Savoir-Faire: Grand Investors’ Night

Everyone missed the night-outs, meeting new people, and interacting with colleagues and friends personally, not through the screens of our phones. After the pandemic hiatus, people are slowly going back to their normal lives outside the four corners of their rooms. Last April 29, 2022, Savoir-Faire, the grand investors’ night hosted by Brittany Corporation, gave its sellers and clients a chance to catch up over some cocktails and drinks.

Savoir-Faire: Brittany Grand Investors' Night

The Savoir-Faire started around 6 o’clock, as dusk approached. Best paired with the venue’s theme, the attendees were also in on their posh looks. The lights, ambiance, the scent, the drinks, the food, the ladies, and the gentlemen all depict elegance, just like Brittany. Everyone was dressed in semi-formal attire, and the women were all dressed up in cocktail dresses.

The event occurred at Sixty Four, a new retro-themed bistro located at Evia Lifestyle Center in Daang- Hari, Las Piñas City. The place has an interior of vintage fashion that goes very well with the star of the night, Brittany. Elegance was seen from inside to outside. This was one of the first times Brittany had synergized with other brands.

As you enter the place, you will be welcomed with grace and style as the place was inspired by the famous song by The Beatles, When I am Sixty Four. The place has vintage walls, as well as a display of vinyl records that you can ask to play, wall artwork, and more. The event took place on the second floor of the café, giving the attendees some privacy.

Brittany partners flaunt the beauty of Brittany

The event was planned to give Brittany’s accredited sellers an opportunity to connect with potential investors as they flaunt the luxury developments of Brittany. As the night gets deeper, multiple sellers also impart their wisdom and share their knowledge of real estate and property investments.

The goal of the Savoir-Faire was to give the sellers a chance to show what Brittany is all about; Elegance, Luxury, and Finesse. Vista Land creates these events to make sure sellers feel their value for being a part of the growing family. Savoir-Faire is also the best venue to discuss the project features and real estate outlook and spread the word about exclusive promos and discounts.

The night was indeed full of laughter and joy as sellers were able to close deals and gain potential investors for their projects. The clients responded with an overwhelming interest in the top-tier projects of Vista Alabang.

Vista Alabang is a prime development of the most luxurious houses in Daang Hari with its Italian-inspired architectural design, strategic location, and world-class amenities. Situated at Vista Alabang, Daang Hari, Brittany by Vista Land offers houses such as Ghiberti luxury home, a ready home with a 349 square meter lot area perfect for bigger families.

Why is Brittany by Vista Land a good investment?

Brittany, a brand that screams nothing but investments worth of their value

Aside from the grand and glamorous thematic homes to own, the properties are situated inside a community where influential and elite people reside. This boosts confidence for people living in it, giving them a sense of satisfaction and the feeling of the good life. Brittany aims to provide high-quality living and a community of refinement, elegance, and comfort.

The state-of-the-art facilities and satisfactory services also make a living in communities inspired by the world-class destinations exceptional. The place is situated near the business districts of Metro Manila, schools and universities, restaurants, supermarkets, malls, parks, hospitals, and other places necessary for a person’s everyday life.

Living in the community gives you everything you need within a 5-minute drive from the Evia Lifestyle Center, SOMO Mall, 10 minutes away from the Asian Hospital Medical Center, 20 minutes away from BGC, and the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, and 30 minutes from the Makati Central Business District. It’s also a couple of minutes away from big universities such as De La Salle University Dasmarinas.

Talks are always smoother over a cup of coffee or some cocktails. This is what everyone missed when everyone was required to stay at home. Though in this technological age, everything is possible when you have a smartphone and the internet, it is still different when you are talking face-to-face. The trust you can gain by meeting the person eye to eye and the bond you build with hands shaking are experiences that cannot be replaced with engagements done through the internet. Sellers and clients were given the venue to talk business in the most comfortable setting.

Sixty Four was filled with new meetings and new opportunities. Of course, still abiding by the safety precautions, the night ended with closed deals and satisfied partners.