Virtual Fireplaces To Keep You Warm

“Home is often a place where we put on our most comfortable clothes, sit in our most comfortable spot, and completely let go and relax.”

– Dr. Dicken Bettinger, Educator and Licensed Psychologist

The act of relaxing does wonders for your mental health and contributes to feelings of serenity and contentment.

Our bodies are also in need of rest, and it is essential that we recognize the symptoms that manifest in our bodies when they have been overworked.

There are an infinite number of ways to unwind.

There are a variety of techniques that can help you relax not only your body but also your mind.

On the other hand, due to the fact that the bodies and minds are connected, numerous methods of relaxation work on the mind and, consequently, also work on the body.

In Christopher Dana Lynn’s Hearth and campfire influences on arterial blood pressure: defraying the costs of the social brain through fireside relaxation, it was stated that it is generally accepted that fire played an important role in the course of human evolutionary history; however, the extent of this role has not been thoroughly investigated.

Fires produce a distinctive odor, as well as warmth, light that flickers and crackles, and sound.

Fire most likely helped early humans by extending the day, providing heat, illuminating dark places, assisting with hunting, warding off potential threats like insects and predators, and making cooking easier.

Campfires may have provided a social nexus as well as relaxing effects, both of which may have contributed to an increase in prosocial behavior.

The findings showed a consistent drop in blood pressure in the condition involving fire and sound, particularly in response to a stimulus that was presented for a longer period of time, along with an enhancement of the effects of absorption and pro-sociality.

Here Are Some of the Soothing Virtual Fireplaces To Keep You Warm

The findings show that having a fire in the fireplace or around a campfire can be very relaxing because it is a multisensory, absorbing, and social experience.

It is likely that improvements in the capacity for relaxation in the human social brain came about as a result of feedback encompassing these and other variables.

According to Matthew Browning,  fires, even virtual fires, may be soothing since they can partially grasp your attention and reinstate your mental skills.

He thinks that this may be why fires are calming.

He is researching on how watching videos of natural settings or engaging in virtual reality affects people’s emotions.

Browning is the director of the Virtual Reality and Nature Lab at Clemson University in South Carolina.

A Virtual Fireplace Keeps You Warm

According to a study conducted in 2020 on 146 Swedes, increasing the feeling of comfort was the second most common reason for lighting fireplaces.

Those who participated in the study also claimed that the “beautiful light” that a fire cast was more appealing to them than the heat it provided.

The study participants reported feeling less anxious, happier, and more sociable after observing a fire.

“It’s a small comfort, but one I’m clinging to.”

-Angela Lashbrook, The Life-Changing Magic of Virtual Fireplaces

Our reliance on technology has increased exponentially since the pandemic began.

We have grown accustomed to seeing not only our coworkers and family members on video, but also a wide variety of public events, from conferences to trade shows to fireworks.

This could be one reason why using a virtual fireplace is gaining much popularity.

Studies show that virtual fireplaces can have the same calming effect as real ones, despite lacking the traditional fireplace’s scent and warmth.

Researchers found that showing people a virtual fire on a screen while playing fire sounds reduced their blood pressure in a controlled study conducted in 2014.

The longer people spent in front of the fire, the more at ease they felt.

A Virtual Fireplace Keeps You Warm

Here Are Some of the Soothing Virtual Fireplaces To Keep You Warm

One great way to relax is to grab a cup of warm coffee or perhaps a mug of hot chocolate and curl up next to the fireplace with a good book.

Today’s busy lifestyles mean that many people rarely get home to a roaring fire, so people have had to become inventive to fill the void.

Thankfully, numerous streamers have taken the step to give their viewers the option of virtually sitting in front of a fireplace, including the popular platform Netflix.

1. ) The Witcher: Fireplace

Netflix members can select from four distinct fireplace options. The first one is The Witcher: Fireplace. The fireplace is really more of a fire pit.

The hour-long loop is certain to be a delight with any Witcher fan, as Netflix describes it as “soothing flames” that provide the “ideal backdrop for a cozy mood.” The fire pit’s sizzling and breaking wood is accompanied by a variety of gloomy fantasy-themed instrumental music and lute playing.

2.) Fireplace for Your Home: 4K Crackling Birchwood Edition

If you’re searching for a high-quality fireplace display with a more traditional aesthetic, then the Fireplace for Your Home: 4K Crackling Birchwood Edition is definitely something you should consider purchasing.

Users of Netflix will be able to experience the pops and burbles of the fireplace in crystal clear, high definition, over the holiday season, while also taking in the sounds of nature through the blazing Birchwood in this video that is one hour long.

3.) Fireplace for Your Home: The 4K Classic Crackling Fireplace Edition

The hour-long 4K tape is believed to be the “first of its kind” and delivers the “clearest picture” of a real fireplace. It was filmed in California. Sparks and crackles like those in this video will make any room feel cozier and create a more inviting ambiance.

4.) Fireplace for Your Home

Last but not least, Netflix also provides a feature known as Fireplace for Your Home. This feature gives users the option of selecting either a Crackling Yule Log Fireplace, a Crackling Fireplace, or a Crackling Fireplace with Music, which recreates the calming atmosphere of an old-fashioned, wood-burning fireplace.

5.) The Original Yule Log from WPIX (1966)

Fred Thrower, president and CEO of WPIX Channel 11, envisioned the three-hour loop of the 17 seconds of footage as a sort of Christmas card to their viewers huddled in their small  apartments that do not have a fireplace of their own.

The first footage, which was captured on 16mm film, was taken at Gracie Mansion in 1966, when John Lindsay was living there in his capacity as mayor.

Virtual Fireplaces To Keep You Warm

WPIX would interrupt its regular schedule program during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day from 1966 until 1989 “to bring you the warmth, good cheer, and friendliness of a yule log fire accompanied by the most beautiful and familiar Christmas carols.”

This tradition continued until the station went off the air in 1989.

Despite the shutting down of the station, people still feel the warmth of the virtual fireplaces during the Christmas season.

Truly, pioneers are considered classics. Similar to how WPIX started virtual fireplaces, Brittany Corporation trailblazed luxury communities in the country.

Bern Baguio is the perfect luxury condo for you.

Imagine being greeted each morning by a refreshing wind and the intoxicating aroma of pine trees that have stood for hundreds of years.

This is the life you were meant to live: one filled with tranquility, wellness, and the beauty of nature.

At Bern Baguio, you may rejoice in both life and luxury.

In here, you can truly relax while letting the virtual fire play in your screen as you drink your warm cup of coffee.

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