Living Room Design Trends of 2022

“An interior is a natural projection of the soul.”

-Coco Chanel

As we enter 2023, many are sure to create a bucket list yet again filled with new adventures for the coming year. From exciting trips overseas to career paths, there’s always one goal most keep in mind and try to achieve first – that would be none other than the closest one we have, our homes.

Home Interior Design

People get intimidated when it comes to home interior design, especially for those with big homes. There are many factors and places to be considered, such as bedrooms, kitchens, and entertainment areas. At times like this, it’s good to take it one step at a time in order to not get overwhelmed.

One of the main features of your house that would be great to start your interior design journey is none other than the living room. Being the part most exposed to both visitors and homeowners, the living room is a place you’ll see most often.

Living Room Design Trends 2022

To create a home that you’d want to live in, one must first have a sense of what you envision as your ideal. While some may already know the living room trends they want, others are still exploring on theirs.

Listed below are some tips and tricks on how you can design your living room to a space of comfort and class all while still being aesthetically pleasing and welcoming!

Top Living Room Interior Design of 2022

1.) Furniture Arrangement

It might seem obvious that furniture is very important in designing homes, but what people tend to forget is their arrangement. While the furniture itself is important, how you place them makes a huge impact on your living room.

For a living room, a welcoming atmosphere is a must. Arrange your sofas and tables in a manner where making small talk can easily be done. Create small spaces that will be very comfortable and cozy for you, your family, and your guests.

2.) General Lighting

When it comes to lighting, we don’t just refer to having one main source of light in your rooms. General lighting, or ambient lighting, refers to having a uniform light throughout your spaces, and this was the trend for most living rooms back in 2022.

To match this, people preferring the yellowish and cozy temperature for their lights over the usual bright, white ones. Living room color trends 2022 involved mostly warm light tones. Know how to place your lights properly in order to create that aesthetically pleasing look, both with lights on and lights off.

One of the Living Room Design Trend of 2022

3.) Keeping it Functional

Visually pleasing interior design is undoubtedly important but making it functional makes it much more appealing. Maintenance should always be considered when designing your homes, especially for areas often used, like the living room.

To create a living room with both efficiency and beauty makes the perfect balanced space. Your home would be something people would want to visit to from time to time when it becomes a space that gives comfort to both the body and mind.

4.) Ceiling Design

Even outside home interior design, a factor often overlooked when it comes to interior design is the fifth wall – the ceiling. Most tend to focus on what’s placed in front of our eyes, ignoring all the appeal of the ones above.

Your ceiling’s design could leave a huge impact in the living room. The space offers so much opportunities as a way to make your home have a sense of individualism by having a unique or personalized design.

5.) Tones and Textures

Nature inspired themes have been making waves during the most of 2022. Having relaxing tones and textures serve as one of the most welcoming gestures to a guest. The materials used in your decor and furniture also affects the mood and vibe that your living room gives out.

Neutral tones made up most of living room color trends 2022, partnered with cozy and fuzzy textures. This combination proved to be the most famous of the year as the palettes create a more relaxed and calmer vibe.

Living Room Interior of 2022

6.) Curves Over Edges

Originating from the 70’s, having curves instead of edges as a part of interior design rose to fame once again as living room design trends 2022. These curves were mostly evident on furniture and decor, giving a much more friendly vibe.

Design trends with this retro and curved style were famous with organic furniture, and when paired with fabrics of different textures and patterns, it became widely popular in 2022. These designs also made the living room safer. Seeing how sharp edges were removed from the picture, it also served as functional at the same time.

Living Room Interior 2022

7.) Appropriate Decor

When all’s been done with the base, some little touch-ups could do magic. Home decor living room sets are also widely used to give a uniform, balanced, yet not too overwhelming look for interior design.

The key to finding the right decorations lies in the overall look of your home. Make sure that the decorations match with the other aspects of the home. If you are still unsure on what to get, vintage and antique items were some of the most popular decor themes that can give a sense of life to the space.


Living Room Trends

These were some of the most famous living room design trends 2022. Some of these tips and trends could be applied to the other areas of your home, like ambient lighting in bedrooms for a cozier night’s sleep, and curves in activity areas for a safer yet still fun experience.

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