Must Have Walk-In Closet Features


When it comes to creating the inspiring spaces in our homes, we figure the kitchen, dining room, and living area should look their very best for these are the areas of our homes where we accommodate guests and visitors. Our most private rooms of the home often land the least on our list of designing or decorating priorities. We overlook spaces like walk-in closets even though it’s the special place where the finest presentations come to life.

Photo of women shoe rack and closets with luxury shoes, bags and jewelry

Contrary to popular belief, walk-in closets are not just storage places. They could be one’s happy place that’s why keeping it looking pristine should never be an option, but a necessity. | Photo from Unsplash

Having an entire room for your wardrobe and a space for playing dress up may be a luxury, but this is not an excuse to not be creative or carve out a space in your home where you can achieve your personalized boutique-worthy setup. After all, walk-in closets should be the place in your home where you feel a sense of possibility and confidence to express your personality and assemble the outfits which resemble your highest self.

So, whether you own a standard cabinet or a full-blown walk-in wardrobe, here are the stylish personal walk-in closet features to motivate you to create or revamp your own fashion hub inside your homes:

Use a pull-out wardrobe rod to stage your #OOTD.

If you are a discipline freak and you love being impeccably organized, we bet having a routine gives you a sense of peace. As a matter of fact, it is a good concept organization to critically plan today what you want to accomplish tomorrow. In planning your wardrobe, for instance, using a pull-out wardrobe rod to display what you want to wear tomorrow comes handy all the time.

Photo of clothes with hanger

Installing additional rods underneath the built-in ones in your closet is a wonderful solution for fashionistas who are always on the go.

Incorporating pull-out wardrobe rods into your space is among the many walk-in closet features that will save you from getting to work late and spare you from feeling behind the moment you step into your walk-in closet. This is also a bright idea if you want to see your well-loved pieces without having to rummage through piles of folded clothes. When you do this, you can go to bed at night knowing you’re more prepared for tomorrow.

Install a fold out ironing board in a walk in closet

Raise your hand if you loathe leaving your closet space to go to the laundry room or basement just to iron your clothes. The reality is we need to iron clothes to look our best. And when it comes to custom storage solutions, it’s the little details that make the difference between outstanding walk-in closets and ones that are merely serviceable and functionable. By details, this means the little niceties you can add to your wardrobe space that can make life easier. In this case, keeping some type of hidden ironing board is a good design for your walk-in closet features. Admit it: no matter how nicely you take care of your garments, there will be times when they need quick touch-ups or pressing. Doing this adds both functionality and convenience without changing rooms or needing to repurpose your space.

Fold out ironing boards are available in different types to serve differing needs. If you need to do light touch-ups in between dressing up, the drawer or cabinet style ironing board is ideal for you. It is a built-in ironing board attached to a drawer space making it user-friendly. An advantage to this type of hidden ironing board is its cleanliness. Clothes remain free from grease or pinch point damage due to the absence of ball bearing slides

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Image of a woman using flat iron for her clothes

With a fold out ironing board in your closet space, you can get ready quicker without having to leave your wardrobe. | Photo from Pexels 

If you have a lot of ironing or need to press large pieces, a standard full size ironing board that can be stored hidden behind a door is the best for you.

Partner your accessory island with large-scale art.

Nothing says luxury like a beautiful piece of art. Adding a piece of artwork to your walk-in closet that represents your personal style will inspire your daily outfit choices. You may also opt for a portrait of your fashion icon combined with your favorite words to live by to spark creativity and inspiration. A center island for your jewelry and other accessories is also among the many over-the-top walk-in closet features that you can match with your large-scale art. Putting this sophisticated statement together will act as a grounding object for the eye and complete the luxe look of your walk-in closet.

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Photo of the living room with a huge window

In Brittany, your home is a work of art. | Photo from Flickr

Display your special pieces.

Sometimes the items you store in your wardrobe space are for sentimentality, not style. To push your walk-in closet beyond just a place to keep your clothes, display your special-yet-seldom-worn-items or keepsakes like wedding gowns or band t-shirts in glass cabinets or cases with spotlighting to keep them in mint condition. You may also place them in vacuum-sealed bags. You can also use this area to display your standout collection of designer bags and shoes or luxurious jewelries.


Photo of a closet with clothes and shoes

Special pieces with sentimental value don’t have to be decluttered right away. With innovative ways of storing them, they can add sophistication to your walk-in closet. | Photo from Pexels 

If the special pieces you want to store and display are artworks, letters, and photographs, consider framing them for display. You can even create detailed collages of various memorabilia. This can also add a sweet and refreshing boost to the overall style of your walk-in closet.

The key to achieving this is making sure you designate the groupings of these special pieces for what suits your collection of items best. Proper storage is essential to avoid clutter and damage. In this way, your closet space can also be the perfect homage to your treasured memories.

Make sure you have repellents for mothproofing.

Closet moths are a common pest that can wreak havoc in your wardrobe space. They lurk in the dark corners of your dressers and eat away at garments made of cotton, silk, and wool. Dealing with them can take a toll on you that’s why prevention is key. While resorting to chemical-based moth balls and crystals can help, there are several drawbacks that come with them. For example, these products contain pesticides that can be harmful to you, your toddlers, or pets at home. We suggest that you get rid of them and use lavender instead to repel clothes moths. Fill sachets with lavender or lace them with lavender oil and have them tucked in your drawers to protect woolens. You can also use natural dried herbs, bay leaves, and cedar chips. The smell will deter adult months if it is strong so make it a point to add a block of these natural deterrents in your closet regularly.

Make sure to regularly vacuum and clean your walk-in closet. Clothes moths don’t like to be disturbed so you must move things around. Hang your sweaters out. Store your clothing pieces in sealed plastic bags if you can. For a severe infestation, call a professional to help you eradicate these pests.

Applying all these features for creating or redesigning your walk-in closet can have a positive impact in your life. Not only can it keep the other rooms in your house less cluttered, but it can also bring a sense of organization and calm to your home. So, what are you waiting for? Have these walk-in closet ideas incorporated into your wardrobe space in your own world-class home in Brittany.

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