Where Do The Affluent Now Desire To Reside?

Luxury living is not just buying expensive clothing, bags, or shoes. Its meaning encompasses so much more, and it includes your standards of living, where you choose to have a home, and what experiences you splurge on for yourself and your loved ones.

Luxury real estate is also a major part of luxury living, and the rich know this. This knowledge is why the wealthy choose to invest in homes in affluent communities and countries because they know how it will elevate their status and make the most of their money. They desire to live in a luxury condominium in the heart of the city or in luxury houses in the Philippines located at prime destinations that maximize leisure, beauty, and convenience.

Live in Luxury With Brittany

Brittany Corporation has been bringing the luxury lifestyle to the affluent. Their world-class developments are home to the best luxury houses in the Philippines. Each Brittany community was designed to create a luxury experience for rich homeowners, with condominiums, communities, and homes designed after the most beautiful locations in the world. As the country’s premier luxury real estate developer, Brittany Corporation desires to show you how to live in luxury as the affluent do.

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The Countries Where Affluent Prefer to Live in:


The Countries Where Affluent Prefer to Live in - Australia

Sydney, Australia, is consistently on the top of lists for where the affluent desire to reside. As Australia is an English-speaking country, it is easy for almost anyone to adjust to the culture and lifestyle while building wealth.

Aside from the ease in language, millionaires find Australia attractive to live in because of the low crime rates, rapidly growing and thriving economy, and lack of inheritance tax. The country also has a top-notch medical and healthcare system, which has become a top priority for many individuals due to recent global events.

The desire to reside in Australia gives families abundant access to beautiful wildlife, nature, and good seasons. Australia is also perfect if you want to reside in an affluent beachside town.


The Countries Where Affluent Prefer to Live in - USA

New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and San Diego County are popular among wealthy people for different reasons. Business tycoons likely desire to reside in New York because it is one of the world’s central financial hubs. New York is also home to some of the biggest and most respected businesses and financial institutions.

For millionaires and billionaires who want to focus their success in the entertainment and arts industry prefer to live in Los Angeles. The home of Hollywood and timeless glamor, LA offers the grandest luxury real estate and world-class luxury living.

Miami is popular among affluent retirees, primarily because of the weather and the amazing beaches. In Miami, every day feels like a vacation, and isn’t that the best way to live?


The Countries Where Affluent Prefer to Live in - Canada

Canada is also fast becoming the top destination that chief affluent families desire to reside in. Canada’s great healthcare system is one of the main draws, but so is the low federal income tax. In Canada, affluent families and wealthy foreigners can buy their citizenship by investing a minimum of $800,000 in Quebec for at least five years.

Canada is also a multicultural country, with communities filled with residents from different backgrounds and cultures. The rich architecture, specifically in Toronto, is remarkable in the various artistic liberties it takes. Nature and wildlife are also well-loved in Canada, and adventurous individuals and families are sure to enjoy hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities the country has to offer.


The Countries Where Affluent Prefer to Live in - Switzerland

Affluent individuals, entrepreneurs, and families may also desire to reside in Switzerland. The country is the historical hub of banking and commerce, with a top-notch banking system that the families have trusted with their wealth for hundreds of years.

Switzerland also offers high-quality education and is home to some of the best educational institutions and universities. There are also several Swiss private schools renowned worldwide for their high standards, so children are guaranteed top-notch education surrounded by mostly affluent kids.

Of course, the scenic views and landscape are another aspect that draws an affluent person to Switzerland. The Swiss Alps is known across the globe as one of the most beautiful vacation spots, and it is also a favorite of snow sports enthusiasts.

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The Countries Where Affluent Prefer to Live in - UAE

If sunny skies and a warm climate year-round sound like your cup of tea, then the United Arab Emirates is the nation to be. Many individuals in affluent circumstances desire to reside in the UAE because it offers a luxury lifestyle unlike any other.

Abu Dhabi and Dubai have long held the reputation of being famous world-class destinations for luxury travelers, but they are also some of the best places for more affluent communities. Affluent individuals cite the country’s tax system as one of the main reasons for moving to the UAE. Many ex-pats also enjoy the luxury tourist attractions and experiences available in the UAE.

New Zealand

landscape photo of mountains near body of water during daytime

New Zealand has a pristine and otherworldly charm. What made it the perfect location for filming the Lord of the Rings trilogy also makes it one of the top countries the affluent desire to reside in. It offers a balanced lifestyle for individuals and growing families, with abundant work opportunities and avenues for travel and exploration.

Society in New Zealand is often ahead of the curve when it comes to quality of life, health care, politics, and environmental protection. The high standards set by the leaders of New Zealand make it a safe and secure environment to live in. Pair this safety with sweeping views of majestic mountains, landscapes, and seas, and you will have a world-class paradise to maximize your luxury living.

Lead World-Class Lives with a Brittany Luxury Home

Brittany has developed several exclusive communities and luxury condominium estates in Santa Rosa, Tagaytay, and Alabang. Each community features a master-planned enclave that is designed for your every comfort and need. Each luxury enclave has ample security, so you and your family will always stay safe and live without fear.

These exclusive communities also offer residents free amenities and open spaces, such as a swimming pool, fitness gym, basketball court, tennis court, a playground for the children, and several parks and landscaped gardens. Each Brittany property is also conveniently located close to city centers, business hubs, schools, and restaurants, making your lives more enjoyable and productive.

Invest in your future with Brittany Corporation. Feel free to browse our website for more details on the best luxury houses in the Philippines or check out our listings for luxury condominium units. Don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn and Youtube for more updates.

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