Ceiling Color Ideas For Your Bedroom


The bedroom should be a personal space where you can express yourself and create the mood you like.

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When decorating a bedroom, most people focus on the walls, furniture, and accessories, but they never consider the ceiling. Room ceiling ideas usually are only available in primary hues, so if you want to spice things up, try decorating the ceiling to make it look more trendy. Although bright white is typically thought to be the safest option for ceiling paint colors, it isn’t the only one.

Colorful ceiling with lights

If you’re ready to think beyond the box for your ceiling ideas, there are a variety of colors that can work for your ceilings. If you’ve never thought beyond the basic neutral, you may be missing out on an opportunity to bring excitement and drama to a space. Consider which option will work best with your wall colors and furnishings when choosing ceiling colors.

Use these suggestions for picking a ceiling color you’ll like to help you make the best decision.


What to Look for When Choosing Ceiling Color Ideas

Ceilings that are lighter in tone than the walls, on the other hand, feel higher, while darker colors make the ceiling feel lower. However, this does not necessarily imply that the space will seem claustrophobic.

World class photo of bedroom interiorCeilings that are visually lowered can create a warm, intimate atmosphere.

Consider the source and strength of light in the space when you use it the most, just as you would when picking wall colors. For example, bright daylight bouncing off a blush pink or sky blue ceiling provides a light and open atmosphere. Candlelight and lamplight reflecting on a tomato red ceiling will give a deep glow in the evening.

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Ceiling Color Ideas: White

Ceiling paint color can add individuality to a room, but don’t go overboard. Keep the ceiling treatment simple in key living areas so you don’t get tired. White ceilings are often the most significant choice for a room’s clean, uncomplicated aesthetic. Because white tends to fade when utilized overhead, your attention is drawn to the walls and furnishings.

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A white ceiling can also help to balance out a bold wall color. The ceiling feels higher, and the boldly colored walls appear crisp and sharp. If the walls are light and airy, painting the ceiling white expands the room further. A white ceiling helps improve the apparent illumination in rooms with little natural light by reflecting whatever light is available.


It needs an echo

A white ceiling, like any other color element in the room, needs an echo, something to help it blend into the scheme. The color can be carried through the space by the woodwork, carpet, drapes, and other fabrics. Otherwise, the area may feel unbalanced.


Pay attention to the undertones when selecting a white paint color for your ceilings. Although the standard ceiling white can appear cold and clinical, paint firms now provide a variety of cool and warm whites. Choose one with a mild yellow or blue undertone that complements the remainder of the room’s color scheme.


Ceiling idea: Ceiling Colors That Contrast

Using a contrasting hue on the ceiling can drastically change how you perceive the area. It’s like a reflector reflecting light into the room, and the quality of that light influences the nature of the space. Consider the following colors to make a statement overhead for a high-contrast look.


Sky blue

Luxury bedroom interior

Blush pink

Luxury bedroom interior

Warm tan

Luxury bedroom interior

Charcoal gray

Luxury bedroom interior

How about dramatic ceiling paint?

If you want a dramatic ceiling color, you can ignore the norm that low ceilings demand a light color. Apply a dark base to the ceiling before glazing it in the same color. The glaze softens the look, and the shine reflects enough light to keep the ceiling from taking over the space.


Ceiling Ideas: Colors on the Ceiling and Walls That Go Together

Should your walls and ceiling be painted the same color? Consider this if you want to create a unified effect in your space and have your wall color wrap over to the ceiling.

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Applying the same color to the walls and ceiling creates a color cloak, but this method isn’t for everyone. Because there is no “escape hatch” of lighter hue at the top, it might make the area feel smaller or more contained.

Luxury bedroom interior

However, seamless color produces a tranquil, soothing mood in a tiny room, making it ideal for a bedroom or bath. The one-color technique unifies the space in a bigger room and draws attention to the furnishings and accessories that occupy it.


If you want to reproduce the wall color on your ceiling but want a lighter look

Dilute the wall paint with white at around 80% white to 20% wall color. Because ceilings are in shadow, the diluted color will still complement the wall color.

Photo of accented walls and ceiling

Carrying the wall color across the ceiling in spaces with irregularly shaped or multiangled ceilings can help to simplify the shape and unify the space. A ceiling of the same color appears lower, making a room with large proportions feel more personal. Because you won’t have to tape off the molding at the ceiling line if you paint the walls and ceiling the same color, your painting task will be easier.

Photo of a girl painting corners of the ceiling

It’s up to you whether you want to highlight the crown molding and other trim with a contrasting hue or paint them to blend in. Accentuating the trim draws attention to the architecture and its shape.


Ceiling Ideas in Rooms with Unique Architecture

Ceilings that are vaulted, cathedral, or multiangled might be particularly problematic. When it comes to color, where do you start, and where do you stop?

Attic rooms typically only have one or two windows; keep the walls and furnishings light-colored to brighten the space. Choose muted, darker colors instead to create a sense of cozy retreat.

Luxury bedroom interior

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