Rooms in a Mansion You May Not Be Aware Of

A mansion should be a testament to the latest innovation in luxury house design. Mansions are on a different scale compared to typical homes, and families often spare no expense when it comes to creating interesting rooms in a mansion that cater to their family’s specific needs, interests, hobbies, or requirements.

Luxury houses in the Philippines elevate the concept of home for its residents by giving them spaces for their needs as well as their wants. You may be familiar with a billiard room, walk-in closets, en suite bathrooms, fully outfitted home gym, guest suites, or cool luxury garages.

Luxury mansions are equipped with only the best for their residents. Photo from Pexels.

But if you are curious about the latest trends in luxury real estate, or if you are looking to elevate your own billionaire modern luxury house by adding world-class amenities, then here is a list of rooms in a mansion you may not be aware of, and why you should add them to your dream house or luxury condominium.

10 Rooms in A Mansion That You Can Add to Your Luxury Home

Hearth Room or Keeping Room

Relax and spend quality time in a cozy hearth room. Photo from Pexels.

A hearth room, sometimes referred to as a keeping room, is an informal communal space for the family. Living spaces like this take the form of an intimate and informal living room or den, where members of the family can come together to bond, watch television, read, or play games.

This family room typically includes a fireplace or hearth, hence the term hearth room. It is frequently near the kitchen so that family members may come in and out and talk while making a delicious family dinner.

Butler Pantry

A butler's pantry provdes additional space from the kithcen. Photo from The Kitchen Collective.

A butler pantry is becoming more fashionable again and is one of the most requested additions in luxury homes. Historically, a butler’s pantry is the domain of the butler, where he stores the fine china and silver under lock and key.

Today, a butler’s pantry offers families additional kitchen space and storage. It often features a sink, countertop space, pantry shelving, and storage.

For individuals who like to entertain guests at home, a butler pantry can serve as a staging area for food, freeing up the kitchen while more food is cooked and prepared. While the dinner party in the dining room is happening, dirty dishes and used glasses can be moved to the butler’s pantry as they are used, clearing the table while keeping the mess out of sight.

Bar and wine cellar

Create a signature cocktail at home with your own home bar. Photo from Elle Decor.

For individuals who enjoy a cocktail but do not like having to drive out to bars for their daily nightcap, adding a bar to one of the many rooms in a mansion is a great investment. Homeowners can choose between having a wet bar or a dry bar. The difference? A wet bar has a sink with running water, whereas a dry bar just has a place to prepare beverages.

Show off all those bottles in your liquor and wine collection with beautiful open shelving and mood lighting. Entertain friends and family with your bartending skills and create fun and unique cocktails for all occasions.

Private Art Gallery

Place your art collection in full view with a private gallery. Photo from Pexels.

Art connoisseurs will often have a gallery wall in their homes. But in a mansion, you might want to designate a room as your private art gallery. Display your most prized antiques, paintings, and sculptures in one curated room.

To highlight your art collection, keep your walls minimal and display art in a cohesive manner. Museum-style lighting and staging can also add that elevated private gallery feels to your home.

Children’s Play Room

Young kids need their own space too. Photo from Pexels.

Instead of having toys cluttering living rooms, why not give children the playroom of their dreams? A playroom will soon become the most fun of the rooms in a mansion, especially when families fill it with toys and play equipment that young kids absolutely adore.

For little ones who enjoy playing house, a playroom or a game room can contain a mini kitchen for them to play with. Ball pits, indoor slides, and personal bouncy castles are other family favorites. For more adventurous children, an indoor climbing wall can also be a great addition to a playroom. Make sure to keep them safe by adding padding to the floor surrounding the climbing wall.

Home Theater

A home theater is a must-have in luxury homes. Photo from Xssentials.

Movie nights are made extra special with the addition of a home theater or a media room. This addition is another popular one when it comes to rooms in a mansion. Equip your home theater with the best screen and a high-quality sound system to make each movie experience more immersive.

Choose comfortable seating as well, whether that is individual chairs or multiple deep-seat sofas. Feel free to add a mini snack bar and a popcorn stand to complete the movie theater feel.

Music Room

Make music and jam to your favorite songs in your music room. Photo from Pexels.

Music is a creative outlet, and learning to play an instrument can be a fun way to destress. But if you are concerned about possible noise from your musical pursuits, then a sound-proof music room can be a great addition to rooms in a mansion.

Aside from playing music in this space, you can also choose to display your favorite instruments here. Have a collection of vintage guitars? Hang them up on the walls. You can also store your vinyl collection here and set up a relaxed listening space.

Private Spa

Beat stress by adding a private spa to your luxury home. Photo from Finnleo.

Everyone needs to de-stress, and what better way to do that than in your home’s private spa! Luxury homes in the Philippines can feel like a spa retreat in Bali when designed with that intention.

Create your own private spa by setting up a massage room. Add luxurious towels and linens, zen music, and aromatherapy to complete the private spa experience. Add a sauna to the room too, for a complete zen experience.

Indoor Pool

Have non-stop pool parties with an indoor pool. Photo from Pexels.

Love swimming but hate getting exposed to the sun? Add an indoor pool to your luxury home. Add it to one corner of your home and surround it with glass doors that give you access to your garden spaces.

An indoor pool area is also a great place to entertain guests. Add a lounge area or a mini bar to make the space more conducive for hosting get-togethers with friends or family.

Panic Room

Panic Rooms often have a hidden entrance. Photo from Dream Homes.

For many families, safety is a primary concern. A panic room, or a secret room, is a fortified room that provides residents a hiding space or safe shelter in the case of a home invasion or heavy typhoon. It often contains communication equipment and access to the home’s security system.

Panic rooms are also stocked with emergency and survival items such as medical supplies, water, food, blankets, and flashlights. It can also serve as a storage space for self-defense items that the residents own.

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