Is Davao An Ideal Retirement Place For Foreigners

The Philippines is home to many foreigners, young and young at heart. The climate, rich culture, nature, inexpensive but quality food, and hospitality of the Filipinos are just some reasons why staying in this country is irreplaceable. That is why other Southeast Asian countries are called the “haven” for foreign retirees.

With over 7,000 islands, from seaside places and beaches to mountain views, the Philippines was included in “The World’s Best Places to Retire” in 2018. Foreign Retirees in the country often live in BGC Taguig- for those who want to live a city life, Subic- ideal for big families, and Davao- a place where everything is offered!

Davao City is located in the Southeastern part of Mindanao. The easiest way to get to this beautiful place is to book a flight bound for Francisco Bangoy International Airport, the Davao International Airport.

Its services cater to all Davao regions and parts, including Davao Oriental and Occidental, and Davao del Sur and Norte. But whether you take a trip by air, by land, or by sea, it is an ideal place to visit with your friends for your vacations or even make it a permanent home to stay.

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Is Davao a good place to live?

Davao is the city center for income-generating industries in Mindanao. Just like Metro Manila, it offers many opportunities within a safe city. All the institutions like hospitals, schools, and churches are all complying with the city’s safety protocols. Along with city life, one of the top tourists attractions is the beautiful scenery of every island.

Another thing is that Davao is classified as an urbanized city which means living in the city has easy access to transportation and other necessities. An ideal property to look for is a condo in Davao, which is a good investment for foreigners or locals.

The question is, Is Davao life here to welcome Retired foreigners?

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Best Reasons to Prove Davao life is here for Retired Foreigners:

1. The Community

Filipinos are known for their hospitality. In Davao, the people warmly welcome all people regardless of their citizenship, race, or upbringing. Foreigners love to visit cities that show liveliness and respect.

One of the advantages of living in Davao is that foreigners well communication with the people. Most of the people in Davao fluently speak and writes in English. It becomes easy to transact and do business with people in the city.

You can also feel a sense of safety and security in the city because of the strict policy compliance to the Local Government Unit. They follow curfew hours for minors at night to prevent the increased rate of crimes.

2. The Scenery, Nature, and Attractions

The foreigners with families will enjoy living and having to visit the beautiful scenery in Davao City. Firstly, the beaches are one of a kind. The beach called Samal Island is a 15-minute boat ride in Davao del Norte.

It is known to be a prestigious beach and perfect for land and sea activities like snorkeling, island hopping, diving, and other beach activities. If you prefer trekking rather than beaches, the quieter way to enjoy views and nature is by climbing the Kidapawan Trail bound to Mount Apo. It takes up to 4 days to climb the trail, but as the famous line says, “The best view comes from the hardest climb.”

The Scenery, Nature, and Attractions Samal Island in Davao
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Do you know that the habitat of our national bird is also found in the city? Living in Davao lets, you see a glimpse of our national pride. During the tour inside, you will realize the importance of the endangered species’ life. These are just an example of the ideal places to visit.

3. The Culture

Davao City is named the “Durian Capital of the Philippines.” They also celebrate the yearly Kadayawan Festival. With the amazing landscapes and beautiful sceneries, the rich culture adds to the advantages of living in Davao.

One of the parks classified as the home of the city’s tourism is People’s park. It is located in the Davao City center with a geographical area of four hectares. The park features big sculptures of the Philippine Eagle and Lumads, or the native people living in Davao.

Generally, visiting the city’s attractions is an ideal place for foreigners who want to know the historical and cultural background of the city.

They also have a celebration of the Kadayawan Festival that lit up the city with vibrance and joy. The tradition is done to commemorate their ancestor’s way of celebrating a bountiful harvest.

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4. The Food

Every country has its own unique and special recipes, but there is no doubt that Asian cuisine is one of the most popular and savory foods around the world. In Davao City, restaurants are the primary business that operates. Aside from the views and sceneries, the perfect rest is when eating delicious food.

The locals in Davao offer a variety of food. First on the list is their main product- Durian. There is a dine-in place at Magsaysay Fruit Market where you can pick among the lines of stores selling fresh durian fruit and eat them right away.

Second, one of their specialties is called “Kinilaw“- an appetizer mixed with raw fish and vinegar, then garnished with onion, pepper, and garlic. Another name that Davao is known for is the “Fruit Basket of the Philippines”, they are known for producing dried fruit products like dried durian and langka which are exported around the world.

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5. The Infrastructure

Because Davao is an urban city, you can already notice the modern construction of every house and the streets. The infrastructure, from schools to hospitals and houses to the airport, provides the best education and services to locals and visitors. It is also home to many malls like the Gaisano mall – easy access to all your needs from shops, entertainment, food, etc.

The Francisco Bangoy International Airport has a direct flights to other countries like Singapore. With that, foreigners can come easily without the hassle of staying in Manila for a layover.

Is it expensive to live in Davao City?

The answer is NO. The reason why most ex-pats live in Davao is that the cost of living is very cheap! From transportation to education and all the necessities. Retiring in Davao City gives the best and most affordable options. You can eat a full meal for only $1.50. You can take your families to the malls, parks, and other attractions just by riding an affordable vehicle for about $10.

The insurance, taxes, and other prices in their home countries are much more expensive than in Davao. There is a big difference in their real estate properties. They can start by buying a condominium in Davao to use their capital wisely.

Where should I live in Davao City?

If you are a foreigner looking for a place to consider as your home in the Philippines, Davao is the place to be! The government of the city has achievable plans and programs for more infrastructure development. An example is an upcoming project of Brittany, which offers luxury condominiums in Davao.
So if you are looking for a condominium for sale in Davao, why not consider the good and reputable profile of Brittany’s properties? Truly, Davao life is here for Foreigners together with Brittany.

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