Top 5 Best Carpet Cleaners For Your Home

Looking for a carpet cleaner? We got you covered!

Because the pandemic has taken so long and every household chore was in your own hands, having a carpet cleaner at your home or condominium is almost impossible to avoid contamination from the virus. But now, since things are getting back to normal, having a carpet cleaner at home is tolerable.

Cleaning your own homes during the pandemic | Photo from Pexels Website

The New Normal and the Modern Day Heroes

Now that the pandemic is almost over and the cost of living in the Philippines is rapidly increasing, we tend to work harder than usual. Hustling here and there, grinding day and night. Hence, we don’t have the luxury of time to spend maintaining everything in our household clean and organized.

That’s why we have these modern-day heroes who have the superpower to magically turn our home into a seemingly new one! Yes, their primary mission is to basically make life way easier for us, especially those who are really struggling when it comes to cleaning their homes. And these people are who we call the ‘home cleaners.

Home cleaners during the pandemic | Photo from Pexels Website

The Rug Doctor

When we say keeping things at home in order, that includes not only the appliances and furniture but also the littlest of things we own, one of which is the aesthetically pleasing with a thematic setting carpet. That is why they are also being called the “rug doctor.”

We may not often see it, and it doesn’t always show how dirty our carpets are. Believe me, the carpet comes with a speck of dirt underneath – literally. Maintaining a dust and odor-free carpet is one of the most challenging parts of owning one. Worry no more because we’re leaving it to the expert, the rug doctor.

The Rug Doctor will keep your home healthy | Photo from Pexels Website

So, here’s the list of the top 5 best carpet cleaners for your home, in no particular order. They specialize in a deep carpet cleaning solution and general cleaning of your home.

List of the Best Carpet Cleaner

1. Busy Bee Cleaning Co.

Tagged themselves as the no. 1 trusted cleaning service in the metro with the great carpet cleaners. It is owned by Kyle and Kayne Litonjua and was established in 2016.

Busy Bee Cleaning Co. is one of the most rated and recommended cleaning services with innovative and thorough cleaning methods. They have outstanding reviews because of the deep cleaning solution for households. They also have great housekeeping, aromatizing, air purification, bedroom cleaning, mattress and sofa shampooing, and deep cry cleaning, and of course, they are one of the most outstanding carpet cleaners there is.

This carpet cleaner advocate and aims to provide a #healthyclean environment for each and every one of you. Having a clean and healthy environment with a 2x revolution pet pro does not only lets you keep your thematic design in order but also makes you value and appreciate your personal space even more, but more importantly, it protects your inner peace and helps you improve the state of your mental health.

Staying true to its claim, Busy Bee Cleaning Co. will reach you wherever you are. When it comes to living in the north or in the south like Alabang and Sta. Rosa, they will find you and make your home or corporate space feels new again.

Photo from Busy Bee Cleaning Co. Official Website

Busy Bee Cleaning Co.


[email protected]

2. Clean Zone PH

Established in 2016, Clean Zone PH is one of the best carpet cleaners to offer the smartest and most long-lasting anti-viral disinfection technology in the country. They use a variety of industrial equipment to serve you better. They have this so-called ‘GERMANIC 90-Day anti-viral coating’ for premium disinfection and also offer professional deep and thorough cleaning, post-construction cleaning, grease trap cleaning, and carpet and mattress cleaning.

Clean means hygienic, sanitized, and germ-free. You will know that your home or corporate space is both when you’re safe from bacteria and germs. And Clean Zone PH has a detailed cleaning technique that eliminates apparent dirt, as well as bacteria and germs in all forms, from your walls, floors, and ceilings by using hospital-grade disinfectants and high-tech carpet cleaning machines. Top-grade service from one of the most reliable home cleaning services.

Leaving every nook and cranny spotless, they use essential cleaning tools and agents, a heavy-duty carpet cleaner, and the best vacuum for you, and even bring a ladder wherever they go – may it be in homes in Alabang, Sta. Rosa, or any part of the metro. Keep your thematic home dirt-free and germ-free with this home cleaner.


Photo from Clean Zone PH Official Website

Clean Zone PH

EDSA Mandaluyong


 3. Dust and Bin Cleaning Services Inc.

Located in Taguig City, Dust and Bin Cleaning Services Inc. offer professional home and commercial cleaning services anywhere in Metro Manila, including Alabang and properties in Sta. Rosa. They specialize in carpet cleaning and even drafted and completed a ‘survival guide’ in cleaning carpets whether portable carpet or full-size carpet like a pro. And they named it the “4-Step Carpet Dry Cleaning System.” Here’s an easy-to-follow guide to get rid of the dirt on your carpets the Dust and Bin Cleaning Services Inc. way that you can try:

Step 1

Apply powder on the area that needs cleaning.

