One With Nature: Internal Garden For Your Home

Everyone has their own home design ideas for their ideal home, and most of them involve none other than the green color we all love – plants and nature. As aesthetic as it can be, having an internal garden in your home can actually be quite challenging to achieve.

Garden design ideas are already hard to begin with, and maintenance is another completely different matter. However, we assure you that indoor gardens are worth all the extra effort. If you’re planning to add plants in your next interior design adventure, then we’ve got you covered.

Key Elements to Consider for Your Indoor Garden Design

There are many factors to be considered when having a garden in your home – and an indoor one at that. We’ve listed down the key elements you need to add in your plan to make sure your internal garden design becomes a success.

Plant Type

The first thing that comes to mind when choosing to create internal garden is none other than the plants themselves. People have their own personal reasons for choosing to have an internal garden – most being for aesthetic or practical purposes, like having their own source of fruits and vegetables.

Depending on the type of plant you choose, there are other factors that will be affected on how you will need to install your internal garden. The amount of light, water, size, and temperature are only some of the things that will greatly depend on the plants you choose.

Some of the common plants and vegetables used for internal gardens are spider plants, aloe vera, lettuce, and herbs. For flowers, orchids and lilies are a popular choice.

Light Source

Lighting in Internal Garden

Perhaps one of the most important factors that you need to consider when having plants in your homes is how you will supply them with light. Plants need to have a sufficient amount of light to ensure that they grow healthy and beautifully.

This might be challenging and limiting to most home design ideas, so it’s important to prioritize this in the early stages of your interior design planning. Some plants require light more than others, so it’s necessary to know this information beforehand.

There are different ways for giving light to your plants, and it varies from each plant. Most homes utilize fluorescent lights instead of sunlight for their internal garden’s light needs.


While seemingly unimportant, temperature also plays a role in the growth of your plants. There is a certain temperature range which allows the healthy growth of plants, so depending on where you live, you must always check beforehand if your home can also become a home for your green friends.

For most house plants, the temperature they need to stay in ranges from 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll want to check your home’s temperature from time to time to make sure nothing is out of place.


Humidity is very important to plants’ growth. Because of its indoor setting, internal gardens tend to have low humidity, causing a stunt in the growth of most plants. This leads plants to grow in a different matter, making them dry easier and have discoloration in most cases.

For most plants, a humidity level of 50% is needed to grow properly. During the cold season, humidity levels tend to go as low as 10-20%, so always keep your home humidity level in check. You can use humidifiers and misting to ensure that your home humidity levels are kept at bay.

Water and Drainage

Internal Garden

Other than humidity, receiving water itself is also vital for plants to grow healthy. You have to be very careful in watering your plants, as they can be both overwatered or receive less than needed. You have to be consistent in watering if you want to create beautiful and healthy-looking plants.

In addition to giving your plants water, you also need to take the drainage in consideration. This is something often overlooked during planning and becomes a problem later on for those who have forgotten to add it.

We’ve mentioned the big roles that humidity and water plays, so without proper drainage, your overly moist plants have a bigger tendency to rot. Installing a proper water system, such as drip holes and drainage trays, will be a lifesaver for your plants.

Soil Type and Depth

Internal Garden Considerations

Based on the plants you choose, the soil type and depth required for them to grow can differ. While most plants chosen for internal garden design don’t require much soil depth due to limitations, it is still possible to have rooted plants to a certain extent.

The ideal soil depth for most internal gardens ranges from 18 to 20 inches, although depending on your indoor garden design, it can go higher or lower – just remember to take this information in consideration beforehand if you want to incorporate it in your design

Decorative Garden Ideas

Indoor Garden Ideas

Once you’ve gotten a hold of all the necessary information with listed above, you can still further improve your indoor garden design ideas by maximizing its appeal through proper presentation

There are various ways to showcase your home plants and flowers, such as utilizing raised beds or tiers in your garden display. Vertical gardens have also been making waves recently in modern homes as a space-saving, yet also highly appealing technique used to grow plants indoors.

While these new modern display techniques are definitely eye-catching, there’s also nothing wrong with sticking to the classic potted plants. At the end of the day, it all boils down to your own personal preference.

Your Ideal Internal Garden and Home

A beautiful internal garden shines the brightest inside a home that compliments is beauty. Needless to say, your garden is only one of the many features that you can have in your house to make it stand out.

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