A Guide to Adding A Pergola Into Your Home

Your home is the starting place of love, hope, and dreams. As humans, it is normal for us to have an idealized concept of what we call home. Some have an exact image of the home they have in mind, while some only have a vague idea of what they wish to have. When you decide to take your home building more seriously, it can be quite an adventure. There are many aspects and features to a home that most haven’t given much attention to before – one such is the beautiful structure of a pergola.

What is a Pergola?

Most people know what a pergola may be though only what it looks like. A pergola is a structure found outdoors, usually attached to the main building, which consists of columns supporting a roof grid made of beams and rafters.

They are usually large in scale and can be customized according to the homeowner’s preferences. Some prefer their roofs to be covered, while others prefer to leave it open. Some prefer it attached to their main home, while some prefer it freestanding. Pergolas are incredibly versatile, and adding one to your home is a huge bonus.

Is having a pergola worth it?

Depending on how you wish to customize it, a pergola can be very grand or basic. The base design of pergolas can be quite simple, therefore allowing you to have a lot of creative freedom.

There are many things that you may also adorn your pergola with, ranging from vinery all the way to lights. As a mainly outdoor structure, there are some features that you can only add outside your home.

To make a pergola is perfect activity for you to unleash all your ideas which you were unable to express in the interior of your home due to the architectural nature.

Pergola Ideas and Building Tips

Pergola in a Lxury Home

Pergolas are highly customizable, and while it may seem exciting to build a pergola on your own home right away, there are some things to be considered before you start your pergola journey. We’ve listed down some pergola ideas and tips to help you with starting your very own pergola.

Main Pergola base

A pergola may seem easy to build, but a lot of thought actually goes into the layout of the pergola itself. If your house doesn’t already come with a pergola, then hiring a landscape architect will do the trick.

Landscape architects will know exactly what you need to consider, as well as the designs and limitations that will go well with your custom pergola ideas. Other professionals that you can hire involve designers and contractors.

There are some kits or pre-made pergola pieces available, yet it will still be better to seek the advice of a professional beforehand. This will also involve heavy physical labor, and it will be more tedious the more complex your design is.

Of course, all this would no longer be a hassle if your home already came with a pergola. Rather than having to build a pergola, these structures were made with the design of the entire home in mind, so the pergola blends beautifully with these homes. For the best luxury homes with the most beautiful pergolas, Brittany Homes has got you covered.

Luxury Homes by Brittany

Ghiberti Luxury home within Amore at Portofino

These luxury house and lot properties for sale are the pride of internationally known company, Brittany Corporation. Housing only the most beautiful houses in the Philippines, Brittany has a long-standing record of having the best luxury homes in the country.

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Naturally, a beautiful pergola shines the best when the entire home is a masterpiece. Here at Brittany, we assure you that every luxury home is a work of art. Our homes are remarkably versatile, and can shine even brighter once you add your personal customizations in.

As an Italian-inspired luxury home project, our Daang Hari subdivisions in Portofino Alabang are the most famous for their elegant pergolas. Simple yet exquisite, these house and lot in Daang Hari, Alabang are extremely eye-catching – the perfect base for your home and pergola ideas to become a reality.

Materials of the Pergola

Various materials can be used to make your pergola. A wooden pergola is often seen, but there are also some other good alternatives use to make a pergola, such as vinyl, fiberglass, and various metals. Each material comes with its own set of pros and cons, so make sure to choose wisely as it can highly affect the rest of your pergola’s design.

Wooden Pergola

green and brown tree

Most of the time, wooden pergola is the go-to option. As the structure connected outside with nature, it makes for wood to be the widely used material for making pergolas for its aesthetic.

Wood is also known for their adaptability to weather, making it a durable material suited for outdoor structures. Just make sure that your wood is of high quality to ensure that your wooden pergola is rot and pest resistant.

Vinyl and Fiberglass Pergolas

Vinyl is known mainly for its low maintenance, making it much easier to clean. Although, vinyl has a relatively lighter weight than other materials, making it more susceptible to sagging. They also come in limited colors which cannot be painted over. They are often used for freestanding pergolas.

A good alternative to vinyl pergola is a fiberglass one. Their advantage is that fiberglass can be painted over, giving you a much bigger range for design. They can also handle much heavier loads as compared to vinyl; however, they are also more expensive.

Metal Pergolas

A material that has only recently been making waves, a pergola can also be made out of metal. Metal is often used for those who wish to have a more modern or contemporary look for your pergola. There is a variety of metals to choose from, but steel and aluminum should remain at the top of your list if you want to go with metal.

Steel and aluminum are both known to be long-lasting, due to their resistance to rust and low maintenance. Take note that steel is heavier than aluminum, making it stronger and more durable against weather conditions, yet also comes with a higher price.

Pergola with Decorations

Pergola with Pool

Once you have decided on how to build your base pergola, you can now focus on how to create a pergola that will satisfy you. A pergola that can be both functional yet aesthetically pleasing is what you should aim to have in your home.

Plants are often used to create a more natural-looking pergola, especially if wood was used for the base. Some comfortable chairs can also be used to relish in a serene environment when chilling in your pergola, so they are also a famous option.

Pergolas for the Home

In conclusion, we highly recommend getting a pergola for your home. They’re versatile and eye-catching and will definitely be famous with both your family and guests alike. However, if you wish for the most beautiful pergola, then we highly recommend that you go and check out Brittany.