Baguio Coding Traffic App: Ease Traffic Congestion In The City

Baguio City is still considered as one of the most popular tourist spots in the country, and its attractiveness is evident from the high number of tourists visiting during the holiday season.

Nevertheless, the city is confronted with a predicament; traffic congestion is becoming increasingly worse because tourists often bring their own vehicles.

Mayor Benjamin Magalong is aware of the mobility issues and took to Facebook earlier this month to seek the patience of the Baguio population in handling the influx of visitors in this tourism-driven city.

The city’s top executive urged locals to utilize public transportation as much as possible, and if feasible, park their cars.

Mayor Magalong encouraged the residents and visitors of Baguio to take a walk as it is beneficial for their health and heart.

In a statement posted by the Baguio City Public Information Office on social media, Magalong acknowledged the significance of tourism in helping to make up for the city’s revenue loss caused by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the city’s tourism office, the number of visitors in 2022 has already reached pre-pandemic levels, with an average of 150,000 arrivals per month since March, totaling approximately 1.2 million visitors so far.

The increasing traffic in the city during holidays has caused dissatisfaction among the residents, who have expressed their frustrations on social media.

A Twitter user from Baguio said, “We Baguio residents cannot bear the traffic and hassle caused by visitors anymore.”

Several tourists have also complained that they could not enjoy Baguio fully because of the heavy traffic, partially due to the Baguio Coding.

The increasing traffic in the city during holidays has caused dissatisfaction among the residents

Mayor Magalong signed a resolution on behalf of the city council, requesting the DENR-CAR to permit the construction of a multi-level parking building along Buhagan Road with the aim of easing traffic congestion. I

In a video shared by Baguio PIO on December 22, Magalong mentioned that investors have expressed interest in investing in various projects in the city, particularly in the area of smart mobility.

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Amidst the ongoing traffic congestion issues, Baguio City has launched a government-operated app that provides drivers with alternate routes to alleviate the continuing traffic jams in the city. The app, which can be accessed at, not only provides alternate routes to avoid traffic but also alerts users to road closures and inaccessibility.

Additionally, the app includes other useful information such as the location of public utility jeepney terminals in the city and traffic rules like number coding, motorcycle routes, and truck ban.

According to Mayor Benjamin Magalong, the app is a temporary solution while the city works on creating more permanent and long-term transportation solutions.

While the city continues to work on better measures, the Baguio City Police Office Traffic Enforcement Unit and the City Engineering Office Traffic and Transportation Management Division will continue to study the traffic situation in the city to find ways to address the worsening gridlock.

The city government of Baguio is set to launch a new web application that will offer motorists traffic information and directional assistance, with the aim of reducing traffic congestion during crowded events in the city.

Developed by the Management Information and Technology Division of the City Mayor’s Office, the app will provide drivers with information on alternative routes they can take to avoid congested roads and will also alert them to road closures or inaccessibilities.

The app will also include other useful information, such as the locations of public utility jeepney terminals, as well as the basic traffic rules being implemented in the city, like number coding, motorcycle routes, and truck bans.

The application will be accessible through a QR code or direct website link, and its launch date will be announced soon.

Traffic congestion is a common problem in the city during peak tourist season and special events, and Mayor Benjamin Magalong has stated that traffic experts from the Baguio City Police Office Traffic Enforcement Unit and the City Engineering Office Traffic and Transportation Management Division have been working on measures to address the issue.

City Tourism Officer Aloysius Mapalo also noted that tourist arrivals in the city had exceeded pre-pandemic levels, with an average of 100,000 tourists recorded weekly in December.

While the city continues to work on a long-term solution, such as the smart transportation and mobility project, the new app will provide motorists with temporary relief.

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Experience the Height of Luxury Living Amidst Nature at Bern Baguio by Brittany Corporation

When you hear Switzerland, you imagine mountains and exceptional experiences.

You think of taking a break in the city or escaping to enjoy a peaceful and lavish lifestyle in a beautiful location on one of the highest points in Baguio.

Bern is a high-end condominium development by Brittany Corporation that will be built in the serene part of Baguio City, offering a picturesque view of lush green mountains, towering pine trees, and scenic vistas in all directions.

Bern is a four-tower, upscale condominium development by Brittany that will feature a traditional Alpine exterior in the picturesque region of Baguio City.

However, what sets Bern apart is what lies beyond its classic wooden façade.

The exterior of the tower will feature conventional alpine design elements, while the interior will be adorned with soft design elements along with a range of traditional Cordillera art and premium amenities that provide a feeling of comfort and warmth.

Bern, a condo development designed in a chalet-style meant only for exclusive use, will have all the necessary amenities for relaxation, dining, and entertainment.

The units at Bern are exclusively spacious and versatile, which is where their exclusivity lies. Bern has three distinct unit types that enable owners to tailor their living space to their preferences.

Bern offers a range of luxurious living spaces to suit different lifestyles, including a 46-square-meter one-bedroom suite, a 51-square-meter one-bedroom corner suite, and a 101-square-meter two-bedroom suite.

Experience the Height of Luxury Living Amidst Nature at Baguio Bern by Brittany Corporation

At Bern, providing convenient and unique experiences for residents is a top priority.

Unlike other developments with generic facilities, Bern distinguishes itself by offering an amenity area on its top levels.

The luxury experience allows residents to enjoy a wide range of amenities integrated with the latest lifestyle features, making their time at home more enjoyable.

Bern will provide a dedicated and imaginative space for families to foster a sense of belonging in their new home.

It will feature Jacuzzis and family lounges complete with fire pits, providing families with the opportunity to spend quality time together without needing to find entertainment elsewhere.

The residents can enjoy a unique and fulfilling lifestyle immersed in nature, with facilities like a gym, sauna, yoga, and Pilates studio that are designed to rejuvenate the body and refresh the mind.

The layout of the amenities is carefully planned to complement the residents’ lifestyle.

Discover the Finest High-End Properties by Brittany Corporation in Prime Locations Across the Philippines

Brittany Corporation offers a diverse range of high-end home designs, condominiums, and lot-only properties in exceptional locations, such as Alabang’s Portofino, Tagaytay’s Lausanne, and Laguna’s Georgia Club.

Brittany Corporation plans to introduce a range of upscale leisure developments that are expected to become the most sought-after lifestyle destinations in the country’s prime locations.

These luxury leisure projects, including the Bern property, will provide a privileged few with a comfortable environment to nurture, entertain, and inspire them to live and invest in luxury.

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