Philippines Best Customized Wood Furniture Brands

Custom wood furniture is one of the best investment pieces you can add to your luxury home to make it shine and stand the test of time. Wooden furniture that is custom-built for your beautiful home is special, as it is made specifically with you and your needs in mind. Well made furniture will last for generations, and your favorite wood pieces can very well be heirlooms that you get to pass on to your children and grandchildren.

Wooden Furniture

Wood furniture is popular in the Philippines, especially if you are looking for furniture pieces for your world-class luxury home. Well-made custom wood furniture is a stunning addition to your luxury home, and we have compiled the best places in the Philippines that offer custom furniture. Luxury is found in the quality of your home and furniture pieces, so make the smart choice by investing in solid wood furniture for your luxury home.

What wood is used for furniture in the Philippines?

Wooden Furniture Carpentry

The Philippines has a robust wood furniture industry with thousands of skilled workers and craftsmen creating beautiful wooden furniture that can last for several generations. The country is also abundant in different types of wood that are strong and beautiful when transformed into furniture pieces.


Most old families will have several pieces of wooden furniture made from narra. Narra is also known as the national tree of the country and is often referred to as heirloom wood as furniture made from narra is passed down to the next generation like heirloom pieces due to its solidity and durability.

Narra trees are slow-growing, and its wood can range from rosy to reddish hues. Narra is also termite-resistant, making it an attractive option for wood furniture in the Philippines.

However, because narra trees are so rare nowadays, it is now included in the list of protected trees. This makes the production of furniture and other things from narra a highly controlled industry requiring special permits to limit the over-harvesting and logging of the slow-growing and rare narra trees.


The acacia tree is native to the Philippines and many other South East Asian countries as it thrives in a tropical climate. The acacia is a type of hardwood that can grow up to 40 feet in just six years. It is a fast-growing tree and its wood is of good quality, which makes it ideal for sustainable farming and harvesting for the production of Philippine furniture.

Acacia is a hardwood that is water-resistant, high-heat-resistant and has antibacterial properties. Color-wise, the acacia can range from light to dark brown, with varied graining. This appealing visual quality makes acacia wooden furniture perfect for any luxury homes as it can blend well to different color palettes.


The kamagong tree provides high-quality wood that is often called “iron wood” because of its rich dark brown color. “Iron wood” can also refer to kamagong’s qualities as a hardwood. Found growing in low- and medium-altitude forests in the Philippines, kamagong is farmed for both its wood and its fruit.

Because of its robust qualities and rich coloring, kamagong is an ideal wood for creating custom wooden furniture that will stand the test of time in your beautiful luxury home.

Where to Buy the Best Custom Wood Furniture in the Philippines

Making of a Wood Furniture

There are many places in the country that you can turn to for bespoke, quality furniture that is easy to style and made to last. Here is a list of the best companies that will make your wood furniture dreams come true.


Albero is a furniture manufacturer that creates quality and aesthetically beautiful furniture statement pieces that artfully merge craftsmanship, style, and function. Each piece that Albero produces has a purpose and is inspired by various design influences. The hallmark traits of their furniture are clean lines, subtle beauty, and letting the beauty of wood shine through.

Albero’s custom wood furniture always feels organic, classy, and timeless, even with their unique curves and subtle details. You can work with Albero designers to create a fully customized piece of furniture. Choose the colors, fabric, size and from different woods like walnut, ash, and beech wood to a piece that is perfectly yours.


Oliohaus is a company that specializes in creating bespoke furniture from wood, stone, metal, and other indigenous materials that capture the design visions and aesthetics of their clientele. Oliohause creates durable and high quality pieces that will perfectly fit into your lifestyle.

Oliohaus can make you custom wooden bed frames, dining tables, chairs, coffee tables and cabinets. You can also add some Philippine luxury touches with their top-quality rattan pieces like chairs and tables. They work with expert artisans in Pampangga who are highly-skilled in wood working traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Dedipo Furniture Depot

If you are not sure what type of furniture you want custom-made, then Dedipo Furniture Depot is the place for you. Dedipo has a wide array of furniture options that you can choose from, and may of them can be customized to your exact tastes.

Dedipo likes to offer clients “furniture art” which means that their bespoke wood furniture is so beautifully made that each piece can also double as an art piece and a display item that can serve as a visual focal point in any room.

Choose from a wide array of designs to find the perfect furniture for your living room, dining room, and bedroom. Dedipo also offers custom cabinetry and built-ins for all your home storage needs. Rest assured that when you buy furniture pieces from Dedipo, you get durable and high quality pieces that are also beautiful and artistic


Cozier is another furniture company you can get custom pieces from, especially if you are looking for more sophisticated and modern styles. Cozier prides itself in creating custom wood furniture that exudes elegance and grace through simple lines, high-quality materials, and top-notch craftsmanship. Each piece they create is timeless and elegant, and most importantly, their pieces make your luxury home feel chic and effortlessly classy.

They work primarily with wood, creating chairs, tables, beds, cabinets, and various seating solutions. They also work using materials like metal, natural fiber, leather, and fabric to create more dynamic pieces. The result of their work is always a cozier home for you and your family.

Celebrate Wood Furniture in Your Tagaytay Home

Photo of a balcony with the beautiful view of the pine trees and nature

Wood furniture is one of the best purchases you can make to elevate your home as these pieces will last for a lifetime. When made well and with high-quality solid wood, furniture becomes more beautiful as the years go by. They age with grace and add a sense of sophistication and elegance to your luxury home.

Living in a luxury condominium in Tagaytay should not stop you from investing in the best wood furniture pieces. Have your furniture custom built so they are easy to fit and style into your luxury condominium. Having wooden furniture in your luxury home is a grounding element that can connect you with nature. But what is even better is connecting with nature through a luxury home in the pine tree-filled estate of Crosswinds Tagaytay.

Lausanne at Crosswinds

Crosswinds Tagaytay is a beautiful Swiss-inspired luxury enclave, filled with acres of pine trees that give of a refreshing and calming scent all year. Relax in your own home up in the hills of Tagyatay surrounded by lush trees that can serve as your refuge away from the busy city.

At Crosswinds Tagaytay, you can find the luxury condominium of your dreams. Inspired by rustic and idyllic Swiss chalets, your Crosswinds luxury condominium will make you appreciate all the beauty and warmth that wood has to offer. The luxury condo units at Alpine Villas and The Grand Quartier will make the perfect spot for a mountain home base for you and your family.

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