Zoom Presentation Tips to Ace Your Next Sales Meeting


Gone are the days when sales teams call up a customer and offer them products or services through the phone. In today’s new normal, video conferencing is the new means in which sales professionals can demo remotely using their mobile, tablet or desktop. We’ve listed the best Zoom presentation tips to help seal the deal on your next sale.

A sales presentation is important to determine the challenges your prospective clients may have and provide them with a solution that will lead to positive business results. Video conferencing can provide the benefits of a face-to-face meeting while also being flexible, cost efficient, and safe, especially during this time of pandemic. 

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If you are utilizing Zoom for sales presentations, we have listed some do’s and don’ts to guide you in delivering an excellent sales demo over video.


Screen share photos of your luxury properties

Screen Sharing allows you to share files in your computer including videos, photos, browser windows, presentations, and more. If you’re selling a luxury vacation home or any other properties, you can walk the client through by showing a property tour video. 

Use a virtual background

If your goal is to establish a professional appearance then a virtual background is great to have. You can easily display the logo or photo of the luxury property that you are selling or the company that you are connected with.

Record you meeting

You can easily document your meeting by recording it. Doing so will make it easier for you to remember the specific concerns that your prospect mentioned during your presentation. You can record the meeting and enable a transcription feature so you can easily jump to specific points in your conversation, gather key action items, or evaluate your presentation skills to improve for next time.

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Sales professionals had to adopt new ways of selling to reach their customers effectively, a major shift that started during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Leveraging video conferencing will help you build trust and confidence by getting “in front” of your customers during the entire sales process. We have listed some tips to set yourself up for virtual sales success. 

Give yourself time to prepare

In a remote work environment, it’s easy to schedule back-to-back meetings, but keep in mind that a lack of transition time can leave you scrambling to get into the right mindset. You have to be mentally and physically ready for any call just like you would in person to be able to look and feel confident and be able to convert. 

There are a lot of scheduling tools that you can use to simplify scheduling Zoom meetings. It’s important to note that good Zoom presentation tips make sure that you include enough  buffer time in between appointments to read through your notes and focus on what you’ll say to your next customer or prospect. 

Look & sound your best

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When preparing for your meeting, make sure to optimize your settings and lighting so you can feel confident and look and sound your best.


  1.  Remember to open your settings in the Zoom client. 
  2. Click Video to test your video settings. Adjust your lighting as needed.
  3. Check out your video preview and clear any clutter in camera view, or make sure you have an appropriate virtual background selected. 
  4. Under Audio, test your speaker and microphone 

Make your meeting interactive

Keep in mind that you don’t have to do all of the presenting! Sales conversations are usually collaborative, considering your potential clients’ story and their vision. 

You can do a property tour by sharing video materials or give a quick presentation that allows you to learn more about their needs. You can share your screen to present graphics, stats, property photos, and other information to discuss how you can help them. 

Don’t forget to stop screen sharing once you’re done so you can go back to speaker or gallery view for a more natural face-to-face conversation.

Address issues in real time

If you come to think of it, a virtual meeting can have major benefits to your sales process. 

If a customer has a concern, it just takes one click to invite a manager or subject matter expert to join your meeting in order to address the concern and keep the process moving in the right direction. 

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While you’re used to preparing a sales presentation that you’ll present in-person, running a remote presentation creates a different environment. Don’t forget to adjust your presentation accordingly.


Once you book a meeting, here are some things you need to have in mind before the presentation:

Create a sales deck that focuses their attention

In a remote setting, you’re sharing your screen with the presentation, which means that the slides are only as big as the screen they’re using.

So, don’t fill your presentation with too many elements that could make the slides look cluttered. 

Keep your slides straightforward.  A sales deck should be able to pull in your client’s attention. 

Make sure that your slides contain facts and visuals and that there are regular pauses on impactful visuals that they can study while you speak. A visually appealing presentation template that is in line with the brand can help and make a difference.

Make it clear this is a video-on call

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While being on-camera is uncomfortable for some, it is important to remember that showing yourself on call helps establish your credibility.


With video on, you can be able to observe the nonverbal cues that your clients are giving you. You can read their body language and facial expressions throughout your presentation, and adjust your pitch as necessary.

Practice with a colleague

There is nothing worse than taking time to try to share your screen, load a new window, or send a link during your remote sales presentation. Zoom presentation tips such as this does not just work for Zoom. Any kind of presentation would be done best when practiced with someone that would give you honest, but kind feedback.

While we’re all still getting used to using these tools, you also don’t want to waste your time figuring out a tool or program that you’re not familiar with.

Before you start your remote sales presentations, you should do a test run with a colleague to familiarize yourself with the buttons to press, loading time and visuals when you share your screen and address any issues with your connection or capabilities.

This is also a great way to find shortcuts that can help you get through your presentations easier.

Prepare for minimal distractions

It’s already difficult to get your prospects to focus on a video meeting, so do your best to minimize the distractions you have control over.

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Make sure that your camera is well-placed before getting on the call. Your face should be visibly seen and your background should be clean and tidy.


Since you’ll be sharing your screen to show the sales presentation remotely, check on the settings to keep the notifications, pop-ups, or messages to appear on the screen.

Make sure everyone is focused on the call by engaging on a personal level

Before you  jump right into the presentation, try to connect with your prospect on a personal level.

You may ask them how they’re coping with the current situation. Offer some information about yourself and the project that you are handling, and they’ll be more likely to open up about themselves as well. 

Add impact to your main points by asking the right questions

You probably have slides that are really valuable. They may include some outstanding data points that prove the value of your product, or maybe some really great testimonials from happy customers.

You can check if your prospects are paying attention when you present them by asking the right questions. At this point, you’ve captured their attention, and the data they see in the next slide will have an even greater impact on them.

Use your sales deck as a guide to the conversation, not a conversation replacement

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Don’t let your sales presentation do all the talking for you. Instead, use your remote sales presentation to guide the conversation.


Think of your presentation as a visual aid where the real impact lies on what you’re saying, and the slides are there to cement those ideas in the mind of the prospect.

Summarize the main points after you finish presenting

You have certain main points that you want your prospect to remember and think about after the presentation. So, summarize main points into one final conclusion slide.

Go through the virtual close and set next steps

Once you’re done with the virtual close, you have to set specific next steps so that everyone leaves the meeting knowing exactly what they need to do.

Set a specific follow-up schedule

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Following up is key to closing the deal. No matter how excited your prospect seemed by the end of the call, don’t rely on them to take the next steps.


Start by sending a quick review of the call once you’re done.

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