Cacao De Davao: Cacao Capital of the Philippines

Life is sweeter with a box of chocolate. However, visiting the Chocolate Capital of the Philippines, Davao, is even sweeter. The region prides itself on various local produce, including a variety of premium chocolate made from their finest cacao beans. Read more to know where to get your taste of cacao de Davao delicacies.

Why Davao is the Chocolate Capital of the Philippines

In 2021, former President Rodrigo Duterte signed the law proclaiming the Davao Region as the Chocolate Capital of the Philippines. The Philippine Statistics Authority recorded that the region has contributed an average of 80 per cent of the cacao production in the country from 2015 to the present. In 2019, the Davao region produced around 5,960.23 metric tons (MT) or 70.21 per cent of the national production of cacao.

Davao cacao beans were selected among the top 50 samples of the Cocoa of Excellence Programme in 2017 to enter the International Cocoa Awards in Paris, France. Various chocolate makers from the United States, Japan, and Europe recognize the beans from the region as among the most sought-after cacao beans in the world.

Health Benefits of Chocolate

Cacao De Davao Cacao Capital of the Philippines

Chocolate is one of the guilty pleasures anyone has. When it comes to food, balance and a positive attitude towards eating are the most important. This includes eating in moderation and variety while letting yourself enjoy food.

You can start enjoying chocolates healthily by getting into dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has antioxidants such as flavonoids that help the body fight cell damage from free radicals and inflammation. Compared to other varieties of chocolates, dark chocolate has lower sugar and fat content than milk or white chocolate.

Aside from antioxidants, chocolate also contains important nutrients for the body. These include iron, copper, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus. The following is a list of the overall health benefits of chocolate:

1) Lowers the risk of heart disease

Eating the right serving of dark chocolate can help lower the risk of heart disease through its antioxidants. It can help control blood pressure and improve blood circulation in the body, reducing the risk of stroke, coronary heart disease, and death from heart diseases.

2) Improves brain function

Research suggests that flavonols in chocolate improve blood flow to the brain. Better blood circulation in the brain can positively affect your memory, awareness, and reaction time to your surroundings.

3) Supports your immunity

The antioxidants in chocolate reduce the oxidative stress in the body from free radicals. This also reduces inflammation and improves the immune system’s response to many diseases.

4) Reduces risk of diabetes

Dark chocolate can help you prevent and combat diabetes by eating the right amount. According to research, the flavonoids in dark chocolate can improve insulin sensitivity of the body, which can reduce the risk of developing insulin resistance and later on reduce the risk of increased blood sugar.

5) Reduces stress

Researchers confirmed lower cortisol levels after eating chocolate among people eating dark chocolate. Those people who eat moderate controlled servings of chocolate reported that they felt less stress. As stress is a risk factor for heart disease, this can also positively impact heart health.

Price of Chocolate in Davao City

Price of Chocolate in Davao City

Suppose you are looking for premium chocolate for your palate. In that case, the “Chocolate Capital of the Philippines” Davao offers you a variety of chocolate bars, treats, and even gift boxes for your and your loved ones’ sweet tooth. Check this list below for your cacao de Davao prices and where to find them.

1) Malagos Chocolate

Davao is the home of Malagos Chocolate, a world-class internationally-known Filipino chocolatier. It has won numerous awards from the International Chocolate Awards and Academy of Chocolate Awards and has been declared an “Heirloom Cacao” by the Heirloom Ca­cao Preservation Fund.

Their well-known Dark Chocolate Bars are available in 65%, 72%, and 85% dark chocolate, with gift packs ranging from Php 750 to more than Php 1,000, containing 3-10 bars. They also have other chocolate delicacies, all available in their store in Davao and other parts of the country or on their website.

2) Auro Chocolates

Auro Chocolates is famous for its single-origin chocolate bars made with premium cacao de Davao. They offer a wide range of chocolate bars and other chocolate products to satisfy one’s sweet tooth. You can shop for their chocolates online or with their partner establishments.

They have the classic dark and milk chocolate bars in 50 and 100 grams ranging from Php 115 to 195. They also have special flavors like 55% Dark Chocolate With Arabica Coffee (Php 79) and 42% Milk Chocolate With Banana Chips (Php 79).

3) Theo and Philo

Theo and Philo are proud of their chocolates made from locally-sourced ingredients, especially cacao de Davao and sugar cane from Bacolod. Their must-try chocolate products include 75% Dark Chocolate (Php 115) and the famous 65% Dark Chocolate with Labuyo (Php 115).

You can find their cacao de Davao prices online for purchase. They also offer chocolate drinks, chocolate spread, chocolate for baking, and even the irresistible chocolate mango.

4) Rosario’s Delicacies

This Davao-based local chocolatier grows their own cacao de Davao s to produce their own chocolate products and tablea. They are popular for their high quality and budget-friendly cacao de Davao prices, such as their 75% Dark Chocolate Bar in 50 grams (Php 112) or 60% Dark Chocolate With Coffee in 50 grams (Php 112).

You can find their sweet yet affordable chocolate products online or in their store in Davao. You can also find them in various trade fairs they participate in regularly in Manila.

5) Theo & Brom

From the creators of the famous Belgian Chocolate tablea, Theo & Brom uses Davao cacao beans for their premium-made tsokolate you can drink and snack on. You can buy their tablea in rolls or boxes good for several cups of hot chocolate ranging from Php 849 to Php 2,100.

Their Belgian chocolate tablea products are available through their online store. You may also want to try their treats made from their Belgian tablea such as their bestseller Gooey Ganache Magic Tableya Cake (Php 749).

What is Davao Known For

What is Davao Known For

As a tourist destination, Davao is known for being one of the safest cities in the country, where you can feel close to nature while being in the city. Whether it is a hike to Mount Apo, a beach day to the white sands of Samal Island, or a close encounter with the Philippine eagle and crocodiles, Davao is among the must-visit outdoor spots in the country.

While being there, make sure not to miss out on the products and delicacies they pride themselves on. Aside from being the “Chocolate Capital of the Philippines”, they are home to durian, seafood, and many more hearty delicacies that will surely fill up your luxurious adventure in the region.

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