Transportation Schedules For All Saint’s Day

In the Philippines, All Saint’s Day is more than a general commemoration of the deceased; it is part of Filipino culture that usually brings family members together. Filipinos would endure heavy traffic and leave their most beautiful houses in the Philippines to celebrate this once-a-year occasion.

Cemeteries are witness to family gatherings

What is All Saints Day in the Catholic Religion?

Every November 1 of the year, the Roman Catholic Church, United Methodist Church, Many Lutheran Churches, and other Christian local church congregation, people still observe All Saints Day to remember all locally venerated saints or holy martyrs who attained heaven.

In the Eastern Orthodox Church, All Saints Day is observed on the first Sunday after Pentecost.

Who are the Saints?

According to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, all the saints are people in heaven who lived heroically righteous lives. All saints are considered departed faithful people who offered their lives for others more than thinking about themselves. All the martyrs’ devout life in faith and people admired and imitated by many.

Why Do We Celebrate All Saints Day?

During all saints day, people would attend normal Sunday services, pray for their deceased relatives, especially those malevolent and restless spirits, and visit cemeteries.

In early Christian times, all saints day is also called Hallow’s Day or Feast of All Saints.

What is the Difference between All Saints day and All Souls day?

What is the Difference between All Saints day and All Souls day

All Saints’ Day happens on November 1st, remembering all saints. This was the time that people would travel anywhere in the Philippines to visit their loved ones’ cemeteries instead of staying in their condos in Tagaytay or house and lot properties for sale.

While All Souls’ Day is on November 2, remembering those who already died within their faith. To some who cannot visit the cemeteries of dead relatives, they would lit up candles in the comfort of their house and lot properties for sale, or condominium for sale to pay respect and remember their dead relatives.

Roman Catholic Church

In Filipino culture, both are important, especially in the Roman Catholic Church. Catholic people put high value and respect on saints collectively because they see them as the standard and examples of how to live life best in their faith.

Many Catholic people also believe that since many share the same struggles in life while living, they find comfort in knowing that they can always ask for prayer from saints. They believe that even saints who are already gone can bring their petitions and prayers to Christ to make them heard.

Get to know more about the catholic teachings and history from their catholic encyclopedia.

Is Halloween same as All Saint’s Day?

Based on, “Halloween” directly came from All Saints’ day, meaning “All Hallows” or “the feast of all saints.” To hallow means to make sacred or consecrate like that in the Lord’s prayer.

Halloween usually is celebrated on the eve of All Saint’s Day or on October 31. To make things lighter, Halloween, or the night before All Saint’s Day, became an annual get-together for people wearing their unique and special costumes. Children are often invited to this kind of event while shouting “tick of treat,” visiting the neighborhood of the most beautiful houses in the Philippines for some treats and sweets. If you are living in a Condo in Tagaytay or in a house and lot near Nuvali, Santa Rosa Laguna, house and lot in Daang Hari, or in any luxury home in Alabang Philippines, you can create your own Halloween event at home, inviting your neighbors. This will surely be fun, especially for luxury real estate subdivisions. You can also celebrate Halloween while watching spooky movies.

Trick or Treat

Halloween has also been a regular company event. Offices are dressed up in a more scary theme, and employees are also encouraged to dress up in their cutest or scariest costumes. This usually runs with short programs and with prizes.

Halloween parties are fun and exciting, which makes All Saint’s Day a little less serious as November 1 enters.

How to Transport during All Saints day?

Todos Los Santos, or All Saints day, is a national holiday in the Philippines. It is one of the busiest and most crowded times except the Christmas season. Even families living in the most beautiful houses in the Philippines go out of their luxury homes and cooperate in the celebration of all saints day.

Filipino families usually pay a visit to their deceased relatives by visiting them in the cemetery, even bringing food to spend the whole day with each other. In another term, Todos Los Santos became a Filipino family reunion. Even if they are living in a Condo in Tagaytay, a house and lot near Nuvali, Santa Rosa Laguna, a house and lot in Daang Hari, or Alabang Philippines, they will find ways to go visit their dead relatives in the cemeteries.

Whatever day all saints day falls, Filipinos would make time to go to the cemeteries. With their own vehicles or just by commuting on public rapid transportation systems, they pave the ways to be with their dead relatives and the live ones.

That is why one of the concerns of the Philippine government every all saints day is creating a good route of transportation for Filipino commuters releasing transportation schedules of light rail transit (LRT) and metro rail transit (MRT) ahead of time to at least lessen their worries in a day.

Aside from buses and jeepneys, the most trusted mass rapid transit in the Philippines is the MRT trains and LRT trains. Checking on their schedule during all saints day would save you more time.

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) yearly expects that there will be larger volumes of commuters during All Saint’s Day because many people go to the provinces to spend the long holidays with their families. With that, DOTr consistently adjusts the transport systems.

Here you can find the schedule of both the LRT and MRT.

Schedule of metro rail transit or light rail transit during All Saints Day

Whether you live in the North of Metro or in the South, like in a Condo in Tagaytay, a house and lot near Nuvali, Santa Rosa Laguna, a house and lot in Daang Hari, or in any luxury home in Alabang Philippines, this MRT and LRT schedule will be very helpful for you.

During Todos Los Santos or All Saint’s Day, MRT 3, LRT 1 and 2 will all be operating as advised by operators.

LRT 2 will start accommodating passengers at 4:30AM both Recto and Santolan stations. Final trip would be 10 PM in Recto and 10:30 PM in Santolan.

On the other end, MRT 3 announced that MRT stations are all open and operating for both days, November 1 and 2. No changes from its regular operation. MRT 3 management announced that trips will start as early as 5:30 AM from Taft Avenue to North Ave Station. Final trip for Taft will be 9:50 PM.

LRT 1 will begin accommodating people as early as 4:30 AM from November 1 to 4 for both northbound and southbound trains.

We hope this MRT and LRT schedule would be of great help to all commuters in the Metro and to those who are coming from the province.

Spend your All Saint’s Day at Home

If you are not a fan of celebrating All Saint’s Day in cemeteries due to crowdedness, you better stay in a home that will be comfortable to you and your family. You can pick a choice from a Condo in Tagaytay or a house and lot near Nuvali, Santa Rosa Laguna, a house and lot in Daang hari , or in any luxury homes in Alabang Philippines

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