Alpine Villas: Your Luxury Condo Resort Living


What makes a house a home? Why do people go for condominium units rather than the usual house and lot? These are some questions that come into mind when people start looking into real estate. Whether you’re an independent individual or a family person looking for a space to call your own, the search can get nauseating when not done right. Luckily, with Brittany Corporation, you can explore your options with their various offerings. If we’re starting with the most convenient one, the Alpine Villas condominium units are quickly becoming a hot commodity. With Bernese opening its doors this December and the other two Alps-inspired buildings, Brienz and Blanc on the rise soon, there’s plenty of time to prepare for your dream home, but only few vacancies left! Since it’s Swiss-inspired and aiming to create a community for luxury condo resort living, it won’t be long until all rooms are occupied. At a prime location like Tagaytay, so near and loved by many, it’s the guaranteed place to be! Of course, before you immediately set an appointment to get your dream home started, we have about ten reasons in store on why you should choose Alpine Villas Condominiums in Crosswinds Tagaytay.


Why Alpine Villas Embodies Luxury Condo Resort Living

1. Alpine Villas condominium buildings are low-rise

Let’s face it, condo units are rarely spacious, and their size is both a pro and con. Convenient because you can curate and maximize your space according to your needs, and it can feel lonely if you’re constantly alone or the design of the building just doesn’t feel like home. Luckily, Alpine Villas in Crosswinds Tagaytay has low-rise buildings: less people, more space, and closer to nature. The buildings are built in an enclave of pine trees and each room has a fantastic view of the Tagaytay skyline. You may even enjoy your terrace, even in the afternoon sun. Low-rise buildings are also ideal because lesser floors mean better maintenance and a sense of community with other residents! You’ll never have to feel stuffy, especially if the place just exudes homier vibes than high-rise buildings and the hustle of city life.

An artist's render of the Alpine Villas Towers, as featured on The Philippine Star's Christmas Stories in Crosswinds | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Alpine Villas at Crosswinds Tagaytay provides you with the perfect real estate opportunities gift-wrapped in a high-value investment.


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2. Tagaytay is the best location for a luxury condo resort

Going to Tagaytay from Metro Manila and vice versa can take you just under 2 hours on a good day, and its proximity to provinces like Laguna and Batangas makes it the place to be for quick weekend getaways. Since Tagaytay is a tourist spot, it can get crowded especially on the weekends; however, Alpine Villas in Crosswinds provides you a little escape from the busy roads and gives you a sanctuary that is not totally disconnected from civilization. Plus: the weather is always good and even during rainy days, there’s no risk of flooding! A lot of people invest in real estate in Tagaytay, but only the lucky ones get to experience the best view and good eats at Crosswinds!


3. Great and quality eats

Speaking of food, did you know that Alpine Villas is close to various restaurants and cafes housed in Crosswinds Tagaytay? From the famous and Instagram-worthy Coffee Project, another concept making waves online is Ruined Project? for its unique interiors. For restaurants, Napa is inspired by Napa Valley in the United States, known for their wine. Cafe Voi La is an Asian-style cafe with their selection of signature coffee and cakes. The interior is homey and colorful, perfect for a breakfast date or a dinner with the family. These restaurants also come with awesome outdoor dining settings, safe and blessed with the best view! When you’re finally settled in Alpine Villas, these eats don’t have to be on your must-try list because they will become your constant favorites.

Napa at crosswinds tagaytay is near the luxury condo resort experience of alpine villas | luxury homes by brittany

Napa at Crosswinds is the a beautiful place to enjoy the pine tree forest of Tagaytay.


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4. Swiss-inspired luxury condo resort living

Crosswinds Tagaytay has always been known for their Swiss-inspired architecture, and the location matches the buildings and houses!    Why spend a lot of money for Switzerland trips when you can live somewhere just as close in aesthetics and lifestyle? It’s a guarantee that even your interior will have a touch of Swiss, but customizable according to your taste. You may even have guests over and take photos on different areas in the property. Nothing says class than a beautiful home and safe surroundings you can walk around in, even at night.


