Living A Balanced Life Of Comfort and Luxury

Brittany Corporation has come up yet again with another haven for comfort and luxury — Bern Baguio. Granted, Baguio City is already a luxurious place to live in, with its cold weather and rich green surroundings, but Vista Land took things even further with this luxury condo in Baguio.

Rendering of the upcoming condo at Bern Baguio

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People often go to the City of Pines during the summer for a vacation, or even just for a quick weekend getaway. It is, after all, the summer capital of the Philippines. But why be a tourist to one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines, if you have the taste and means for a balanced life of comfort and luxury? Bern Baguio lets the privileged few experience the definition of luxury and comfort.

Is Baguio a Good Place to Live?

Yes, Baguio is a prime location for those seeking to live a life of luxury and comfort. The Philippines has a lot of spots that people from all over the world should visit at least once in their lives, and Baguio is one of these. Thanks to Bern Baguio, you can now live a balanced life of comfort and luxury by the Cordilleras.

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Don’t just live in any random spot in Baguio, though. Choosing a luxury condo in Baguio will let you enjoy the full extent of the city’s natural beauty. Have a sweeping view of the mountains and pine trees each and every day in the prime location of Bern. This is why a condo for sale from Vista Land will always be a good investment for those who can afford it.

Living in Bern will give you a sense of privacy, as it is planned to be an exclusive area. This luxury condo in Baguio has four buildings that have only four to eight units per floor, so this is not the place for everyone. If you think you are fortunate enough for Bern, then check out a beautiful condo for sale now on the Brittany Corporation website.

Aside from a lavish dwelling, Bern also offers premium amenities, such as a gym, a sauna, and even studios for yoga and pilates. This condo in Baguio will not be complete without a view deck, which it has, so you can immerse yourself in the rich sceneries all around. There is also an entertainment room with deluxe furnishings, so you can have a grand time with your family, friends, and guests.

What Are the Benefits of Living in Baguio?

Living in Baguio offers a lot of advantages, which will be discussed below. Not a lot of cities in the Philippines have these benefits.

Cold Climate

Renering of Bern Baguio community

Baguio’s cold climate is one of the primary reasons why people are in love with the city. Whereas the rest of the country seems to be in a perpetual summer, you will always get to enjoy the chill in Baguio. No need to worry about the air conditioning, no need to sweat when just sitting down, and you can sport your favorite jackets and sweaters.

Tourist Spots

Baguio is already a beautiful place to begin with, but then it also has some spots that will draw you in even more. When in Baguio, you can go to the Burnham Park and go paddling in the Burnham lake. There are also the Baguio Cathedral where you can pray, Camp John Hay, Mines View Park which gives you more sceneries, and also the Asin Hot Springs where you can take a relaxing dip.

All of these will be available to you daily if you choose to be a local. We suggest checking out a condo for sale by Brittany Corporation, so you can have a luxurious address in an affluent location.

Good Food

Enjoy the fresh local delicacies of Baguio every day to satisfy the foodie in you. One of the perks of living in Benguet is that there are farms all around to supply the markets with fresh harvest, so dining is always a fun and healthy experience.

Photo of fresh strawberries

You can have fresh and affordable fruits and vegetables every day in Baguio for a balanced life of comfort and luxury. The city is known for producing a lot of strawberries, which are uncommon everywhere else in the country. In fact, you can even go to the strawberry farms and pick the fruit yourself during the day for a fun and natural experience with food. You can also get some strawberry ice cream and strawberry taho, a popular Filipino snack or merienda with a twist.

Fresh ingredients are to thank for the restaurants’ and cafes’ good food in Baguio. If you want your friends from other parts of the country to have a taste of Baguio, then you can get them tasty pasalubong from Good Shepherd. Their ube jam, strawberry jam, lengua, peanut brittle, and sayote chutney are strong choices! Also visit the night market for a late-night food trip.

Clean and Quiet Surroundings

Get away from the all the pollution of Manila by living in Baguio. Luxury and comfort can only be achieved with locations that are tidy and tranquil. Clean and peaceful living is what you are paying for when you get a condo for sale in Bern.

Photo rendering of Bern Baguio

Bern Baguio is planned to be a low-density area, as it will only be available for a few, so the place will be a refreshing change if you are used to the noise pollution of Metro Manila, where you will hear noises non-stop whether it’s from people, vehicles, or God-knows-what. The area is also heavily populated by trees, especially pine trees, so you can enjoy their fresh scent while they keep the air cool and clean. Baguio is also one of the few cities in the country, where you can have a quiet morning stroll along the neighborhood without seeing trash littering sidewalks.

The Locals

Lastly, you can expect Baguio locals to be very warm and welcoming. Filipinos are in general hospitable, but people from Baguio seem to be friendly in another level. This is perhaps because they are used to people coming from different parts of the world, so they do know how to make you feel at home in the wonderful city of theirs. We spend a lot of time with other people, so better spend it with the nicest people you can be with.


If you want to live a life of comfort and luxury in the Philippines, then Baguio is the place to be in. From the cold climate to the very good food, it is a prime location not just for vacationing, but also for daily living.

It helps that there are residential establishments like Bern Baguio that can give the privileged few a luxurious dwelling in a beautiful place. Never let the opportunity of having the perfect address pass by. Go visit the Brittany Corporation website for their offerings!