Immerse in the Beauty of Promenade

Located in Brittany Sta. Rosa is a gem of an exclusive luxury community called Promenade. It is a 29-hectare property owned by Vista Land in Laguna and it gives property owners and old English luxury living experience without having to leave the country. If Portofino Alabang exudes Italy in every corner, then Promenade does Old England very well.

Have a very English Brittany home right here in the Philippines. Residential Real Estate

The Beauty of Promenade: A Unique Living Experience

Every now and then, everyone craves for a different experience, because everyday life can get monotonous, stressful, and boring. This is especially true for people who live in well populated cities and have to deal with traffic, noise, pollution, and a lot of unpleasant things on a daily basis.

Well, the beauty of Promenade can definitely be a solution to these, as ownership of a property gives buyers an opportunity to a quiet and unique everyday living experience.

Going inside Promenade, one would be charmed by enticing old English style mansions, green hedges, and cobblestone paths. Investors would hardly believe that the beauty of Promenade actually exists in the Philippines. This is totally different from the bustling city experience with a lot of office buildings, hotels, busy and noisy construction sites, and different types of business building.

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World class properties and the beauty of Promenade are just waiting for you in Brittany Sta. Rosa.

Having a personal property in this high end residential property can give anyone a chance to have romantic old English experiences reminiscent of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice or perhaps even Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre. Netflix junkies will be reminded of the highly successful Bridgerton series.

Have a lazy afternoon stroll on a cobbled path or get lost in a maze of hedges like you can’t anywhere else in the Philippines. Luxury real estate is a worth it investment to those with regal tastes.


Some amenities of this high end residential property development are various function halls, a basketball court, a secret garden which you would want to see for yourself, a huge fountain, and even the Clubhouse, a a grand country manor. What’s more, it is surrounded by the Country Club Philippines and the Sta. Elena Golf and Country Club, two top tier golf courses in the South Luzon.

There are also some shopping centers in the area, like the Solenad, Southwoods Mall, and the Paseo de Santa Rosa. Prestigious schools and universities are also accessible. This is not one of those ordinary townhouses. This offers luxury houses for sale and the best houses in the Philippines for the select few. A luxury house in Promenade would go by an elegant name, not just a number. The beauty of Promenade sets the bar high for luxury real estate.

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Eliot Smart Home

Eliot is positively a celebration of old school architecture and residential real estate, exuding the beauty of promenade.

Take a look at one of the luxury houses for sale in the Promenade. The Eliot luxury house is a smart home that brings together classic English design and the wonders of modern technology. This proves that old school living can be stylish but it does not have to be primitive.

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The Rooms

Who would not want to retire in such a beautiful work of architecture? This is the perfect home for a big family as it has a master’s bedroom, four more bedrooms, a spacious living room, a big dining area, an interior courtyard, an attic, and a garage which can fit two from your luxury car collection.

If you do not have enough family members for all the bedrooms, or perhaps a guest to fill in, one of the bedrooms can be converted into a walk-in closet as a storage for all your valuable fashion pieces. If you are a maximalist who needs more space, the attic also has its own walk-in closet.

The View

The Eliot smart home is strategically placed near the fenced maze garden, offering the owners a great relaxing view every day. It also has some vacant land around it that allows for some outdoor activities for the whole family. It has enough greenery and fresh air all around to make someone forget that he is still in the city.

Do things from the comfort of your own bed in the Eliot smart home.

The Technology

It is not called a smart home for nothing. Different furniture and fixtures inside the Eliot can be controlled just by the sound of your voice. Imagine living in a home connected to a voice-activated device and not having to stand up from your bed or your sofa every time you need to switch the lights off or turn the air conditioning on. This will also impress any guest or in-law who is fortunate enough to be invited for a visit.

The Price

The Eliot luxury house starts at P73,800,000. Go inquire at the Brittany Corporation website today. The value is worth all the charms this place has to offer.

Lawrence Luxury House

With its stunning design, the Lawrence luxury house is positively Victorian., exuding the beauty of promenade

The Lawrence luxury house in another masterpiece in the Promenade community. While the Eliot is homely and modern, the Lawrence is more imposing and is really fit for the wealthy. Houses in the Philippines have never been this good.

The Rooms

The Lawrence also has its master’s bedroom, but this one has its own walk-in closet. It has three more bedrooms for the rest of the family, and also a guest room. It also has a garage big enough for two cars, so make sure to park your cars with the most classic exterior here. Other rooms would include an interior courtyard, a den, and also a family room.

An equally dignified view for such a respectable home., there is the undeniable beauty of promenade | Photo from OnePropertree

The View

The lucky owners of the Lawrence home will be graced every day by the obelisk surrounded by hedges in the neighborhood. There is also an artificial lake just near the house, so the location could not be better. The lot 803 square meters wide, so it has space for all your family’s needs and activities.

The Price

The Lawrence luxury house is a pre selling property and the value starts at P81,000,000. Experience the beauty of Promenade and live in one of the best properties in this high end residential property. This puts a lot of houses in the Philippines to shame.

Residential Real Estate That’s Worth It

The enchanting beauty of Promenade lies in the developers’ attention to detail when planning the houses and the community in general. This community proves that luxury houses for sale in the Philippines can be world class, too.

One can purchase single family homes in the Promenade and expect the whole family to live content with their choice in property. The houses are all beautifully built according to theme with highly durable materials. The neighborhood is like no other in the country. This is definitely a dream for the wealthy.

The Promenade offers several types of homes for the privileged few, so make sure to inquire today before the property you dream of is sold. Also, consider investing in the Promenade for your luxury real estate investments. The real estate industry has never been this classy. Buying units in the Promenade may just be one of your best decisions yet.

Check out the Eliot, the Lawrence, and other beautiful thematic houses in the Brittany Corporation website and be assisted with our real estate professionals.

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