5. Exclusive amenities for guests

Gym memberships and swimming pool privileges cost thousands of pesos, but tenants and owners at Alpine Villas get to experience summer whenever they want to! Family reunions can even be held at the exclusive function room. Children may play at the playground as well, all the amenities are so near each other that your family and friends don’t have to go far from each other to have something to do if other places in the main roads are filled with tourists! Luxury doesn’t have to come with a price: it can also be found in the place you call home!


6. Becoming one with nature

Jogging and frolicking under the sun is almost impossible in the city, but in Crosswinds Tagaytay, all sorts of outdoor activities become possible. The 35,000 well-maintained pine trees are not just easy on the eyes, they provide cool and breathable fresh air! The sunrise and sunset are also recommended to be watched on your terrace, and the mountains surrounding Crosswinds look magnificent in any light. Soon you’ll opt to walk anywhere you need to be, and you may feel more relaxed; which is infinitely helpful in your daily life activities! Some people eat their greens, but you can also choose to surround yourself with them.

pine tree lined pathway road to luxury development at the mountainside as perfect place for a covid response | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Keep up with the global pandemic response with Brittany’s luxury homes


7. Top of the line interior design and inclusions to give the luxury condo resort feel

At Alpine Villas, you will always reap the rewards of your good investment. Brittany Corporation, being one of the top real estate players in the Philippines under the widely-known Vista Land, prioritizes luxury living above everything. This means that they only source materials from reliable suppliers and  contractors. The interior design of the condo units has also undergone intensive research and will make you feel like you’ve picked the items out yourself. The staff are also well-trained and fit to accommodate your needs. If you have additional concerns or requests to make your luxurious lifestyle more comfortable, all you have to do is ask.


8. Flexible payment terms

One of the best things about condo living is you can pay upfront or by installment, and with different package deals, you’ll get the opportunity to ask questions and find out what works for you and your savings! Everything will be organized and secure because communication is key for Brittany Corporation and the client. We know you’re not one for scrimping on yourself, but investing in real estate can also get tricky without proper guidance. This also gives you more time to decide what you want your condo unit to be: your home, a vacation spot, an airbnb, or someone else’s temporary retreat. You call the shots and they’ll deliver to preferred terms. What’s more: you get to take advantage of the perks that come with owning a condo: security 24/7, exclusive activities and facilities, as well as proximity to everything you need daily.


9. Feel like you’re always on vacation in this luxury condo resort

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, staying inside has always been the safe and preferred option for the majority, but it could get boring or sad to constantly be in the same place every day with little to no variation in your routine. Alpine Villas provides more than a home: it gives clients a safe and wide space for every activity your heart desires plus a community to enjoy it with. Since Alpine Villas is inside Crosswinds Tagaytay, there is also a promise of resort living especially because of the various activities offered, not just with the existence of a swimming pool. In cold or hot weather, your plans will rarely be ruined because it will be accomodated. Unlike high-rise condo living in the city with the packed surroundings and traffic, there always seems to be a cause of stress. Meanwhile in Alpine Villas, you’re taking the scenic route: you can do your work at home or the nearby coffee shop. Keeping your mind active and working while your body is in vacation mode or vice versa!


10. Brittany Corporation is trustworthy

Since luxury living is the branding that Brittany Corporation upholds, they have cultivated a following that trusts in their real estate projects as well as indulges in them. While they also offer other housing options, Alpine Villas is by far the most convenient and newest, which means that interested future buyers will have more time to prepare for and enjoy the fruits of their labor. They keep in touch with the wants of their clientele and do research on the kind of lifestyle they can help bring to reality, and when purchasing a home, it’s important to do business with someone like-minded and can visualize your dreams with you; may it be as simple as the aesthetic of your home or the big things: actually helping you acquire one.


A luxury condo with the allure of resort living is unlike any other! If you’re looking to spend Christmas 2021 or welcome the New Year in Tagaytay, don’t hesitate to treat yourself to a grand tour of Crosswinds Tagaytay, and maybe even make Alpine Villas a part of your life.