10 Sustainable Living Tips to Make Your Home Greener

Look around, and witness how beautiful the environment is—how every formation of the mountain and crashing of waves are wonderfully made. For the future generation, it is truly a gift. However, a dangerous event is gradually happening; climate change has made its way. So various approaches, including sustainable living, can be the key to fighting climate change. Similar to other countries, the governor of Canada promotes the preservation of their natural resources and reduces carbon footprint by starting at their own home.

Yes, you heard it right! Since people spend most of their time at home, especially during the pandemic, being aware of consuming resources, regardless of how small or big it is, matters. Even if you ask an energy advisor, having a sustainable lifestyle can save energy for the environment’s sake.

Eco-friendly home

All you have to do is to follow a few tips regarding sustainable living to make your home greener. Be inspired by the idea of Canada’s greener homes to be energy efficient and save natural resources from the biggest driver of climate change. It can be a team effort for some communities like those luxury homes in Santa rosa laguna and Alabang Philippines, where one of the most beautiful houses in the Philippines is present. This idea of sustainable living will not only make their lifestyle healthier but will also make their home revitalizing.

So to achieve sustainable living and make your home greener, here are some of the tips you can follow:

1. Wisely Save your Water at Home

Precious drop of water

As you know, water is one of the natural resources and is considered renewable energy. Saving this can significantly help the environment and your home by making it greener than before. How? Well, simply saving water at your home can reduce your carbon footprint because it needs to be pumped and heated for your water to be available at home, thus producing a carbon footprint.

You can save this renewable energy by having a dual flush toilet, monitoring all your faucets at home if there’s a leakage, and using rainwater for watering your plant or car washing. Think of how much energy you can save and, in return, enjoy the freshwater for a long time. So don’t hesitate to have this kind of sustainable living, even for those planning to buy a primary residence in some available place like a house and lot in Daang Hari or condominium for sale.

2. Purchase a Solar Panel at Home

Energy efficient solar panel at your greener home

Sustainable living may seem hard, but it’s not. Think of how much energy you can save. Having sustainable development goals by reducing greenhouse gasses is, in fact, worth doing to make your home greener. And one of the many ways to do it is by installing a solar panel. In this manner, you can practice a sustainable lifestyle at your primary residence or in any of your luxury homes, whether in Santa Rosa Laguna, Alabang, Philippines, or some of the most beautiful houses in the Philippines.

Regardless of where it is, solar panels can reduce your carbon footprint and teach you to become eco-friendly by saving energy in your greener home. It may also give an idea to your community to follow what the governor of Canada did and have a program like the Canada greener homes grant. You would make a contribution to the preservation of natural resources for future generations.

3. Avoid the use of Plastic at Home

You may hear it repeatedly, but using plastic, particularly plastic straws, is not ideal for sustainable living. If you want a sustainable lifestyle, use a reusable bag at home.

Did you know that those plastics you will use can become a pollutant? Much worse is that their production contributes a significant amount of greenhouse gasses, making climate change worse. Don’t wait for environmental degradation; take a small step and practice sustainable living. Remember, plastic may be convenient for you but not for the environment.

4. Change your Light Bulb into LED or CFL Light

Because of Canada’s greener home loan, their citizens have the chance to make their home greener and make an inquiry about pre-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation and post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation. But don’t be dismayed because you may also make a step in achieving a greener and more sustainable lifestyle by simply changing your lightbulb into LED and CFL light.

They are cost-saving energy that can help your electrical bill. It will be perfect in one of the most beautiful houses in the Philippines with modern green living located at Santa rosa laguna and a house and lot in Daang Hari.

5. Use a Compost bin at your Home

Has it ever occurred to you that your food waste can be fertilizer in your garden? If not, this will be an excellent tip for you to have a sustainable life amidst the increasing problem of food waste worldwide. Apply a better food system and self-sufficiency to your home. Buy a compost bin where all your food waste can be put and later used as fertilizer. If you wonder why? The answer is simple, those foods are composed of organic matter and rich in nutrients, especially if you have a plant-based or vegan diet, thus making your soil at home healthier for your plants.

For sure, even those with a residential portion in the house and lot in Daang Hari and condominium for sale will find this tip very useful, making their home greener while not wasting food. A helpful piece of advice to have sustainable living.

6. Have More Plants in your Garden

Lovely garden

Trees can not only make your home amazing, but they can also make them greener! As resource depletion becomes a problem, practicing this kind of sustainable lifestyle can make an impact and fight climate change. It helps in terms of energy balance by having more plants at your home, like what you see in one of the most beautiful houses in the Philippines in some advertisements.

Those plants you can see in other homes like Santa rosa laguna and Alabang Philippines can release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. More importantly, they can absorb some toxic greenhouse gasses, affecting human respiratory function in large amounts. You may even encourage your neighbor to build a community garden.

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7. Secure a better seal to your Doors and Windows

This tip for a greener home is very simple yet convenient. It is even included in the program of Canada greener homes grant. For those whose primary residence is located at a house and lot in Daang Hari, Alabang, Philippines, and a condominium for sale in Tagaytay, a new and secure door and window may already be a given. Still, as years pass by, they need to be secure because it is not eco-friendly and can produce a carbon footprint.

Unsecured doors and windows can let the air conditioner escape outside the house, causing a higher electricity bill. So this tip will not only make you have a sustainable lifestyle but also help you save your electrical bill. That’s why the Canada greener homes grant, and Canada greener homes loan is a wise and helpful program by the governor of Canada in preserving and helping people achieve a sustainable lifestyle. Plus, it has an interest-free loan and gives new jobs to energy advisors.

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8. Install Insulation at your Home

Insulation is one of the covers of the Canada Greener Homes program—providing energy-efficient retrofit and Energuide evaluation for those eligible for home retrofits. Imagine how much energy the government of Canada can save through this fantastic idea. It can let you and your family entirely off-grid.

Also, installing insulation in your home can save a lot of energy, reducing your carbon footprint and thus decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. It can reduce carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxide. Assuredly, it will look great in your home, even for a house and lot in Daang Hari and condominium for sale. Practicing this can give buyers an idea to make their home greener.

9. Use Eco-friendly Product

Every home used various products, like some primary residences in Santa rosa laguna and Alabang Philippines. To give an example, some people apply toxic paint and pesticide in their homes without thinking about the threat that it has. So much better, buy zero-to, very low-VOC paints, and when it comes to pesticides, you can use neem oil and pyrethrin, both considered eco-friendly.

These eco-friendly products would also be a great tip in fighting climate change aside from recycling excess packaging, plant-based diet, reusable bags, air sealing, and public transportation.

10. Support Energy Efficient Appliances

Energy efficient appliances

Having eco-friendly appliances can make your home greener and achieve sustainable living. Just look for an energy star label before buying one to be sure that the particular appliance you are buying is energy efficient. Doing that can lower your electricity bill for a longer period. More essentially, it can reduce carbon footprint, save money, and protect the environment for the sake of future generations.

Greener Homes at Brittany!

Be part of lessening resource depletion! A great example is the Canada greener homes program which makes your residence greener and promotes sustainable living. Stop thinking twice and have these small yet very significant lifestyle changes. What would make this wonderful is having a lovely home where you can do all this. Luckily, condominiums for sale and houses and lots for sale are available in one of the most beautiful houses in the Philippines built by Brittany Corporation. So don’t let the chance slip away, and be part of sustainable living by starting in your own home at Brittany.

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