Experience the Upscale Living at Promenade

Most people are dreaming of the so-called “big dreams.” And these big dreams are the bold versions of what most people have for the future. After all, big dreams should be a set of powerful ideas that are bigger than you. Big dreams are supposed to excite and scare you so that they will bring out the passion, determination, and willingness that you will need in order to pursue those big dreams.

Nowadays, big dreams vary for many people. It could be as simple as desiring to be a better person, hoping to provide for one’s personal needs as well as the needs of his loved ones, getting a college degree, or marrying the love of your life. For others, dreaming big means being financially independent, traveling the world, becoming influential or famous, winning the gold prize in a talent show, and retiring early.

More big dreams also include becoming a philanthropist, creating a change, making world peace possible for this lifetime, or experiencing an upscale lifestyle for yourself and your family by living in a property that guarantees your safety and comfort for as long as you live.

Dreaming big means striving to achieve it until every impossibility becomes a possibility

This is why having a “why,” which serves as the purpose of why you need to strive to achieve your big dream, as well as a “how,” which refers to what you will do in order to make it happen, is crucial. It is not enough to dream only of living in a luxury house in a beautiful community with a posh neighborhood.

You will have to work hard to reach that goal. And the way to do that is to set a high goal for yourself and stick to a set of rules that will help you reach your big dream.

Take, for example, purchasing a luxury home. It is not enough to just dream about it. One must be determined enough to stick to the goal and to envision oneself walking towards it. Furthermore, you have to picture yourself making that happen. After all, a fulfilled life is a life filled with dreams realized, no matter how long it takes for you to get there.


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And so, if your biggest dream is to experience upscale living, here are some of the things you need to consider doing in order to achieve that:

  1. Upscale living starts with the right mindset

    Before kicking off your personal road to upscale living, you have to take a step back and think hard about for yourself what concept of upscale living you want to have for yourself. This is essential because most people get it wrong. For a long period of time, upscale living has been associated with the amount of money more than the fulfillment and the return on investment it can give you.

    man standing in bathroom with bathtub next to body of water
    Others tend to think of branded products and services alone without taking into consideration that a brand always comes with worthwhile delivery or output. And so, as a visionary, you have to picture or define for yourself what upscale living is. After all, it is always a matter of mindset. What you put into your mind will eventually manifest in your way of living.

  2. Upscale living prioritizes quality over quantity

    One has to learn that while luxury living has something to do with quantity, it is never about displaying the numbers but rather investing in products and services that can stand the test of time. If upscale living is what you aspire to have, you need to start with the basics and, from there, build the lifestyle you want.

    Upscale living prioritizes quality over quantity
    Speaking of basics, the home has always been a necessity for human beings. And a home must be characterized by its quality. This also applies to other aspects of your life. Choosing quality over quantity will not only help you in the area of discerning what is best for you but spare you as well from the wrong kind of investment.

  3. Upscale living is built upon comfort and convenience

    Upscale living will not be considered a good quality of lifestyle if it is not founded on comfort and convenience. In such a time as this, where life can be overwhelmingly distracting or, worse, depressing, you need to make sure that you go against the current and pursue a life for yourself where your comfort and convenience are highly acknowledged.

    Upscale living is built upon comfort and convenience

  4. Upscale living means giving importance to your well-being.

    If one is being asked about the epitome of upscale living, the first thing that will definitely come to mind is that it is a healthy lifestyle. As a matter of fact, without a healthy lifestyle, everything about upscale living is irrelevant. This is why most people are striving to live a healthy, balanced life since people who are consciously practicing it tend to be happier in life.

Why should you choose Promenade to live in?

We get you: the big dream is to achieve luxury living, and the first step to getting that is purchasing a home that gives you everything you are looking for in a home. A Promenade model unit is the perfect one for that! Known for being conveniently located at one of the prime locations in the South, Sta. Rosa Laguna, Promenade is a world-class, master-planned community inspired by the English countryside.

Not only are the houses designed after luxurious Old English-style homes, but the environment gives off a calming and serene feeling that would put any person in awe. Home to a luxury house and lot in Laguna, Promenade gives you the mansion you deserve and a posh neighborhood equipped with world-class amenities that will help you thrive in a modern kind of life.

luxury properties for sale in the philippines

Furthermore, Promenade is located in a 300-hectare of vast greenery, which guarantees fresh air and lessens your chances of getting sick because you will be waking up to a countryside-like community with sprawling trees surrounding you.

The promenade is premier luxury real estate development built in the style of Old English homes. Brittany Corporation, the first luxury real estate developer to build themed luxury houses, has created a premier living environment complete with all the amenities one would expect from a country club setting.


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Promenade is located in the center of Sta. Rosa Laguna, and is close to all the major establishments and infrastructure that make life convenient and comfortable. With beautiful landscaping, terrific architecture, and world-class amenities, Promenade is the ideal place to call home.

To further appreciate the luxury and beauty of Promenade, here are two of its model units: Eliot and Lawrence.

Eliot: The Smart Home

Nowadays, you need a home that will give you all the modern comforts and conveniences you need. This means owning a smart home equipped with devices that allow remote access or automated tasks. Brittany Corporation then presents to you the Eliot Smart Home which has the technology where luxury and modern design meet and where the furniture and fixtures are connected to a voice-activated device.

An Eliot home is also known for having an interior courtyard that mirrors an Old English-styled home, a master bedroom, three bedrooms, spacious walk-in closets, and a two-car garage. Typically, an Eliot home occupies a 302 sq ft floor space with three floors. Eliot, indeed, is perfect for your modern, convenient home.

luxury home eliot promenade brittany | Experience the Upscale Living at Promenade

Lawrence: Luxury Home Model

Brittany also takes pride in giving you a massive, luxury home just like the Lawrence home model. It is a two-story unit with two full bedrooms, a master’s bedroom, a walk-in closet, and halls on the second floor which will lead you to the courtyard and balcony overlooking the entire Promenade community.

Moreover, when you enter the Lawrence home model, you will be greeted by a courtyard that leads to the foyer and then to the rest of the home, such as the kitchen, living, and dining. This luxury home is also equipped with a two-car garage. Besides the luxury, Lawrence offers the utmost security for your family. To add more beauty to it, Lawrence is right across Promenade’s man-made lake and the focal point of the community, which is its grand obelisk in front of the main gate.

The Lawrence Mansion in Promenade, Brittany Sta. Rosa | Experience the Upscale Living at Promenade

These two home model units are now available for you to grab as your new luxury house and lot property in Laguna. Make sure you do not let this opportunity pass you by. For starters, Promenade can be your gateway to upscale living.

It is also close to some of Laguna’s best golf courses and the beautiful lifestyle center, Vista Mall, where you can shop and do other fun things with family and friends. Furthermore, the university campus, the University of Santo Tomas, is expected to rise just a few blocks away from Brittany Sta. Rosa.

Experience the luxury living you deserve

property listing promenade luxury lot | Experience the Upscale Living at Promenade

Brittany Corporation believes that luxury should be within reach for everyone. That’s why Promenade offers a wide range of homes to suit every budget and lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing community to call home or a vibrant place to discover new experiences, Promenade at Sta. Rosa Laguna has something for everyone. The residents enjoy access to world-class amenities and tailored services that make everyday living effortless.

Come see why Promenade by Brittany is one of the most sought-after communities in Laguna. Book a property tour and experience the luxury living you deserve.

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