Step 2

Spread the powder evenly with a brush, concentrating on heavily stained areas.

Step 3

Work the powder into the said area thoroughly with the machine and leave residue in the carpet for up to one hour. No need for a portable spot cleaner. For spot cleaning, manual brushing will suffice.

Step 4

Clean up with an upright vacuum machine.

Dust and Bin Cleaning Services Inc. also goals to remove pet hair, dust mites, stains of any upholstery, mattress, pillows, wardrobes and of course, carpets. Safe to say that they are one of the best carpet cleaners you can ever find.

Watch out for their updates because they occasionally offer free disinfection when you avail their deep-cleaning solution services. Disinfection includes Medical Grade UV Light effective for airborne viruses and fogging, or misting of disinfectant. Keep your home clean as they keep you safe from possible diseases.

Photo from Dust and Bin Cleaning Services Inc. Official Website

Dust and Bin Cleaning Services Inc.

10-01 One Global Place 25th Street and 5th Avenue Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

0927-841-7010 / 0928-627-3684

 4. Carpet Deep Cleaning and Shampoo Service by CMDA Cleaning Services

Carpet Deep Cleaning and Shampoo Service by CMDA Cleaning Services is a professional carpet cleaning service in the Philippines as trusted by a variety of store brands in Metro Manila. They are one of the best carpet cleaners around with positive feedback and recommendation from different private clients and corporate brands.

Their team’s excellence and service proficiency are born out of the experience. They have over 8 years of working hand in hand as one team in providing excellent service to all of their clients.

Carpet Deep Cleaning and Shampoo Service by CMDA Cleaning Services cleans and shampoos full-size office carpets, deep cleans residential full-size carpets, and deep cleans and shampoos personal or portable carpets and rugs. Their deep cleaning services are proven to remove stains and bad odors, and completely dry at the end. Keeping you from the hassle of washing, rinsing in the dirty water, and drying your carpet for hours or even days. They are the carpet cleaner you can trust!

Carpet Deep Cleaning | Photo from Carpet and Deep Cleaning and Shampoo Service by CMDA Cleaning Services Official Website

Carpet Deep Cleaning and Shampoo Service by CMDA Cleaning Services

0917-144-2632 / 0908-812-9506

 5. Lilly Carpet Cleaning

Lilly Carpet Cleaning is proudly Philippine-Australian-owned with over 25 years of experience. Definitely set the bar high in the home cleaning industry. They are widely regarded as being top-notch carpet cleaners, best for using the latest technology and workplace system.

Lilly Carpet Cleaning is the first carpet cleaner on Cebu and is a fast-growing company in Australia. Staying competitive for more than 2 decades only proves that they continuously and religiously keep their high standard in the quality of cleaning services.

They have an office in Metro Manila, Pasig City in particular, which can be very accessible for those who reside in Alabang and Sta. Rosa. They offer commercial and domestic steam cleaning which includes carpet steam cleaning, sofa upholstery steam cleaning, tile, grout cleaning, and pressure cleaning for corporate offices and hotels.

Lilly Carpet Cleaning provides quality service for reasonable rates and is also known for its well-trained and well-equipped carpet cleaners. Proper training makes cleaning fast and efficient, time and energy saving.

Photo from Lilly Carpet Cleaning Official Website

Lilly Carpet Cleaning

4th Floor, Unit L-425 One Oasis Condominium, Ortigas Ave, Pasig City


Living in a clean and uncluttered environment helps us lessen distractions and improves concentration. This results in maximizing more time in doing other more important things. The best home cleaners are just around the corner, and its tank capacity is undeniably reliable and very accessible, and willing to lend help anytime we need it.

Not only maintaining a clean home is a must for keeping an aesthetic and thematic design, but is important to our physical and mental health, as well as our overall sense of well-being. It sets our mood, brightens our day, and gives us the push to maintain its cleanliness every single day.

Most importantly, a clean and healthy environment lowers stress and contributes to our positive outlook in life. Waking up in a dirt-free and germ-free space keeps us and our family safe from acquiring airborne viruses and diseases. Make it a habit to keep our space disinfected and sanitized because the effects of having an unclean environment pose threats to our health and safety.

Remember, cleaning should not be just on the surface. More than being pleasing on the outside, it’s the safety of the people living in one’s home should be the top priority. A clean and uncluttered environment is the best thing you can ever give yourself.

“Clutter is not just the stuff on your floor – it’s anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living.” Peter Walsh

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