Modern Green Living at Promenade

Fresh air, a lot of trees, and a pleasing environment are what modern green living looks like. Definitely refreshing, right? It gives a glimpse of nature, especially for those who are living in an urban area like Sta. Rosa, Laguna, where different establishments, smoke from the vehicles, and never-ending traffic can be very exhausting.

Experiencing the beauty of nature is a thing that every individual should feel. Except for its relaxing view, it will also help in making a contribution to the environment. Planting trees on your subdivision is a good idea. Instead of breathing polluted air, it is better to breathe a fresh one. It will also help the environment as trees remove carbon dioxide and replace it with oxygen, which reduces greenhouse effects.

A Wondrous Promenade at Sta.Rosa Laguna | Photo from Brittany Corporation Website

As people are innovating on different types of lifestyles, modern green living is assuredly one of the best. So embracing this will surely benefit every family around the neighborhood. Every time they go outside, they will have a refreshing environment.

Luckily, this kind of living has been introduced in the Philippines. In fact, it is popular and now considered as an international concept for modern interior design. Some places like Sta. Rosa, Laguna offers this kind of rejuvenating environment. Luxury homes for sale that are surrounded by the color of nature and will provide you with comfort through its astonishing sight. Modern green living means a lifestyle that reduces pollution, minimizes animal waste, promotes plant diversity, and lessens the extensive use of natural resources.

These are the ways that you could live in modern green living at Promenade:

1. Live in a way that supports Afforestation

Fabulous Home with Refreshing Plants | Photo from Pexels

Afforestation is also one way to help the environment while living in a subdivision where plants surround. It will allow an individual to make the environment greener by planting trees. Imagine if every person planted trees, that would make the subdivision where people lived healthier as plants such as trees produced oxygen.

Promenade in Sta. Rosa, Laguna offers this kind of environment. A modern, at the same time sophisticated home surrounded by plants is certainly refreshing for the eyes and in tune with nature. Every time they go outside their house, they will be able to see the view surrounding their residence. A current house and lot style with fresh air and a pleasing view. Sometimes it is good to see this thing in your neighbor as it will remind you where life begins- with nature. Also, in this way of living, families can even encourage their kids to grow trees and plants and make this a habit. This will be a good foundation for the kid’s love and care for the environment. After all, people are stewards and not the owners of all of these things.

2. Live in a waste-free environment

Simple Garbage Can for Waste-Free Environment | Photo from Unsplash

It is undeniable that as the population grows, humans’ waste also increases. If not controlled, this waste may continually contribute to many pollutions found in the environment, such as soil, air, and water. Usually, this waste comes from different residential places; as luck would have it, modern green living at the Promenade in Sta. Rosa, Laguna has a waste-free environment. As a matter of fact, except from the luxurious American-style luxury homes for sale that they offer, and the different trees that are planted, they maintain the cleanliness of the subdivision as well.

It is definitely a good thing to live in a clean place. Imagine taking a walk in your house at Promenade where fresh air can be felt, a grandiose vibe can be seen, and a sight of the elegantly designed house and lot. For sure it will be great. Residents in the Brittany Sta. Rosa Promenade will experience the luxury of living in a place where cleanliness is prioritized. For not aesthetic purposes only but also for the benefit of the residents and to achieve modern green living.

3. Experience the luxury of life while reducing your carbon footprint

  A Walk with Nature | Photo from Pexels

There are different ways of preserving our ecosystem, and that includes modern green living. Did you know that it actually helps in reducing carbon footprint? Carbon Footprint generated through the total greenhouse gas caused by human activity, events, and products expressed as carbon dioxide equivalent. In simple terms, it is a chemical developed by people’s actions. If not controlled, it will continue to contribute to climate change for the following years.

Modern green living at Promenade will encourage people to drive less and avoid the use of harmful chemicals, as these will all severely damage the environment. Experiencing a luxurious life does not mean not caring about the environment. Unlike some places where they only focused on the modernized lifestyles, modern green living at the Promenade in Sta. Rosa Laguna is different. It will let people live in a subdivision where amazing views come along with a healthy environment.

One manner or habit people could do in modern green living at Promenade is the practice of not using cars when you can just walk or ride a bicycle to arrive at the destination. It will help to save up money and aid the environment as well.

In conclusion, why live on a modern green living at Promenade?

A Grandiose Home with a Pleasing Environment | Photo by from Pexels 

1. Because it reduces air pollution

Air pollution is the contamination of the atmosphere by different smokes and chemicals used. According to the WHO, the air quality in the Philippines is moderately unsafe. It has an annual mean concentration of 18 µg/m3, exceeding the recommended maximum of 10 µg/m3. However, it is not surprising because of the different factories and chemicals present. That is why living at Promenade in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, where plants such as trees are planted is an excellent means to reduce the pollution in the air as breathing polluted air is not suitable for human health. So a place that offers modern green living is a chance for people to experience the grandeur of life while helping to aid the environment.

2. Because it combats climate change

People can’t deny that the planet is slowly changing. The temperature is getting hotter and hotter. The season is unstable when it should not be. All of this happens through the simple things people do. The good thing is that some businessmen venture into a business that nurtures the environment like the Promenade subdivision. People can redo their mistakes and combat climate change. However, it will only matter if most people will do it.

So a modern green living at Promenade in Sta. Rosa, Laguna is an excellent response to combat climate change. Their environment is free from waste; they promote tree planting and the fact that they encourage people to minimize their actions that produce a carbon footprint. If all of these continue in the future, people living in anywhere will help fight against climate change while living an enjoyable life.

3. Because it can pave the way for a longer life 

The surroundings significantly impact people’s lives, and this can’t be denied. According to the WHO in 2012, 12.6 million deaths were recorded annually because of the diseases they acquired from their environment. If you want to have a healthy life, choose the surroundings that will nourish you, not those that will give you disease.

Mainly the modern green living at Promenade in Sta. Rosa, Laguna improves the quality of an individual’s life as they are surrounded by trees and plants that make the air fresher. The astonishing sight at Promenade is really relaxing. Jogging or walking in the morning can also help people boost their mental well-being and reduce their stress. Some can also make tree planting a recreational habit. In this way, people are not only contributing to the good surroundings but also taking their time to reduce the stress from daily life.

For these reasons, modern green living at Promenade in Sta. Rosa, Laguna will let people experience the luxury of life through the fantastic views it offers—the southern American-style homes for sale in Promenade, the beautiful plants surrounding the Promenade, and the waste-free environment. People won’t need to go out of the country to experience all of these. At the same time, they will aid the environment through the lifestyle that the Brittany Sta. Rosa gives. No matter how small the gestures are, it still counts. So having a chance to live in this kind of residence is definitely a great thing. It will bring people back to where they should be, with nature.

As the world is revolutionizing, it is great to make the changes good. Remember there is no Planet B, so enjoy nature, but along the way, don’t make the environment suffer for the sake of temporary satisfaction. That makes modern green living at Promenade the perfect place to be.


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