco’s Victorian luxury homes welcome you home on the sunny side of the metro at La Posada in Sucat. Last but not the least, Crosswinds Luxury Resort is your exclusive hideaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, with its Swiss-inspired landscape atop one of Tagaytay’s highest peaks.

With 24/7 guaranteed safety and exclusivity, excellent service and amenities, and more, you’ll never leave these classic vacation homes. Guaranteed, these elegant masterpieces will never go out of style.