Railway System in the Philippines

Commuting from place to place can be a headache, especially during the summer when the hot temperature can get in your way. The kind of transportation that can reduce your traveling hours, at the same time cost-efficient, is truly a good thing. Even those who live in luxury real estate located in Brittany homes, Vista Alabang, and Santa rosa laguna, can’t deny the importance of light rail transit (LRT) and metro rail transit (MRT). For that reason, a railway system in the Philippines was established 130 years ago—in 1982 from Metro Manila to Dagupan, prior to its high demand from the public. The railway system in the Philippines received some criticism but is continually improving to give solutions to the ongoing problem in the transportation of the Philippines.

Its long service to commuters from various places in the Philippines is more than what is expected. This rail transportation aids in road traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emission, aligning with the goal of the Philippines to minimize climate change. Though it still has some problems, the Philippines National Railways is improving the system for the sake of many Filipinos who rely on this commuter rail. They ensure that the commuter line will take the Filipinos to their daily jobs and return to their homes, whether in the South or other luxury condo. So, if you want to know more about the Philippines Train System, this article will help you do so.

Railway System in the Philippines

Are there any trains in the Philippines?

The Philippines, just like any other country, has its trains. Trains have become the Filipinos’ one way of transportation. The Department of Transportation is an agency of the government that ensures convenient, safe, and reliable transportation will be delivered to the people. The Philippines Train System could be categorized into two types: light rail transit (LRT) and metro rail transit (MRT) along with these are the lists of railways in the Philippines. These two help many people in Metro Manila avoid traffic and have a more convenient way of going to their destinations.

The railway system in the Philippines has three operational commuter lines that are operated by Philippine National Railways. The PNR Metro Commuter Line, located in Metro Manila; the PNR Inter-Provincial Commuter between Laguna and Quezon; and the PNR Bicol Commuter Line, located in the Bicol Region. The PNR was created to specifically focus on the railway system of the Philippines. This is one move of the government toward the modernization of the rail transport of the Philippines. The list of railways in the Philippines varied and continues to widen because of the projects by the government to help commuters.

Indeed the LRT line and MRT lines in the Philippines help many Filipinos in their day-to-day endeavour. The construction of this kind of railway system in the Philippines facilitates economic growth and countries’ modernization.

The Current Status of the Railway System in the Philippines

The current railway system in the Philippines is taking steps towards a better transit system along with its many developments, including innovation in transportation. People know that the Metro Manila Subways and other Subways in the Philippines are a bit old and need some improvement. Problems like congestion, poor air conditioning, and delays are one of the challenges faced by train commuters. For instance, one could go to the South, like Calamba and Santa Rosa Laguna to look for a house. The old railway system might not help commuters to go to this location.

Now, the government works to make it possible through the Build, Build, Build project. The North-South Commuter Railway project in Manila is a commuter railway from Clark or New Clark City north to Metro Manila and then Calamba City. Calamba Road is where you can look through some of the best place luxury houses in Laguna. The MRT lines, such as MRT3 and MRT9 (Metro Manila Subway), are among the MRT lines that will be involved. The project was only possible with the help of some stakeholders like the Japan International Cooperation, who joined the Department of Transportation on this great project.

The railway system’s status in the next few years will be promising. Investors and transportation of goods from rural areas to Metro Manila or some Cities will now be more convenient and efficient. People thinking of buying a pre-selling lot in the South or any Luxury Real Estate will need to consider this project. Transportation will be easy and convenient because a Metro Rail Transit will bring commuters to the South.

The Current Status of the Railway System in the Philippines

North South Commuter Railways

Even though light rail transit and metro rail transit have offered their best service for the past decades, new facilities should still be developed due to the high demand for the railway system in the Philippines. As mentioned above, various projects, including North-South Commuter Railway, were proposed to improve the commuter experience of many Filipinos. The fact that it is one of the most expensive railway projects in the Philippines is enough to hope that people will have a much better commuting system after its construction. The Department of Transportation and the Philippines National Railway are continually doing their best to make it happen. Originally its initial phase started in 2015 and aims to have a partial operation in the 3rd Quarter of 2023 and run fully in the 4th Quarter of 2024. It will consist of 10 rail stations, along with 5 more stations. The banks involved in the construction of the North-South Commuter Railway are the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP), as well as the loan agreement of the Philippines government and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

In this way, the Philippines will have more excellent connectivity between Central Luzon and CALABARZON, providing world-class passenger rail service. Finally, their inconvenient experience in the transit system in the country, like LRT 1, will end; more importantly, it can reduce the travel time from Clark International Airport from 4 hours to 1 hour and 30 minutes. And those who need to commute for long hours to go to the South from the North part of Metro Manila will never be a problem again. And since you can easily go to the Southern part of Luzon, you might as well grab the opportunity to take a break in the City and try looking for any pre-selling lot for sale located in Brittany Homes, Santa rosa laguna—a kind of home that is the best choice for your family.

Once the construction of the North-South Commuter Railways project is completed, it will help the existing rail transport system in the Philippines. The light transit authority can ease their mind because these upcoming projects and the metro manila subway project will soon improve the railway system in the Philippines.

North South Commuter Railways

The Philippines Train System in the Philippines still has a long way to go, but the efforts of the government to offer better transportation among Filipinos are very reassuring that soon people will have a good railway system in the Philippines. Luxury real estate and a luxury condo in the Philippines, such as those in Brittany Homes, Vista Alabang, and a Pre-Selling lot for sale in Santa Rosa Laguna.

As the railway system progresses, making the commuter line much better, many people in Metro Manila may choose to live in the South to avoid the business and pollution in the Metro. And people in the South can easily explore opportunities in Metro Manila. There are a variety of luxury houses, luxury condos or even pre-selling lots for sale in the South that people should look out for. A great investment and convenient transportation–that is what South’s properties can give you.

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